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Nora Space
Name Nora Space
Gender Female Female
Space Family
Parents Allen Space, Summer Vandermorgan-SpaceAlien
Sibling(s) Toby Space Male
Romances Daniel Levaine Ex-romance, Mitch Indie MarriedDeceased
Child(ren) Unborn BabyChild
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Nora Space (Adult)
Nora is a popular girl who hates her brother but likes most other people. She is nice to most people, possibly to overcorrect her brother's miser attitude.
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Unemployed Unemployed
Pets Muffin Space
Zodiac sign Gemini Gemini
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Black Eyes Black
Skin color Skin-green Green
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Kierra District
Nora Space
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Nora Space
After leaving college, despite her previously saying she wouldn't, Nora was forced to move in with her brother until her and Mitch could find a nice (affordable) place. She spends most of her time whining at Toby, planning for her new baby or on long, long phone calls to Mitch.
Name Nora Space
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state Alien Alien
Trait TS4 Art Lover Art Lover
Trait TS4 Cheerful Cheerful
Trait TS4 Good Good
Trait TS4 Gregarious Gregarious
Aspiration  Friend to the World
Eye color TS2 Black Eyes Black
Skin color Skin-green Green
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Lavisha

Nora Space is the daughter of Summer and Allen and the younger sister of Toby. She does not like her Brother's miser attitude. She doesn't really care about her mother as she never knew her although she would like it if she came home.

Before BirthEdit

Before she was born, Summer and Allen had a relatively easy romance. They met as Children and soon became friends. His parents approved of their friendship as Allen's family were rich just like them. As, teens the inevitable happened and they fell in love. They soon went to college together and after they overcame a few problems with friends, they became the resident couple. After they graduated, they married and soon Summer was pregnant. They were happy and began preparing for the new baby. The new baby was her brother, Toby but around this time, Summer became obsessed with Bella Goth and even when she was pregnant they couldn't drag her away from the telescope.


As a baby, Nora was raised purely by her father. Nora and Toby got on very well as they were only a few years apart from each other and Toby planned games that Nora could join in with. Nora didn't actually know that she had a mother as Summer was never around. Nora soon noticed something, the redheaded woman wasn't around anymore. Strange...


As a toddler, Nora didn't notice anything different from her time with Summer. She played games with her brother a lot and her dad played games with her tood. She especially enjoyed playing peek-a-boo a lot! Her father taught her all her toddler skills and a nursery rhyme so that they could sing songs together. She soon realised that the red head woman was gone and being a smart girl she figured now that she was her mum. She became obsessed with a book called 'Where's my mummy?' in the hopes hers would return just like the one in the book did. She grew up well but not in platinum.


As a child, Nora noticed her brother's meanness and his 'I'm the best' attitude and found it insufferable. She swore she would never be like him and would kill herself before she did. Her Dad told her this was quite a harsh promise for such a young girl especially the kill herself part but she stuck to it. She had many friends and was even friends with the unpopular kids and the loners. One of the loner boys, Rayul Parthé who was especially fond of her and called her his 'special friend' but to her he was just another friend.

Nora went on holiday with her father, brother and Roger and Audrey. She had great fun and was annoyed that Toby just sat inside counting his money while she was swimming and having fun. She loved how Audrey tanned and wished she would too but she couldn't as green doesn't tan well. She had great fun but felt Toby was being ungrateful for his holiday. When she got back, Nora decided to save up for a pet. She wanted a well trained Labrador who was old and fluffy but they were all so expensive, so instead she adopted a dog who she decided to call Muffin. Nora loved Muffin but Toby just saw him as a waste of space and an excuse for not doing homework (not that he needed one).


As a teen, Nora was best friends with Rayul but became annoyed when a boy called Dave began bullying Rayul and stood up for him. Although Nora made it clear she hated Dave, he began liking her. Rayul hated Dave too and Nora was surprised when Dave and his family moved away out of the blue. Nora was surprised but pleased as they moved away for no apparent reason. Nora then began dating a boy called Daniel. Daniel was sweet and kind to her and she loved him. He even managed to put up with the meanest, most annoying horrible and evil swine EVER! He got on with most of her friends except for the male ones... Nora hated most of school, except for her breaks which she spent with Daniel. The rest of it was just dull, she would sit idly, twirling her pencil in her long dark hair barely taking in anything said yet she never got caught. Also tests were not a problem as Rayul would always help her out in return for... nothing.

After school, Daniel agreed to walk her home as she thought she heard footsteps behind her the day before. He smiled and called her needy but she didn't care. As they were walking back, a weird thing happened, for a second Daniel stopped and his eyes glazed over and then he was normal but a few minutes later he put his head and hands and told her he was in love with someone else and Nora was just a rebound girlfriend. He left her feeling sad and alone. She walked back up and went straight to her room. Allen came to ask her what was wrong but she asked him to go away. She hated her mum for not being there, not for the first time and not for the last either. After her break up, Nora decided to start thinking of college. Daniel was going to Sim State so she decided to got to Academie le Tour even though Toby was there.

Young AdulthoodEdit

As a young adult, Nora had nowhere to live. She had a small budget as she didn't want to burden her family with money problems so choice was limited. She was NOT moving in with her evil brother. In fact, even anyone knowing she was related seem horrible so she and her brother agreed never to talk to each other or acknowledge each other. It would be hard though as they had similar skin but if it happened it was worth it. She finally moved in with two boys who has recently extended their house for a third person. She immediately became friends with them and soon began dating Mitch. Mitch was a fun guy who oozed confidence and was good at guitar. He would write songs for her and play them round the campfire with their friends. Nora insisted Toby call her monthly so they could catch up and scorn over his ice cold life. She called her dad weekly to check he was ok because she genuinely cared for him.

Nora assumed her brother would never date anyone so she almost fainted when he found a a girlfriend who actually liked him. She insisted meeting Rose to prove she wasn't a hologram or something. Rose turned out to be real and Nora couldn't help feeling her brother had met his clone. She told Mitch and Max this which they found highly amusing. Nora soon found an invite to Toby's wedding and invited Mitch with her. The wedding was quite dull but afterwards, Mitch saved the evening by proposing to her. Nora was thrilled and when they told Max, didn't notice his slightly saddened look.

After CollegeEdit

After Mitch and Nora graduated from college, they looked around for a flat or a house to rent but there was literally nothing for them so begrudgingly they accepted that they would have to live elsewhere. Mitch went to live with his mother and suggested Nora live with Allen. Allen would have agreed but he was struggling with just himself, so she didn't bother and went straight to the last person she wanted to see... Toby. He said she couldn't live with him until she put her pride aside and agreed to housekeep for Rose and Toby. Rose thought it was rather mean of Toby but Nora was glad she had a place to live. Everything was fine until after visiting Mitch, Nora began to feel ill. REALLY ILL. She began freaking out that she was dying so went to the doctor and was surprised. She was pregnant. She was now stuck in a hard position, she couldn't afford to live elsewhere or with Mitch as the house was too small but if she told Toby he would not let her stay in his apartment especially as Rose was expecting a baby herself...

She needed money to buy or rent a flat or house for her and Mitch but were was the money going to come from? She began working as Waitress but she knew she would have to stop soon because she was beginning to show. She was beginning to worry more and more as soon Toby would know and kick her out. She decided to ask around to her rather rich family, a group of people she had completely forgotten about. She immediately went to her cousin, Imogen as she knew Imogen was very rich due to her late husband and of course family wealth - she was prepared to get down on her knees and beg her to lend her some money. She didn't have to do that luckily as Imogen was happy to help her by lending her the money so Nora went happily to Mitch and they bought a small house in Bluewater Village.

Everything was going great, especially when Mitch and Nora had a small ceremony together. Nora was looking forward to her life with Mitch but of course that didn't happen... One day, Nora was going to visit a friend, Ivy when she received a call, Mitch was dead. According to their neighbours, he had eaten a burger in the garden Nora had left for him in the fridge and then the he dropped dead. Nora was distraught about her husband's death but when she arrived at the house, she was handcuffed. They had found traces of poison in Mitch's burger - the burger she had left for him. She was taken into a cell overnight, feeling wretched. 7 months pregnant, no husband and in police custody, it was unbelievable how fast her dream life had changed to a nightmare.

Nora's family weren't allowed to visit her due to the nature of the charges and Nora felt completely alone. She had spoken to a top lawyer, that was paid for by her Uncle Roger and her future looked hopeful but she still felt wretched. One night however, something strange happened... One of the guards, that was stationed outside her cell suddenly had a glazed look in his eyes; she had only seen that look once before and that was before her high school lover, Daniel broke up with her. He looked at Nora with confusion and asked what she was doing in the cell. She said she was the prime suspect in her husband's death and the guard looked confused, he told her that Mitch's death was an accident. He let her go without any further questions. Nora was surprised that nobody had any objections to her leaving, it was as if the past few months had never happened.

Due to living with Toby for a while, she knew his number off by heart and asked to borrow somebody's phone to call him. Toby begrudgingly let her live with him again as she had nowhere to go and no money. Rose had convinced him that due to their financial stability, they could look after Nora even if she had her baby. Toby was confused as to how Nora had been released from prison but Nora told him there was a mistake in some paperwork and she should have been released a long time before. He wasn't convinced but he never would have believed the truth.

Nora spent quite a lot of her time with her father and she became distressed to see that he was all alone and never seemed to do anything. She gently encouraged him to get outside and meet people and was pleased when one day he began telling her about a woman he had met called Anne. Nora was happy that her father had met somebody as she was quite sure her mother would never come back. She insisted on meeting Anne. Rose managed to convince Toby to go as well and make it a family dinner although Nora secretly wished he hadn't come. The dinner was going well until Toby decided to lecture her on financial instability. She couldn't believe him, she was pregnant, widowed and thanks to prison had no job or house of her own. She lost her temper and yelled at him which definitely added just a little bit of tension to their night. Despite this, Anne seemed really nice and Nora really liked her.

Despite Toby's lecture, Nora felt the night was a success and nothing could change that. That was until Allen answered the door and there stood her mother...

Summer's returnEdit

Nora had to stop herself from running up and hugging Summer, like a little girl. Instead she followed everybody else's lead and stayed calm and aloof. Anne stood up and gave Summer her seat and left. Nora felt sorry for Anne, she must be leaving as she thought that her relationship with Allen was over and wanted to avoid a public breakup.

Summer sat down and began to tell them about what had happened. Nora was enthralled by Summer's every word and was amazed at the adventures of her mother. By the end of the story, Nora suddenly felt upset that she hadn't had her mother with her for her entire life and had to go upstairs to avoid crying at the table. She went up to her old room and began to cry, partly with happiness and partly with sadness. She heard Toby's car leave and released that her parents were alone now. Part of her wanted to go down but she decided not to and instead lay down on her old bed and went to sleep.


  • Technically in Sims 4 she lives in Willow Creek but I'm using it as a 'set' for Lavisha.


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