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Cold-blooded Compulsion
Name: Cold-blooded Compulsion
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 6/22/12

Previous chapter: Made in Heaven
Next chapter: Not Feeling Anything

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We just sit there. Our eyes locked just as they were before. We probably sat there for twenty minutes trying to process what just happened.

“Are you guys having a staring contest or something?” Matilda interrupted.

I sever our gaze into each other’s eyes. “No. We were just uh, talking.”

Before Matilda could reply someone yells at us from a police cruiser, “Hey you kids!”

“Run!” Brigit yells. We go into a sprint and take to the alleys. We run a couple blocks until we’re sure we lost the cops.

“That was too close.” Michael manages between breaths.

“No kidding.” I reply. I almost jump out of my skin when Brigit whispers in my ear.

“We need to leave now.” She points up to a huge skyscraper. The Plasma 501. The vampire feeding ground and here we were with two exhausted humans.

Then the screaming starts.

“W-what was that?” Matilda stammered.

“Am I the only one who thought that voice sounded familiar?” Michael asked. Now that I thought about it, maybe it was familiar.

“Come on!” Michael said before he broke in a sprint.

“Michael!” I yell and follow close behind him. For a moment I look over my shoulder. Just as I thought Brigit and Matilda are following us. Suddenly I slam into Michael and we both end up falling onto the concrete. Brigit quickly pulls both of us onto our feet.

Just before us lies barely alive Flo-Flo Chique, with a trickle of plasma seeping from her neck.

“Flo…” Matilda barely choked out her name.

“Well, well,” An ominous voice comes from behind us. We turn to Vladimir Schlick. “You children shouldn’t be out so late. This city is a dangerous place.” He lunges directly at Matilda and slams her against the ally wall. Before he can even pierce her with a fang, Brigit tackles him to the ground and attacks him with all her strength.

“Go!” I order Michael and Matilda. There’s a dark ambitious authority in my voice. They don’t question me.

Brigit has already lost the fight with Vladimir. She manages to move away from the battlefield between me and Vladimir. The two of us size each other up.

It was just past midnight and complete darkness had overcast the moon. Elvira had always told me that was when a vampire’s powers were in their prime. I knew that feeling now. My eyes were glowing scarlet. My body craved for plasma. My fangs and claws itch to dig into flesh. It’s this cold-blooded compulsion the makes me hate being a vampire. My instinct tells me to fight. My conscience tells me to walk away.

Guess which is stronger.

I leap at Vladimir and throw him against the damp brick wall.

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