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Hoping You Were Here
Name: Hoping You Were Here
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 8/12/12

Previous chapter: Fate's Next Move
Next chapter: Enchanting

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Living with Matilda was fine. Living with her roommates on the other hand, not so much. I had tried to earn my keep by cleaning and cooking which both ended in disaster. Matilda and Alexy tried to be kind when I left a room messier than before or when I burnt a meal for the third time. Harry on the other hand didn’t take my mistakes lightly. He’s often yelled at me and give me a clever insult on a day-to-day basis. It was only when I almost burned the house down did Alexy finally loose his cool with me. After that I began searching for other ways to repay Matilda and her roommates for letting me stay here. With encouragement from Matilda I began skewering the town for jobs. The only one I bothered to give a second glance at was an opening for a stylist. The first day was nerve wracking considering I’d never worked a day in my life. All and all I wasn’t that bad. Just me, four walls and my designs. Finally, something going right in my life. Now there were only two problems on hand;

1. Keeping the fact I was a vampire from Matilda and her roommates.

2. The fact I was still engaged to Sinjon Frank.

I’d tried to look up Sinjon since I had absolutely no contact information. No address. No phone number. Nothing. Anyway, after a thorough search of the entire Frank family, I found out they were rich high class people with a deep history with the government and other world geniuses and heroes. Somehow they managed to stay under the radar enough to keep personal addresses and numbers away from the public. All I found was a business number which only directed me to a machine.

After finally giving up finding any information on Sinjon, I began getting ready for Wogan and Morrigan’s wedding.

Okay so this wasn’t your typical wedding. First of all, everything was blood red. Second, all of the guests were vampires with a few celebrities here and there. Third, it was being held at the Plasma 501. It seemed more like a twisted Halloween party than a wedding.

“Thanks for coming.” Brigit mumbled.

“No problem.” I replied with a smile.

I began scanning the room for Elvira. It wasn’t like her to come to weddings like this especially because Wogan was marrying a bitten vampire instead of bloodline. But I was clearly wrong because stand just across the room, almost blending in the whole décor was Elvira Slayer.

As I approached her a painful smile unfolded across her face.

“Hello Nisha, I was hoping you were here.”

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