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A Lot to Grieve
Name: A Lot to Grieve
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 7/13/12

Previous chapter: Not Feeling Anything
Next chapter: Drown In It

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“Were you and Brigit okay after we ran off?” Michael asked. It had been 3 days since the incident with Vladimir. Flo-Flo had been on the brink of death when the transformation was complete. With her newfound vampire strength she managed to come through. Elvira slipped her away from her family long enough to give her a brief explanation of what happened. Flo-Flo had been almost unphased by the whole situation.

“Yeah me and Brigit were fine, just a couple scratches.” I reply. “There’s something else I need to talk to you about.”

“Anything.”He says as he leans in closer, then scene of our kiss suddenly ignites in my head. The sofa in Elvira’s penthouse suddenly transforms in the wooden bench on the corner of the block. All the hours of practicing this speech are wasted as I sit there in front of Michael Sleep with my mouth hanging open.

“Nisha?” His voice brings me back to reality.

“Oh, right. Umm…Michael.” I begin. “T-that kiss that night i-it was nothing right?”


Oh crap. “That kiss didn’t mean anything you know. It was…nothing…” I’m at a loss for words and I can tell Michael is too.

“Y-yeah. Nothing.” He repeats. “I have to go.” He gets up walks out as if he’s just seen a ghost and the only thing I can think is, I’ve broken his heart.

I find myself jumping off the bedroom window pane and running at vampire super speed, so fast no one can tell who I am. I had no idea how long I’d been running but I finally fall to the ground. As I lay there all I can think about is how much I’ve hurt Michael until I fall asleep.

The first thing I process when I wake up is an overwhelming hunger and the sound of rain. Next I hear footsteps coming closer…closer. Something feral takes over and I leap out the shadows and onto the unsuspecting victim. They let out a scream as I tackle them to the ground. I bite deep into their neck and begin sucking out the sweet plasma. After the few minutes the victims goes limp as I continue to feed from her. Maybe it was two, three hours before the plasma begins to cease and my thirst is quenched. When I can finally think straight I wish I hadn’t. I know what I’ve done. I refuse to even open my eyes as I get of the soggy ground. I gather the courage to open eyes and am caught in my victim’s death look. Utterly terrified at what I’ve done, I make a run for home and the body of Lotta Greaves for someone else to find.

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