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What life is for
Name: What life is for
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 10/3/12

Previous chapter: Enchanting
Next chapter: Found Peace

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By the time we had finished our conversation, Wogan and Morrigan were already exchanging rings and finishing their vows. The two sealed their love with a kiss and the wedding attendees congratulated the new couple. “Come on.” Matthew said, holding out his hand for my own. “I want to show you something.” I placed my hand in his and he took my up several floors until we reached a luxurious crimson door with a glowing exit sign above it. Matthew opened the door to the most breathtaking view I’d ever seen. We were at the top of the Plasma 501 and were looking out onto the rest of Bridgeport. The beauty of skyscrapers and cities lights could only be compared to that of the full moon and starry night sky, which gazed down wistfully from above. I had first expected to hear nothing but car horns and police sirens but instead I could hear the wind, coming from the north. For a moment I took a step forward and allowed myself to close my eyes and simply feel the world set around me. I listened to the echoes of long forgotten voices as they told me stories of the past. I could almost taste every soul waling the street tonight and I began to feel bad for the ones who had never felt anything like this. “You like?” Matthew whispered, not wanting to bother me. I nodded and smiled, letting him know he wasn’t. I didn’t want to leave the balcony but Matthew wanted to show me some other secrete places he’d discovered in the Plasma 501. By the time we’d finished our tour and come back down to the 26th floor, the wedding was over and all had left except for the bartender, who was wiping off the counter. “Pin,” Matthew greeted the bartender as he and I took a seat. “One last drink for the lady and I?” Pin, the bartender, smiled “You’re tad late, hot-shot, we closed half an hour ago.” “Come on, Pin, for me?” He smiled angelically. The bartender began making our drinks.

“You own me.” She teased.


Pin made us our drinks, finished cleaning and left Matthew and I alone at the bar. The two of us sat in the sleek red sofa ailing the wall, I was telling Matthew about one of Matilda, Brigit, Michael and I’s many after curfew adventures. He was surprisingly intrigued.

“Well come on, you must have some wild stories about being in the limelight.” I prompted.

Matthew shook his head. “No, Michael was always the one with time on his hands. I was the child prodigy whose day was filled with practice, after practice, after practice. I barely remember having the chance to breathe.”

“Don’t be too ungrateful. We were all outcasts, we didn’t have many people to guide us and we made huge mistakes.” I thought of Michael.

“Nisha, that’s what life is for! Make mistakes, learn from them, and become better!” He exclaimed, sounding like a preacher standing proud on his stage. A smile stretched across my face and I rolled my eyes. I took a last sip of my drink, despite already beginning to feel a little woozy.

“I should go home.” I announced but lost my footing as I stood up and landing squarely on Matthew.

“A-are you okay?” I asked.

Matthew smiling, seemingly unhurt. “Perfect.”

We laid there for a minute, embracing each other’s gazes, like staring we were trying to find each other’s soul somewhere behind our irises. Then, out of the blue, we kiss. Not a kiss like with Michael but this time, there was something. A spark on the skin, the blood roaring in your ears and your heart beating so fast, so loud that you’re afraid someone might hear it. There was true love between Matthew and I, and as far as we were concerned, in that moment, time was nonexistent.

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