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Drown In It
Name: Drown In It
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 8/4/12

Previous chapter: A Lot to Grieve
Next chapter: Butterflies

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I’d ran straight home with the rain stinging against my face as I ran. I almost busted the door down trying to get in. I raced to my room without even acknowledging Elvira’s existence. I must have been up all night just sitting in a corner in my room simply read over my thoughts and studying painting, after painting. I recognized the picture of a bluebird flying over Bridgeport. The one I’d painted when Brigit and I were confiding in each other about our missing family members. There were some of Matilda, Brigit, Michael and I during our long friendship. A friendship torn and rigid now.

Suddenly, the door creped open. It was Elvira, the last person I wanted around me. She silently closed the door and sat down about a foot or so away from me. I expect some long tedious lecture about me behavior. Maybe even a bit of praise if she found out what I had done. All wrong. We sat there for one hour. Two hours. Three. Time ticked by, going about its own business. Then rather abruptly Elvira asked.

“Why do you hate being a vampire?”

It was the first time we had ever brought up the subject. It was like opening an infect wound that burdened us both. I tried not to get too upset as I racked my brain for the words to put together.

“Because all you do is take and destroy. I want to create. Vampires are darkness that chases people away. I don’t want to be that. I want to be a light. A welcoming light.” I answered.

Elvira nodded soundlessly and time ticked away again.

“What happened tonight, Nisha?” Elvira inquired gently.

Then everything spilled out. Staring with the kiss with Michael, the confrontation with Vladimir all the way to the murder of Lotta Greaves. All my emotions I’d kept hiding for years and years flooded the dim room until it seemed like we’d drown in it. And the whole time, Elvira listened intently with an expressionless look. Her only reply was the occasional nod when I stopped talking because I thought she wasn’t listening. When I was done, I took a deep breath and allowed myself to calm down. Elvira just sat there contemplating all I had just revealed to her I suppose.

“Nisha?” She finally said. “Do you know why I can’t let you become normal?”

“Because it’s not the ‘proper’ vampire thing to do.” I muttered.

“To some extent, yes.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your parents are both vampires and they would have both our head if you weren’t not raised a certain way.” Elvira explained like I hadn’t heard this excuse before. She must of seen the disbelief on my face because then she lifted my head with her ghostly pale hand. She looked my dead in the eye. There is was. That merciless glint in all the other vampire’s eyes.

“Nisha, you are the only child of Wix and Azor. The Grand Vampires.”

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