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Amid towering apartment complexes and more understated traditional homes lie Newcrest's suburbs, imbued at the turn of the century with a certain je ne sais quoi by a team of architects swept up in the winds of modernity. Contemporary, luxurious, and in vogue, each estate demands admiration, perhaps even before inhabitation.
Name Newcrest
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
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Newcrest is a world shipped with The Sims 4. Based on modern suburban cities and suburbs, each of its neighborhoods is distinctly contemporary in style, sometimes in stark contrast with the surrounding architecture.


Newcrest consists of three neighborhoods, each with five lots of varying sizes.

  • Bridgeview
  • Llama Lagoon
  • Ridgeline Drive


There are a total of 10 residential lots and 5 community lots in Newcrest.

Residential lots[]


  • Bridgeview
    • Clover Grove, owned by Evangelista
    • Thyme Capsule, owned by Ansari-Wolff
  • Llama Lagoon
    • Disarming Demesne, owned by Kiah, Nouveau
    • Haughty Heights, owned by Torres
    • Magniloquent Manor, owned by Rashid
    • Rapturous Roost, owned by Nguyen
    • Vainglorious Villa, owned by City Slickers
  • Ridgeline Drive
    • Civic Cliffs, owned by Wingfield
    • Cookout Lookout, owned by Powell
    • Hillside Highlands, owned by Kiah, Ancien

Community lots[]


New families[]

  • Ansari-Wolff family Thyme Capsule
Desmond Ansari-Wolff
Desmond may have an apartment of his own, but he's still got quite a bit of growing up to do. While his furniture may have been given to him by his parents, and the posters on the walls are totally the same ones he had hanging in his college dorm room, Desmond is determined to prove to the world that he's capable of going it solo... even if he might not necessarily want to.
  • City Slickers household Vainglorious Villa
Aquaria Janiak, Clarissa Phillips
Accepted for a position at one of the top tech industries in the world, Clarissa began to prepare for her inevitable move from her city apartment to Newcrest. Though they'd never spoken, Aquaria needed a fresh start and Clarissa seemed as close to a shot at one as anything. Will their shared excitement for the future keep them together, or will their enormous differences push them apart?
  • Evangelista family Clover Grove
Angel Evangelista
Life hasn't always been the kindest to poor Angel, so moving to the far kinder Newcrest -- while it was the right decision, or so they've convinced themself -- was a total culture shock. Will they learn to warm up to those around them and tear down the walls they've built around themself, or will the same fear that brought them be what drives them away?
  • Kiah, Ancien household Hillside Highlands
Gwyneth Kiah, Kieynan Kiah
Ask anyone who knew her, and they'd tell you Gwyneth Ambrose -- an independent, rambunctious aspiring starlet who dreamed of travelling across the nation to make it as a director -- and Gwyneth Kiah -- an iconic screenwriter and novelist, household name, and wife to equally iconic silver-screen legend Kieynan -- were the same person. With their time in the spotlight behind them and their adult son out of the house, will this sudden liberation give these two a chance to (re)discover themselves?
  • Kiah, Nouveau household Disarming Demesne
Bennet Ansari-Wolff, Quentin Kiah, Kimbrah Kiah
Though perhaps not as legendary as his parents, Quentin Kiah has become a staple of public discourse as a musician and fashion mogul with not a single scandal to spare... if you ignore that one time he was conceived out of wedlock. Adopting Kimbrah and proposing to high school sweetheart Bennet are among the best decisions he's ever made. But with the burden on him alone to maintain his family's good name, could those actions, especially his eventual wedding to the star athlete, end up attracting the wrong kind of attention?
  • Nguyen family Rapturous Roost
Hoa Nguyen, Thai Nguyen, Isa Nguyen, Ethan Nguyen, Ua Nguyen, Felix Nguyen
Hoa's reputation as Newcrest's most prominent politician precedes her entire family, of which the wing dedicated to her at Thai's hospital and police escorts to school for their four kids serve as constant reminders. But she's made certain that she's never had to choose between the two; parenting and politicking simultaneously have ensured that the triplets Ua, Ethan and Isa have never wanted for anything. So it goes without saying that she won't regret doing the same for Felix... won't she?
  • Powell family Cookout Lookout
Yuri Powell, Rayn Powell
Yuri and Rayn have never had much; they met when Yuri was competing at SimNation's annual LumberCon, and while his wood-chopping and flannel-wearing skills didn't take grand prize, they won him Rayn's heart, and that's all the reward he's ever needed. But try as she might to hide it, he quickly realized that her heart had a tendency to wander. He's convinced himself he's satisfied so long as he's who she comes home to each night, but will old age finally force him to confront the decades-old voice in the back of his mind telling him satisfaction was never enough?
  • Rashid family Magniloquent Manor
Loukiya Rashid, Nabil Rashid, Astryd Rashid, Unborn baby Rashid
Nabil Rashid has the perfect life: a successful wife, a beautiful daughter, a breathtaking home, and a jaw-dropping amount of money to spare. But it's clear to anyone watching -- and everyone is -- that something about such a life of incredible fortune makes him wish he never had it. Will the impending arrival of their second child be the turning point or the straw that breaks the camel's back?
  • Torres family Haughty Heights
Luzella Torres, Romeo Torres, Vivian Torres, Arian Torres, Xiomara Torres, Ozvaldo Torres
Luzella and Romeo love children, but complications during Luzella's pregnancy ensured that their dreams of a big family would start and end with Vivian. The babysitting company they started together gave them the sort of vicarious living they needed, but the arrival of their grandchildren made it much more proximate. Though she loves her parents, she can't help but worry that letting them move in with her -- and her incredibly independent children -- was a mistake. Will living in such close quarters make these already-stifling grandparents suffocating?
  • Wingfield family Civic Cliffs
Raja Wingfield, Kanani Wingfield, Legion Wingfield, Raven Wingfield
Kanani spent much of her adult life in San Myshuno, living with and essentially parenting her wild-child younger brother Kaanan. Even becoming pregnant with Legion couldn't put the breaks on her free-spiritedness, but something in her relationship with Raja felt like a license to settle down. Will the domestic life, and the adoption of baby Raven, be enough to keep her satisfied?