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Nova Watson
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Nova is willing to put everything including her family aside in order to achieve greatness, that is if people are willing to become her guinea pigs for her experiments.
Name Nova Watson
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Watson family
Parents None
Sibling(s) Izcrazi Watson Brother
Romances Noah O'Dourke Engaged
Pets Buddy Watson
Trait Inappropriate small.png Inappropriate
Trait Ambitious small.png Ambitious
Trait Insane small.png Insane
Trait Genius small.png Genius
Trait Workaholic small.png Workaholic
Zodiac sign GeminiLN.png Gemini
Lifetime wish
LTW The Tinkerer.png The Tinkerer
Fav Soul.png Soul
Fav Mac and Cheese.png Mac and Cheese
Fav Aqua.png Aqua
Hair color Eye-custom.png Black roots, white and blue highlights and tips.
Eye color Eye-custom.png Light Yellow
Skin color Dark skin-TS3.png Dark
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game Ambitions
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Twinbrook
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Nova Watson was created by Starmoonie from the Fanon:The fall of Twinbrook. Nova is a package of growing terror who came to Twinbrook to destroy the residents of the area but finding out later the town its self was being taking over by a strange force.

Arriving in Twinbrook after Catastrophe[edit | edit source]

Nova and Noah arrived to Twinbrook by train with her older brother and his dog in an another cart. Afters years of research on an deadly potion to turn all the Sims of the word into mutated freaks, it was quickly abandoned after the local residents found out and told the authorities. Nova had to leave her old home and possessions and hopped on the first train out of there. It seemed like her dream of taking over the world was coming to a halt, but when Noah pointed Twinbrook on a map she had knew she found her new home to start her experiments.

Her new home was located far out from the rest of the citizens, where she can watch over them with ease and not worry about being caught so quickly. Townsfolk grew pretty suspicious when her family arrived in town, if it wasn't that Nova dyed her hair and Noah cut his hair and changed his whole outfit to blend in they would have been caught ages ago. "Will the people of this town mind their own freaking business?!?!?" she hissed towards her brother. He suffered a strange syndrome when he was a child and has no recovered from the medicine given to him to cure it. This was half of the reason why Nova wanted to change the world's appearance and become its leader, if they mess with her family...she'll have to mess them up.

The house was built in two, the main home and the small shack-looking one on the left side. Izcrazi remained in the smaller home with Buddy so he wouldn't be disturbed by anyone. "We should put a large gate around his area so no one would enter," Noah said walking around inspecting the area. "Um, yeah but wait till were all settled, I don't want anyone thinking anything of us yet" Nova replied. She knew if she could get on the side of these idiot people she would have them in the palm of her hand. The future looked bright for her and this was the pace to be, Can her dream actually be happening?

Experiment Test Results on Self Journal[edit | edit source]

  • Test One: Added a bottle of life fruit with a mixture of this weird redish-brown mush I found on the side of the ground with a nice bowl of toxic. The outcome of it exploded in my face with the result of making me feel a bit dizzy for awhile. Suddenly I was knocked out and green foam came out of my mouth, it tasted a bit minty. I met a older gentleman today who goes by Marshall Curious, he explained to me the whole town has a strange amount of minerals with high amounts of radiation in them. I found this quite odd, since I never heard of such a thing. Lets hope after sending that stupid Simbot out there to collect them for me is worth it.
  • Test Two:Trying to create a potion strong enough to turn then inside out has failed miserably. Noah will take some time to heal in his chamber and as I, well my hand will heal eventually. Those minerals came of use to me and I crushed them into pieces and planned out my next mixture. Two strange men came up to the house asking for hand outs for a fund for sick orphans, who would want orphans to feel better? I certainly do not! But I handed them my potion to turn a Sim's head blue and the body all pale. Lets hope these two never show on my lot ever again!
  • Test Three: Tried mixing the Ghost Potion with a couple of other old mixtures and it didn't come up right. I think it was all in my head of that dream of a floating fish talking about turning myself into a zombie to max all my hit points. So as soon as I used this Ghost potion on my self, I floated around town watching the people's faces gaze upon me. Stalking others maybe fun but I think I need to get back to work!
  • Test Four: How can one break free from the last results of a mind spell? I was so confused to find out all my experiments destroyed by the military. It was already too late to go and find them but I had a clue where they were headed. Marshall asked if I was alright borrowing some acid from him, I replied yes. Its none of his business if I wanted to drink the stuff, there is no effect of it on me. But by the end of the day, if my answers are correct, I will come up with a weapon so superb that it can mutate anyone by consumption.

Nova's Thoughts about the Townsfolk[edit | edit source]

  • Marshall Curious: Who does this man think he is?!?!? I meet him the first time and he thinks he's better than me? I assure you that this will not be the last time I'll let him have the duck I roasted for the queen of toilets!!!!
  • Sinbad Rotter: A man with very little words and no taste in fashion what-so-ever! I will never stand in front of such filth! If he dares cut in front of me again in the Grocery market, I will assure you he will pay!
  • Goodwin Goode: This boy can't even spell his own name! How did he ever get a job?! I was once in his shoes though, young, naive and wanting to paint my toenails orange. I hope some day I can use him for evil...maybe make him a point guard or something.
  • Scout Sargeant: This woman is a very suspicious character. I fell for her trap one day and she told me she's keeping an eye on me. I should watch out for her, she and her husband may try to find out what I'm doing.
  • Beverly Castor: I feel a bit bad that her son went missing but it's not my fault that she can't watch her kids more often! I mean shes a housewife for goodness sake! She doesn't have a job and her useless husband seems to be always the butt of jokes around in the neighborhood! Honestly, if I can find one housewife in this neighborhood who's kid isn't a runaway...I'd kick their feet.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nova's hair was originally purple, blue and white.
  • She does not believe in working with others but use others instead.
  • She hates time warping because it messed up her hair and turned it red.
  • Noah and her plan on having children and turning them into radioactive zombies! :D
  • Nova refuses to work in the Science Career, she think they are all a bunch of weirdos.
  • Nova really doesn't want to take over the world....she just wants to make Sims look ugly! :)
  • She is based on the fanon character Kallisto Syrakosia
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