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This is all about Olive Specter, the story behind the murders, and who she really is. Note: This story contains violence, gore and detailed murder scenes, sex/intimate romance scenes and upsetting, death-related scenes. If you find this offensive, please go to another page on The Sims Wiki.


Olive is a free, clever, beautiful young woman, living with her loving, caring sister Willow. Lots of different men in Strangetown think that the charming Olive is extremely beautiful, but Olive herself wants to find her own match - a charming, smart, rich, handsome man that she could love eternally...and ruin deeply. Olive has a deadly secret that even her close sister Willow doesn't know much about...Olive is extremely bad-tempered, hot-headed and furious with life, but also dangerously psychotic and insane, her brain and feelings damaged by a tragic accident involving her parents and a bad-working, horrible car when she was very young. She can never trust anyone, and never has through the whole of her educational school life. 

Chapter 1Edit

Friday, October 13th, 2005 Edit

Olive lounged on the sofa beside her sister Willow, watching a romantic comedy. Neither Olive or Willow were laughing. Olive was in a really bad mood that evening and Willow had a thumping headache...Friday the 13th must have hit them, hard. "I hate today..." Willow mumbled. Olive glared at her. "Shut the heck up. Of course we hate this day. It's Friday the 13th!" she snapped. "And someone will get killed like the movie..." she added to herself. Who would it be?

"Don't be so mean!" Willow huffed. Olive went red and stood up, seizing Willow and dragging her into the kitchen. She pushed her on the table. Willow's eyes widened. She didn't scream because she was used to Olive's turns and huffs...but this was real. This was scary. It was even scarier when Olive got out a carving knife. Willow did scream...when Olive sunk the carving knife into both of Willow's wrists. Blood oozed out, veins popped and Willow's wrist deepened...into a dark red.

"Why, Olive? I never did anything!" Willow yelled. Olive picked up the terrified Willow, dragged her up the stairs and threw her down them. Willow banged her head on the banisters. Olive rushed down the stairs, checking the heartbeat, and smiling when there was none. She cleared up all the blood and dragged her to the swimming pool. She threw Willow in the pool and jumped in herself. Then she took Willow out, put her dead body beside the surface of the pool, crouched beside the body and fake-sobbed. Olive was a brilliant actress.

Creon and Ophelia arrived home from school and work. They saw Willow beside the pool and Olive "crying" and immediately figured it out. Ophelia put her arm around her aunt while Creon tried CPR on Willow. It didn't work. "She drowned!" cried Olive. "I was going to the toilet and heard her desperate screams. She fell in, and must have banged her face on the pool's floor. I tried to hurry, but she had already took her last breath when I had hauled her out!"

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