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Name: Vamprocillin-D
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 6/20/12

Previous chapter: Introductions
Next chapter: Her Fury

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It had been about two weeks since first starting school. I hadn’t actually learned anything though. Elvira had already taught me this stuff. I just finished my work and drew pictures on the back of my paper or helped out Matilda and Michael. But no matter how good my grades were our teacher, Ms. Atkins, Never let me spend a second drawing. It was always “Check over your work!” “Stop goofing off!” No different from being taught by Elvira except for the fact I wasn’t afraid of Ms. Atkins.

I had learned a lot about Brigit, Matilda and Michael during our school days. Brigit was indeed a vampire. Like me, she and Wogan were bloodline vampires. Other than that Brigit was a pretty average, quiet girl. Matilda was an aspiring artist with parents that couldn’t care less about her or her dreams. Michael was the son of two celebrities and was always in the shadow of his older brother, Matthew. When I’d heard all their stories, for once I felt like I fit in.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Brigit was talking to me as I painted a picture of a blue bird flying over a sunlit Bridgeport.

Suddenly Brigit asked “What happened to your dad?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, by what I can see your mom isn’t married and I haven’t heard you mention your father.”

“I don’t know my father.” I admitted.

“Oh, sorry. I don’t know my mine well either.”

“At least you know your mother too.” I retorted.

“What do you mean? Elvira’s your mom right?”

“Adoptive mother. I have no memory of any parent.”

“Did Elvira tell you, you were adopted?” Brigit was suddenly fascinated but she tried to hide it in her voice.

“No it was pretty clear. When I asked her about it though she didn’t tell me anything. She only said I’d learn when I was ready, whatever that means.” I explained.

After an awkward silence, Brigit spoke “My dad left when I was little.” I nodded and put down my paint instruments, indicating I was listening. “My dad was a bloodline vampire. He didn’t want to be one. His family forced him to marry my mom, to keep the bloodline pure or something. He liked her just couldn’t get over the fact she was a vampire too. He worked really hard at his job and one day he took most our simoleons and left. He’d gone and gotten this potion called Vamprocillin-D and wasn’t a vampire anymore and we never saw him again.”

“Wait, what do you mean he wasn’t a vampire anymore?”

“Vamprocillin-D is suppose to cure vampirism.”

After Brigit left I leaned against the front door and began to think carefully about how I was going to convince Elvira to let me get some Vamprocillin-D.

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