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Name: Sweetheart
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 6/16/12

Previous chapter: The Silhouette
Next chapter: Introductions

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Screams of unfortunate victims rang in my ears, and the monsters’ deep snarls and laughter. I could even hear the sounds of bones and flash by torn apart. I’d had this dream so many times and every time, it took everything I had not to be sick. I heard the monsters getting nearer. I ran as fast as I could. Dead branches whipped my face, thorny brambles grabbed my ankles. I might have ran for hours and not known but finally I found myself too exhausted to stand, and I collapsed on the ground. The monsters began to surround me. I started screaming and shut my eyes as tight as I could.

“Nisha.” One whispered.

“Join us Nisha.” Another whispered. I stopped screaming and slowly opened my eyes. For a girl who’d had this dream a thousand times, that was a stupid mistake. Five or six of them surrounded me. Bright scarlet eyes with that blood-thirsty hunger in them. All of them were covered in plasma. Their long fangs made their wicked smirks more evil.

“Nisha,” The first monster who spoke addressed me calmly. I turned to my left and there was my mother. Plasma covered her face and hands. “We’re not going to hurt you, Sweetheart.” At that she leapt and me. Suddenly I blacked out before I felt any pain.

“Nisha!” the same voice from in my dream shouted but without the sweet tone. “I’m up!” I yelled without moving any muscle I didn’t have to. I lifted myself out of bed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Elvira came storming into my room. “Come on. Your suppose to be getting ready!” She growled.

“Good morning mother.” I greeted teasingly. “Why am I getting ready again?”

“You’re going to public school. It was your idea.”

I’d always been homeschooled by Elvira but last week I had convinced her to let me go to public school for the first time. Living in Elvira’s penthouse twenty-four/seven, I didn’t know many other kids my age probably my only friend my age was Jessica Talon. When Elvira would throw parties, Jessica’s mother, Erika, would sometimes bring her. We’d hangout in my room until everyone left.

As I finished brushing my long blonde hair, I stood back a bit, and looked at myself. I had blood-red eyes just like the monsters in my dream. But no matter how hard I looked I never saw that same hunger.

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