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Of The Night
Of The Night Preveiw plz
Name: Of The Night
Genre: Fantasy
Created by: Freedom
Rating: PG
Number of chapters: Unknown

Status: Continuing

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Summary Edit

Nisha never wanted to be a vampire. The very thought has erupted fears and nightmares that haunt Nisha. Will she ever be normal or will she always have a dark cloud looming over her?

Main Characters Edit

Nisha Slayer is the main protagonist of the story. She is the adoptive daughter of Elvira Slayer and biological daughter of one of Wix and Azor. Nisha wishes of nothing more than to be a normal being.

Elvira Slayer is Nisha's adoptive mother. She promised Nisha's mother she would never neglect her and shelters her from the rest of the world. Elvira wants Nisha to behave like a vampire and is afraid the Grand Vampires will not be please with the way she turned out.

Matilda Smart is the first person Nisha met outside her house and one of her very best friends. Both girls share a passion for art. Nisha and Matilda help each other throughout school. Nisha helps her with school work and Matilda tells Nisha about the town and the people that Nisha missed out on as a child.

Brigit Hemlock is another one of Nisha's best friends. Both girls are vampires and grew up without a father figure. Nisha and Brigit spend most of their time confnding in each other. Something Matilda and Michael might find boring. Because of sharing such personal stories the two have a special bond.

Michael Sleep is Nisha's final best friend and probably the least closest. Though both share the feeling of being alone and unheard. Nisha and Michael shared their kiss together. Though Michael has feeling for Nisha she does not exchange those feelings.

Sinjon Frank is Nisha's arranged fiancee, set up by Elvira. Though he does not know much about Nisha he loves her nonetheless.

Chapters Edit


  • In earlier scripts, Nisha was supposed to be adopted by the Hemlock Family and suppose to be best friends with Morrigan and Camilla.
  • Originally, Nisha was never suppose to find out about her birth parents.
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