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Name Norma Bates
Gender Female female
Life state CAS Human icon.png adult
Education and Employment
Kitchen Cullion
Parents Louis Spool
Rita Spool
Sibling(s) Emma Spool
Romances Sam Bates
Marital status divorced
Child(ren) Norman Bates
Trait Loner small.png Loner
Trait Neurotic small.png Neurotic
Trait Nurturing small.png Nurturing
Trait Natural Cook small.png Natural Cook
Trait Evil small.png Evil
Hidden traits
Trait Neat small.png Neat
Zodiac sign Leo.png Leo
Fav Kids.png Kids
Fav Hot Dog.png Hot Dog
Hair color TS2 Black Hair.png black
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes.png blue
Skin color Eye-custom.png brown
Body shape  trim
Other Information
Neighborhood Sunset Valley

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 Norma Bates (nee Spool) is a Sim who resides in Sunset Valley with her son Norman. She has one sister Emma Spool whom she is permanately estranged from.


Norma Spool was born to Louis and Rita Spool in Spoolville, a tiny village in Sim Nation. Although the village is named after the Spool Family, by the time Norma is born, her family name and wealth was destroyed. Her mother died giving birth to her and she was primarily raised by her father who neglected her.


Norma's childhood was very rough. She was abused by her father, who hated the fact that Norma wasn't the boy he desired. Louis also hated that she was also plain looking. The townspeople also despised and picked on Norma because she was considered trash and her family was amongst the poorest in town. In her late childhoos, her father remarried again to woman named Patsy, much to Norma's dismay and her new step-mother would help Louis abuse Norma by locking her in closets and feriociously beat her whenever they felt and most times Norma didn't do anything wrong.

Teenage Years

Norma entered her teens as an neurotic depressed teen. Her depression grew deep when Louis and Patsy had a child together, Emma. They treated Emma better than her and because of this Norma never develop an relationship with her half-sister. Norma would meet Sam Bates a popular student at her school. Although he too came from a working class family, Sam was popular and one of the most athletic people in school. It became a shock when people learned popular Sam was now dating the crazy and weird looking Norma. Norma's father also didn't approve of the match feeling that Norma would grow independant and move away from him. He and Norma got in numerous fights over Sam, but the more they fought the more determined Norma was to stay in a relationship with him.

Young Adulthood

Soon as Norma graduated from high school and became a Young Adult, she and Sam married and she moved half-way across town to get as far away from her father as possible. Norma became pregnant soon after and gave birth to a son Norman. Even though the marriage started off perfect, it became to crumble as the Bates's struggled to make ends meets and Sam soon became bored with Norma, often leaving home and sleeping with other women. The marriage took its final toll with the arrival of a teenage Emma. Louis and Patsy died in a car accident and Norma being Emma's only immediate family, she was sent to live with them. By this time Sam had become violent with Norma and Norman and was still going out at night having affairs with other women. Sam soon turned his eye on young naive Emma. Norma would soon learn about Sam's attraction to her sister and she did not take it well. Even though Emma did nothing wrong or inappropiate to Sam, Norma still blamed her for Sam's wandering eye and a big fight ensued. Tired of being unhappy, Norma begin to slowly poison her husband with the food she cooked at home, and begin to save her money from her job at the grocery store. As Sam became deathly sick, she promptly divorced him and left him and Spoolville altogether. She also left her sister to take care of Sam and gave her instructions not to contact under any circumstances.


Norma and her now teenaged son Norman soon arrived in Sunset Valley. She began her career in the Culinary career as a Kitchen Cullian. Her long hours at night began to affect the close relationship she had with her son. Although a loner, she quickly became friends with Jared Frio, her boss, unaware of his true intentions towards her as he begin to call and talk to her on a personal level outside of work. After taking a two day free vacation, Norma receieved word that her ex-husband Sam had passed away. Even though Norman wanted to go his funeral, Norma objected knowing full well she killed him and know by now the people of Spoolsville know she was responsible for his death.

Trivia Facts

  • Both Norma and her son has the Neurotic Trait, most likely due to both of them growing up in abusive homes, however the trait affects them both differently, while Norman is scared of every moving thing, Norma is afraid of and can't stand loud noises
  • Both Norma and Norman has Neat as a hidden trait, both has alot of wants to clean things around the house.
  • Even Norma loves her son, she relishes at the thought of him being in pain and laughs at him when he gets scared or start acting crazy
  • Because she is an Evil Sim, her favorite hangout spot is the graveyard.
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