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Name: Enchanting
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 9/9/12

Previous chapter: Hoping You Were Here
Next chapter: What life is for

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“Look,” I began with confidence unusually clear in my voice. “I’m not coming and I’m not marrying Sinjon and you can’t-“

“I’m not here to force you to come home.” Elvira said calmly. I think I stood there with my jaw wide open for a whole four minutes before I could actually say something.

“Y-You’re…not?” Was all I could come up with.

“No. I’ve been watching you. So far you’ve done well since leaving home. I didn’t think you had it in you.” Elvira praised though her tone of voice made me feel like she would start circling me like prey right they delivered a death bite to the neck. “Ambition and Will, the will to go on and fight. Maybe there is some true vampire in you.” Right there was Elvira’s death bite and I was the feeble prey writhing in vain. Completely at the hunter’s mercy.

“Elvira,” I began, keeping my voice steady and strong. “I need something to contact Sinjon.”

“I’m well aware.” At that point I wasn’t sure what to except from Elvira, but she pulled out her favorite gothic black ink pen (which I was never allowed to touch as a child) and wrote down a phone number on the corner of a scarlet napkin. “Here.” She handed it to me, just like that. No bargaining, no begging. What next? Her finaling accepting who I was? “Farewell, Nisha.” And she vanished in the crowd.

“Bye, mom.” I whispered so silently that to this day I’m not sure if I actually said it aloud or just in my head. I took up a seat at the bar in the back of the room as the wedding began, completely forgetting my promise to sit next to Brigit.

It wasn’t for a while until I noticed a man next to me had been staring. I glance over at him. He had black hair neatly brushed back. He had warm, welcoming brown eyes that were strangely familiar. All his features seemed to be placed perfectly from his flawless skin to his heavenly smile which was directly pointed at me.

“Hello.” He greeted with a voice equally as beautiful as him.

“Hi.” I replied rather dryly. I had learned not to trust seemingly prefect people. They always had something to hide.

“What is such a lovely, bright woman like you doing at such a dreary wedding?” He inquired.

“My best friend is the groom’s sister. She asked me to come.”

“I see.” I looked hard at the man.

“You seem familiar…”

“You may recognize me.” He proclaimed proudly.

“You’re Matthew! Micheal’s brother!” The man gave me an odd stare like I’d just grown a third eye.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Am I wrong?”

“No, not at all. It’s just, most people don’t know me for my brother.” He smiled.

“Oh, he and I ar- well uh, were old friends.”

“What might your name be?” “Nisha. Nisha Slayer.” I answered.

“You’re Elvira’s kid. Yeah Michael talked about you quite often.”

“Really?” I was amazed, then worried. Did he tell anyone about the kiss or about breaking his heart? If he told Matthew, he didn’t bring it up and I was thankful for that. We began discussing old memories and stories. We got a few nasty glances from the people actually watching the wedding but no one actually did anything to stop us. Matthew was amazing, polite and funny. Talking to him was almost enchanting.

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