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Found Peace
Name: Found Peace
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 10/21/12

Previous chapter: What Life is For
Next chapter: Remember Me By

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“Where have you been? I was worried sick!” Brigit fussed as she stood in the doorway.

“I got another ride home.” I excused. It wasn’t a lie. Matthew had given me a ride home from the Plasma 501. I had managed to sneak in past my roommates without waking them up.

“You could have told me! I was waiting outside for hours!”

“Having your own private party, are we Nisha?” Matilda commented slyly over my shoulder. I jumped at the sound of her voice and for a second gave Brigit a dark look for not warning me. I then quickly turned my attention to Matilda and came up with the best comeback I could think of.

“I did not!”

“Oh please,” Matilda began with a cocky smiled stretching across her face. “You’re eyes are bloodshot and have dark circles around them, you didn’t get home until three in the morning and you’re very clearly lying.” She finished her claim by tapping the tip of my nose. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks from both embarrassment and anger.

“I don’t understand.” Brigit said meekly.

“Brigit tell me all the single guys who were at this wedding?” Matilda commanded, staring directly at me with her odd lilac eyes. I knew this was one of her little games that she played on people but in that moment I felt this sickening urge to attack her, like with Lotta, and I began to wonder how far she could go on before that urge became real.

“W-well there was William Fangmann, Vladimir Schlick, Devin Ashton-“

“Brigit, quiet!” I shouted. “Ooh! It was Devin wasn’t it!” Matilda squealed with satisfaction.

“No!” I growled, I felt my fangs itch to sink into something. “Will you two just drop it and get a life of your own!” and with that last comment lingering in the air I pushed past Brigit and stormed out of our house. I wasn’t really sure where I was going but as long as it was away from others, it was perfect. I walked pass the wooden bench where Michael and I shared our first kiss. I weaved through the alley where Vladimir attacked Flo-Flo. I even made my way pass my old school. Floods of memories came rushing back from there. My enemyship with Ms. Atkins, our “too happy for his own good” bus driver, Matilda, Michael, Brigit and I meeting, befriending and becoming so close people swore we were jointed together. All of these memories, once suppressed by daily drama and work and responsibility that came being an adult, now threatened tears and smiles to cover my emotionless face. Whether it was my own willpower or the sickening beast inside me that stopped any emotion sensation from appearing on my face, I didn’t know and honestly I didn’t care right then. I continued my aimless journey of my past into the forest as the sun begun to set. I came across a small clearing of soft grass. Exhausted, both physically and emotionally, I sat against a tree bordering the clearing and drifted off as my unsettled memories cleared away and finally found peace amongst themselves.

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