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Developmental Hell
Name: Developmental Hell
Genre: Fan Fiction
Created by: Mathetesalexandrou
Number of chapters: 13

Original run: 1 April 2012 - 21 December 2012
Status: Ended

Succeeded by: Developmental Hell

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New Homeland is a subset storyline of the Time Paradox universe, set at the Ecclesiarchal capital of Hekatonschoinos. Its main characters are of orphanage near Bridgeport, which was also destroyed in a non-hostile fire from Kallisto's bombardment of Bridgeport. The orphans as well as the patron and his son make home in the new town, having been contacted by Kallisto for the collateral damage.

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Hugo-Kais Aunel (real surname Mathis): The Patron of the Orphanage. He is a Tau fan and as such has met Kallisto online in several online Warhammer 40k forums and matches. He is also the father of Leonardo Mathis and essentially the stepfather of just about everyone else mentioned below. As a fellow Warhammer player, Hugo already is a great friend of Kallisto, and thought this move to be pretty much divine intervention... except that the capital world is so isolated that not many people are there to perform to, which is his lifetime wish.
  • Leonardo Mathis: Hugo's son. He is much more level-headed than Hugo, who is much more social with dreams of making it into the stages. In fact, Leonardo ran much of the orphanage operations, before Kallisto's bombardment leveled it to the ground in an accident. Although Leonardo isn't completely aware, Leonardo is much more suspicious of the Ecclesiarchy than Hugo, who is just flat out elated. He is also the breadwinner, although his wage (despite the Papal grant that nearly tripled his wage) isn't nearly enough to cover the immense bill associated with maintaining high quality equipment available at their new dwelling at the Chapel-Barracks.
  • Athena Aithalida: First of the orphans, and one the three Greek orphans. Athena is far more reserved than her rival Herakleia, and is far more introverted. However, Athena isn't as submissive as one would think, and Athena definitely is not interested in silly romance and socializing.
  • Herakleia Eurypontida: Second of the orphans, Herakleia is far more outgoing than Athena. Herakleia also sees some opportunity in the new world, hoping to establish some sort of social hierarchy. Herakleia is far more nimble than Athena.
  • Eirene Chalkida: The third of the orphans. Doesn't really give a crap about all the things, and certainly has no problem with a relatively isolated world, since this means Eirene doesn't really have to go out as much.
  • Emil and Felix McGee: The youngest orphans and twins. Emil and Felix loves animals and are artistic as well. Only difference is that Emil hates technology, while Felix hates exercisizing.

Supporting Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Kallisto Syrakosia: The ruler of the Papal State as pope, Kallisto was the one who caused the ruckus in the first place. However, given her nature, some believes that it was Hugo's shared interest that led Kallisto to profusely apologize in the first place.
  • Kallistrata Pellaia: Kallisto's clone. Kallistrata is also the head of the industry in a sense, particularly active in the mercantilist policies and thus the head of maintenance, nectar producing and even R&D: Kallistrata also wishes to make a national refining service as well.
  • Big 6 alongside Kallisto and Kallistrata. All the Big 6 are also in a sense a secondary tutor to Eirene, Athena and Herakleia outside their school curriculum. Hypatia specializes in Art (painting to be exact: Sculpting is actually tutored by Stratonike), Lysistrata Writing, Eurydike Gardening/Fishing, Kallisto Logic and Martial Arts, Kallistrata Inventing and Handiness.
  • Okeanos Iolkios: The male head of the Mathetai Mouson. He is simply glad to have been removed from a bunch of people taking pleasure in seeing him suffer.
  • Zoe Drabesike: The female head of the Mathetai Mouson. Zoe is more active as well as quite unappreciative of standards, and certainly not happy about the very reactionary (and radical) social viewpoints of the Ecclesiarchy.
  • Tae Jong Kang: The Korean patriarch of the said local faction in the third timeline, he is brought here as a token of alliance (as well as peace in the 3rd timeline) between factions of two different timelines. With him he brings a retinue/family.
  • Yuri Kang: Tae Jong's eldest daughter, Yuri is an ecologically aware sim. Yuri is also good, and has a serious ethical issue with the Papal endorsement of militarism and rampant popularity of artificial life (especially for military reasons) Although Yuri has a knack for inventing, Yuri wishes more to garden than to invent what could be used by the Papal State for their war efforts.
  • Herakleitos Massaliotes: The older butler to the Japanese family staying here as a show of mutual respect. Is one of the employees of the Japanese "voluntary hostage" family alongside Chiranjivi Maurya (the younger butler) and Maria Linder, the maid/true caretaker/overseer. Also is the main source of income of the Japanese delegation, working as a businessman.

Non-Adults[edit | edit source]

  • Seleukis Enopronos: One of the Mathetai Mouson, who have been turned into Klerouchoi thanks to Esomena's recommendations. Also a fraternal twin with Krinias, and both Krinias and Seleukis (alongside Persephone) complain about a lack of Ecclesiarchal support for musical element in the extracurricular tutoring.
  • Eun Jin Choi: A "spoil of war" taken from the 3rd timeline. Eun Jin Choi has always been a Philhellene, one of the reason for her easy transition to the Greek-dominated Papal State. Also one of the favorites of the Big 6, particularly Kallisto and Kallistrata. Eun Jin is also a nerd, wanting to take a part of the "machine cult" (as Eun Jin would say) of the Papal State quite zealously.
  • Persephone Phalara: Alongside Krinias and Seleukis, the teen members of the Mathetai Mouson. Persephone is a relatively new member, and lacks experience. Hoewver, Persephone had been working on a family machine shop as an assistant before joining, hence Persephone has some handiness skill.
  • Ho Young Kang: Tae Jong's younger son (as compared to Sung Hoon). He is bookish like a typical stereotypical Asian.
  • Gyuri Kang: Tae Jong's younger daughter (as compared to Yuri). Gyuri is more of a rebel, despite having some skill related traits.
  • Chiranjivi Maurya: Miyu's personal butler and the younger butler of the Japanese visiting family. Has been known to be a legend at endurance due to his rough life at the slums of India, and thus is a point of interest of the Big 6, who wishes to study him or even employ him.
  • Miyu Gozen'in: The main "voluntary hostage" of the 3rd timeline Japanese delegation. Does not like the outside, and prefers games and other indoor activities. Also fairly gifted.

Prologue: B-Day[edit | edit source]

It was probably going to be a usual day around the orphanage: kids running among causing some stirs and so on. However, little did they know that this day would change their lives forever...

Hugo: Alright, my chores are done for now! Time for another Warhammer match with... Oh, look who it is, the Barbaric Kallisto's on the move again with the Green tide! Let's take on that green tide for the GREATER GOOD!

Leonardo: Pa, are you sure your job is done?

Hugo: Of course not! But then the most immediate needs have been fulfilled, so I need to take a break.

Leonardo: Gosh, Pa. You wanted to be a performer so badly, and you sit around loafing around with your buddy on internet?

Hugo: Take it easy son, I'm pretty sure you're wanted elsewhere.

Leonardo: Agh, You're talking about either those twins or those three, right?

Hugo: Ya.

Leonardo: Why can't you arbitrate for once?

Hugo: I'm busy! Kallisto... ah, I meant son, I'm going to break the 50-50 tie today!

Leonardo: Le sigh...

Outside the courtyard

Athena: No, Herakleia, this isn't right.

Herakleia: Of course it is right. This is not ancient Athens for crying out loud. You gotta go outside with me for once. Oh, Leonardo's here! Hey Leonardo, would you mind if three of us went around Bridgeport again?

Eirene: Why am I always involved in this thing? Why can't we loaf around in our couch for once? Maybe watch some TV or something?

Leonardo: Eirene's right, Herakleia. Sometimes you gotta take a break.

Herakleia: Fine, but we watch the news first, and I get dibs on channel choosing first.

Athena: Fair enough.

And so the three orphans go to watch some TV, and right when Herakleia shifted channel to the Celebrity gossip channel...

-Reporter-: We interrupt this program for a shock news!

Herakleia: Seriously?

-Reporter-: Just few minutes ago meteors have been falling from the sky, hitting multiple regions of Bridgeport. It has been reported that the Filming ground has been hit first: Here's the independent report from Antigone Syrakosia. Antigone?

-Antigone-: We've been sighting several things falling from the sky, hitting citizens as well. Here I am hearing from one of the victims over here, who is more interested in having my autograph more than providing eyewitness evidences... Some time before I was caught in the blast when I visited the Filming Ground today. To me this isn't just a meteor shower.

Athena: Oh gosh, wonder what would have happened if we went out...

Herakleia: First time I had to concede at something.

Eirene: Look over there... I see something flaming from the sky.

Herakleia: Oh crap.

And explosion occurs, taking out the transformer and thus cutting the power to the orphanage.

Hugo: Oh my god! I was cornering Kallisto! What was that? Did someone pull off a bomb experiment or something? "Goes outside" What is that?

Eirene: Uh, patron, we might want to go inside. I see more fire from the sky.

Athena: My...

Leonardo: Get Emil and Felix, quick! Oh wait, that's my job! Emi! Felix! Get inside NOW!

Although it seemed like there was a shower, only a few debris actually hit the orphanage. However, one of the wall was damaged, and as mentioned before, the transformer was destroyed.

Hugo: What in the world was that?

Leonardo: I don't know, pa, but I think it was a meteor shower.


Leonardo: I guess I will have to cook on the portable burner now. Come kids, I'll need some help if I am to prepare for ya.

Later on at the night, having no light they were compelled to go to bed early. Fortunately, the beds were not damaged and as such they could sleep relatively comfortably, asides from the fear factor of another potential strike. However, it was not a peaceful night.

Voice: Kais... Greyskin loving Kais!

Hugo: Eirene? Have you been playing Warhammer secretly as well? And it's Aunel Kais for you![1] for you!

Eirene: What are you talking about, patron? I haven't been saying anything...

Hugo: Huh?

Voice: Aunel...

Hugo: Eirene!

Voice: No, it is not Eirene, o Aunel. It's I, Kallisto.

Hugo: Kallisto? WTF? You are like all the way over there? Oh wait...

Kallisto: Argh, I apologize, You haven't experienced astropathy before. But then Tau[2] never was so psychic...

Hugo: Why are you speaking to me? Is it because I almost had you?

Kallisto: No. It is not that. But then I must apologize profusely for certain inconveniences...

Hugo: What are you talking about?

Kallisto: I guess explanations are not required. Anyways, I presume your orphanage has been damaged.

Hugo: Yeah, and we aren't exactly beefed up in cash...

Kallisto: As I've thought. I have a proposition, Hugo. There should be tickets. Go to the port and present the tickets at 6 PM tomorrow. There you shall meet me in person and I shall provide for your new facility. Bring all the orphans as well. Leave none behind.

Hugo: Urr... Ok? But how do I explain it to my boy over there?

Kallisto: He'll understand. I guess I will need to project it more broadly...

Others: Now we're hearing stuff now. Eirene?

Eirene: No, it's not me! I can hear it too!

Kallisto: Ok. Straight to the point. Your orphanage as I see is thrashed. So tomorrow, get packing. I have left tickets at the courtyard, and present the tickets in 6 PM, and I shall see to it that you're all furnished up with a new facility.

Leonardo: What? Kallisto, I have a question: How do you see?

Kallisto: I'm an astropath. I see far.

Leonardo: Ok... Whatever. Why couldn't you just fork us money instead?

Kallisto: Who are you to make such assumptions? But anyhow, I am giving a generous offer here, you know.

Leonardo: I guess you're right. Alright, I shall go with your instructions.

Kallisto: Excellent choice, Leonardo. And as I've said to Hugo in our private conversations, leave no children behind. Oh wait, you only have 5 as of this moment anyways.

Chapter 1: New Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Eirene: This trip is higly unentertaining.

Leonardo: Alas, Eirene, but this is a necessary one. Our facility is beyond repairs with the funds that we have. So, here we go...

Athena: So this is the center of the new state. I was thinking something more cosmopolitan.

Herakleia: Oh great, an agrarian setting which probably isn't going to be conducive to parties and such. Perfect!

Hugo: I can't wait to see my gaming buddy!

Herakleia: Your gaming buddy certainly has something for the city, bombing the daylights out of that glamour land.

Kallisto: Greetings, newcomers!

Hugo: Yo!

Kallisto: Ah, the Greyskin has arrived! Well, at least you do have some grey somewhere...

Hugo: The Greater Good conquers all, Greenskin!

Eirene: Le sigh. So, when can I go inside? This has been my longest exposure to outside things, and it's not making me happy!

Kallisto: Ah, someone's grown grumpy over outside things! Alright, newcomers. As you all know, this is our capital of the new state.

Eirene: Hello, Captain Obvious!

Kallisto: Hmm, not the likes to indulge in info, eh? I like that attitude, follow, and I shall provide you people with a home.

-At the western Naos-Stratopedon right on the other side of Kallisto's Naos-Stratopedon

Kallisto: Here's the new piece of land. Ah, taxes are quite high, so here you go, some cash to start with. (Provides Leonardo with a bundle) Enjoy, and tell your Greyskin daddy to get online as soon as unpacking is done.

Leonardo: Of course, you are dead interested in that Warhammer match, aren't you a great ruler?

Kallisto: Even a ruler needs some leisure, isn't that right, Leonardo?

Leonardo: Touche.

Eirene: Praise the Lord I can finally take some shelter!

Athena: Someone's getting excited. Let us get unpacking, Mr. Mathis.

Leonardo: Certainly. But you know, this bundle's got us a huge sum of money... Let me count for a minute.

Hugo: Time to unpack.

-After unpacking everything

Leonardo: So kids, you've found yourself at home yet?

Emil: Yeah... but this place has too much technology! :(

Leonardo: Sorry bud, looks like Kallisto had much of the thing set up for us already.

Felix: but look at all these things! We've got some easels!

Emil: Yo! This isn't as bad as I've thought!

Leonardo: now kids, here's the rules. With Kallisto being our funding matron at the moment, you kids are going to be enrolled in the local school.

Emil & Felix: Aww... Even this place's got a school?

Leonardo: Yes. In addition, Kallisto has specifically requested that we be admitting them into our dwelling probably at least 3 days out of a week to provide for your extracurricular needs. I believe they will be tutoring you on skills, such as writing, painting, sculpting, or anything you had in mind.

Herakleia: Darn, someone's seriously interested in us.

Leonardo: So kids, grab dinner and prepare to go to bed early.

Emil & Felix: AWWWWW!

Eirene: Wee.

Athena: Hmm.

- Kids are dismissed

Leonardo: So, where was I... 299,200, 299,300, 299,400, 299,500, 299,600, 299,700, 299,800, 299,900, 300,000 Simoleons! Never dealt with so much money before! I am now seriously worried about the size of our bills. This place is very large and its facilities are far greater than I've ever had to deal with. Hugo...

Hugo: Quiet over there! I'm on with Kallisto now!

Leonardo: Man, you gotta listen!

Hugo: What now?

Leonardo: Listen, we should be finding a way to invest this money.

Hugo: Why?

Leonardo: You see, Kallisto has left us with a total sum of 300,000 simoleons and a huge dwelling presumably at no charge. I fear that Kallisto's expecting something huge in return.

Hugo: Really?

Leonardo: Yes, and considering that this place is pretty much loaded with state-of-the-art equipments, I fear that our bills will be huge.

Hugo: Do you have an approximate figure?

Leonardo: I say around 5k a bill, weekly expenditures around 10k. The Church has given me a starting salary bonus, allowing me to make a bit less than 5k a week. We are going to have a deficit.

Hugo: Well, 300k will get us for around 60 weeks. Certainly Kallisto has some insurance plan or something.

Leonardo: Look, Pa, I understand your optimism but pa, you will need to supplement our income. We have 5 kids and my income will never get around covering that 5k a bill.

Hugo: Alright, son. I'll work on it.

-Meanwhile at the Sleeping Quarter Lounge


Athena: So, how do you find this dwelling?

Eirene: Sweet, to say the least. I've never seen so much things in one house before. I've also found a library loaded with tomes on top. This place is top-and-over not built by some ordinarily rich people. I've seen more of these along the road!

Athena: Really? You ain't kidding, though. These houses don't look cheap, and I seriously believe the pad at the sleeping quarter did not come from some 3rd rate store. And speaking of that, I almost feel like home.

Eirene: Yeah, too bad we aren't in Ancient timelines anymore. The temple over there seriously looked retro. And our mentor Leonardo was always a good cook, but this stuff just tastes better for whatever reason. Maybe it's the house.

Athena: Yes. We should get ready for bed.

Eirene: Right.

Chapter 2: First Day[edit | edit source]

Leonardo: Get up, children! The time for school is nigh!

Eirene: Meh...

Herakleia: Let's get this over with.

Athena: I am in agreement.

-At School-

Seleukis: Have you heard? We're getting a teacher finally!

Eun Jin: Great, so much for independent curriculum,

Miyu: And games.

Chiranjivi: Now, now, Miss Miyu. You should be happy that the Papal State's found a teacher while their R&D is in progress!

Persephone: Oh, we've got new students! What a huge expansion! Hello there!

Herakleia: Hmm, never knew that the Papal State had such body of students. Alas, the male population is highly lacking.

Athena: Isn't this nice? We won't be hit by boys any time soon...

Eirene: Yeah, yo, one with the glasses!

Eun Jin: What business do you have with me?

Eirene: You probably one of those people who don't like this partying nonsense.

Eun Jin: and we don't get any here. Praise the Lord. We're in agreement here for a moment, now I must go glorify bunnies...

Eirene: Hmm, someone's got her heads in Nephelokokkygia.

Eun Jin: Kallisto would say this all the time. But then Kallisto also would say that Nephelokokkygia is probably going to be a reality...

Eirene: Jeez, wonder how Kallisto operates...

Leonardo: Greetings...

Athena: What the... Leonardo?

Leonardo: Surprised?

Seleukis: Wait, you know this guy?

Herakleia: Yes, he's our effective warden.

Seleukis: You guys are orphans?

Herakleia: You have a problem with that?

Seleukis: No. But then reminds me of our lost member who's supposedly leading Sunset Valley...

Herakleia: You mean one of those 3 girls that pop out on the new intermittedly?

Seleukis: Yeah. The one with the headphone.

Herakleia: Esomena, eh? Heard that Demetria's had an eye on her for that music talent thing. Funny that Esomena's stuck in this thing called "No Romance" thing. Must suck to follow that belief.

Seleukis: Go figure, although this dating thing is highly overrated.

Eirene: Someone's speaking sense...

Leonardo: Now now, let us all introduce ourselves. By the way, Athena, seems like I'm the only teacher around here. Hence Kallisto offered me a huge buff in salary, supposedly to keep me at the job while Kallisto finds alternatives.

Seleukis: Ok... But then does this mean that those extracurricular activity sessions are gone?

Leonardo: Apparently no.

Krinias: Yeesh.

Miyu: Come on...

Eirene: Fill me up on this: What's so wrong with the extracurricular activities? I believe they come right to your house.

Miyu: That's exactly the point, genius. The problem is that these accursed lessons are so long that it depletes my gaming time!

Chiranjivi: Please excuse my mistress's manners, miss. My mistress isn't known for a sensitive tongue.

Miyu: What do you know about tongue, butler?

Chiranjivi: Miss... Please respect others, and particularly the tutor.

Miyu: Fine, I just hope that this means shorter lessons... Because this means even less gaming time!

Herakleia: Le sigh. Yo, the guy with the yellow hair, what's your name?

Krinias: Krinias. What for?

Herakleia: Herakleia here. And this here is Athena and Eirene.

Leonardo: "Of course Herakleia would lead in opening up..."

Athena: Greetings.

Eirene: Hail to thee.

Chiranjivi: And I am Chiranjivi, and my mistress here is Miyu.

Seleukis: Seleukis here. Krinias here's my brother.

Persephone: I am Persephone, pleased to see all of you here.

Eun Jin: Wait, here comes the other newcomers...

Gyuri: Jeez, this place needs more buses... Hello there.

Ho Young: Hmm, a good mix of people, I suppose. Wonder why there's no African population around here.

Chiranjivi: Come, fellow students! Chiranjivi here.

Leonardo: Gosh, Chiranjivi's so well-mannered.

Herakleia: Too well-mannered.

Miyu: Hey, don't diss my butler.

Herakleia: I don't think my opinion needs censoring.

Eun Jin & Eirene: Le sigh.

Krinias: Now you girls, we don't need to...

Leonardo: Whoops, this introduction's taking way too long! We shall postpone that! Time for some studies!

Miyu: Nooooo... I knew I should have skipped this day...

Chiranjivi: Oh mistress... You know our maid and guardian won't be happy about this...

Miyu: Screw them!

Ho Young: So anti-social over there.

Eun Jin: Move along...

Leonardo: So then...

-Class resumes, class dismissed-


Kallisto: So you students are in good shape I guess.

Eun Jin: Oh, Hello Kallisto.

Kallisto: Ah, our favorite engineer in training! How was the studies?

Eun Jin: Underwhelming.

Kallisto: Fear not. Wait, I see a frowny face over there, apparently not pleased with the doctrines and catechisms, I presume.

Miyu: Why?!?!?! Why must you inflict this on us?

Kallisto: Because I am the pope, and as pope I wish to implement the same thing that every other successful societies have, and take it a step further.

Miyu: I hate this town.

Kallisto: Keep in mind, you are the hostage sent by your ruler over there.

Miyu: Grandpa, why did you have to do this?

Chiranjivi: So pope, are you the ruler of the town?

Kallisto: Is that even a question? Of course yes, Captain Oblivious. But then enough of this. As pope I bless all of ye with food. May you all stay in the path of orthodoxy and not stray to the heretical path of heresy. Oh, and as we have a significant Asian minority, we've got some Asian food here as well! Stratonike?

Stratonike: Ye children can certainly use things like stir-fries, as well as specialties from all places. Unfortunately for the non-Chinese, we've only got Chinese recipe for the time being. Thank Hypatia for specially preparing some for you, however.

Eun Jin: This stuff looks good.

Ho Young: Only the tastebuds can tell that.

Kallisto: Glory be with thee, children! I shall be visiting you so be prepared!

Miyu: -groans- Hmm, these stuff are nice. Can't believe I'm saying this, Chiranjivi, but this stuff beats out own cooking at home.

Chiranjivi: You aren't kidding, Mistress! We should present these to our maid and guardian.

Miyu: Yes indeed. I just hope the maid won't get jealous... Because if there's one thing I fear more than no gaming time is a pissed maid.

-Across the table-

Eirene: Of course, we're probably going to talk about the current first impressions...

Athena: Yeah. And I thought Leonardo's cooking here was good. These stuff are stuff of dreams!

Herakleia: You ain't kidding. Tarts over there are awesome, and the Asiatikoi stuff over there are also good.

Seleukis: You guys are the newcomers, right? May I and my brother accompany you?

Athena: Please do.

Herakleia: Of course!

Seleukis: Anyways, you seem quite knowledgeable in the recent events, Herakleia.

Herakleia: And what's so special about Esomena?

Seleukis: You don't know? Oh wait, sincere apologies there. Me, Krinias and Persephone are in the same group as Esomena.

Herakleia: Holy crap. And you don't adhere to this "No Romance" thing?

Seleukis: Quiet there! "whispers" You do know that Kallisto's the one who's behind this "No Romance" thing, right? Don't yell out: Kallisto's a psychic and will read your mind, and if she does find out, she will hunt you down

Herakleia: "whisper mode" Oh my god. That's horrible!

Krinias: Here it is pretty much the law that there shall be no boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. Such relationships are deemed heresy, and this place don't even have prom because of that: here's where Esomena comes to play, Herakleia. Esomena in her visit to Sunset Valley attended the prom, and subsequently became a romantic interest with a guy. Kallisto was Esomena's tutor, and Kallisto was PISSED. As soon as Stratonike told her about it, Kallisto pretty much verbally berated her so badly that Esomena dumped him. This also led to the ban of prom here.

Eirene: Kallisto's got it straight. Prom was always highly overrated.

Kallisto: I sense heresy...

Seleukis: See?

Kallisto: Herakleia, right?

Herakleia: Kallisto is a psychic!

Kallisto: It's psyker to you! Why is it that it takes Warhammer 40k to get people to understand this? Anyhow, Herakleia: I do not have problems with people being rather quite open to this heretical wubby-dovey kopros[3]. Just ensure that this kind of thing stays out my psyker radar, understood?

Herakleia: Jeez, no wonder Eun Jin says Kallisto's in Nephelokokkygia.

Kallisto: Hmm, you've talked to her? Ah, a fine fellow Nephelokokkygaia. I'd think that she'd make a fine minister over here...

Herakleia: Ok, pope, please move along.

Kallisto: Of course, stay out of trouble, student.

Chapter 3: Leonardo's Desertion[edit | edit source]

And soon came the day when Kallisto finally solved Hekatonschoinos' fatal flaw. However, although Kallisto and the Ecclesiarchy's top members were celebrating, things were not going too well for the orphans.

Leonardo: For the last time, father!

Hugo: Why is it that you must be so grumpy?

Leonardo: You rely on your relationship too much. We should seriously consider getting off the Ecclesiarchy's teats. Who knows what they will do to us...

Hugo: I've known Kallisto for more than you have, Leonardo.

Leonardo: And the Kallisto that you know on the web is not the Kallisto that we have here.

Hugo: Son...

Leonardo: No. I'm not going to do favors to your beloved matron.

Hugo: Leonardo...

-Leonardo storms off-

Hugo: Sigh, that boy never will grow a smile on his face.

Eirene: My lord, something wrong?

Hugo: Eirene, Leonardo will no longer serve as the teacher.

Eirene: What for? Hasn't Kallisto given him a huge salary subsidy?

Hugo: Despite that, Leonardo wishes to pursue sculpting.

Eirene: Darn, but my patron, doesn't this mean we shall need to supplement the income somehow?

Hugo: I'm afraid so, Eirene. Fortunately Kallisto has also given me a boost after I found an employment.

Eirene: That is relieving.

Hugo: In addition, Kallisto has also brought in new reforms: it seems that Kallisto's associate has built a teacher simbot to fill in the role...

Eirene: That isn't much of a reform, patron.

Hugo: No, that's not the main part. The main part is that you shall also be attending a career-based school at the workplaces.

Eirene: And?

Hugo: It seems like Herakleia has been assigned to the Science Academy, located at the Asian Enclaves. That's where Hypatia is in charge, and I believe Kallisto gave us a dossier, and another veteran, Polyxena of the Attalid family is also there, alongside a far less experienced Chryseis of the Alkmaionid family.

Eirene: Go figure. Wait, weren't the Alkmaionids from the 5th century B.C.?

Hugo: I'm not an history major, dear. Kallisto hasn't given us information regarding locals themselves.

Eirene: very well.


Leonardo: I'm sick and tired of this thing! This town's messed up, the people less than normal, and my father less than competent!

Athena: Leonardo? Why are you packing?

Leonardo: I'm leaving.

Athena: What?

Leonardo: You heard me. I'm leaving. My father is less than competent, and he won't take responsibility and this Kallisto is certainly doing little to make my father any more responsible! No, Kallisto's doing the exact opposite!

Athena: But what about us?

Leonardo: I'm sorry, Athena. I just hope that Kallisto will find a way out for you. But as for me, I shall have no more of this mess.

Athena: Leonardo!

Leonardo: This decision is final, Athena. I will not stand there turning into an instrument of the Papal State.

Athena: Leonardo...

-Next Day at School-

Eun Jin: Argh, another day at school. Oh, I've been given quite a mouthful about this new reform...

Miyu: Just perfect. Kallisto's seriously bent on robbing me of my precious game time. Why is it that Kallisto has to be such an autocrat?

Aristophanes: Greetings, students.

Eun Jin: What the... Is that a simbot? What happened to Leonardo?

Aristophanes: Leonardo has decided to remove himself due to unfortunate circumstances. But I presume all of you are well aware of the new reforms?

Seleukis: I believe this was pretty much old news.

Aristophanes: Hmm, I guess I've underestimated your ability to use technology. Very well, let us begin our lectures. However, before we actually begin, I am Aristophanes, and I bring tidings from the high courts, specifically from my creator Kallistrata.

Herakleia: Aristophanes...

Aristophanes: Yeah?

Herakleia: Why is it that I am assigned to the Science Academy?

Aristophanes: Kallisto found records of you back in SimNation. It seems like Kallisto thinks you'd make a fine engineer.

Herakleia: Le sigh.

Eun Jin: I guess you socialite will be with me.

Herakleia: Heh.

Miyu: Aristophanes, is it possible for us to renounce our standings?

Aristophanes: No. As far as I know all of you are to be assigned to a spot. I believe you know where you will go.

Miyu: Yes, but I haven't the skills! I've always known how to get my maid to do it for me!

Chiranjivi: Now miss, we should always be thankful for the gracious efforts of the Pope to keep us afloat.

Miyu: grrr...

Chiranjivi: You've always wanted to be a cartoon artist: Why don't you sign up for the Artist school?

Miyu: Chiranjivi, it's manga, not cartoon. Besides, those old hags of the Papal state probably won't appreciate those. But oh well, Chiranjivi, I shall do as you've recommended.

Chapter 4: A new addition[edit | edit source]

Back at the Naos-Stratopedon of the rulers, the Big 6, something stirs: it seems that a mysterious young girl has popped out seemingly from the Naos-Stratopedon, and later on the said young girl eventually meets up with the other orphans, Felix and Emil.

Hugo: Felix!!!

Felix: Yes?

Hugo: You're failing.

Felix: No.

Hugo: Yes. You must focus hard on your studies! Kallisto has explicitly sent me an message disapproving of your stagnating performance, especially in light of your brother Emil, who's performing far better.

Felix: Ugh... So what now?

Hugo: Hmm... Well, Kallisto has noted me about a new addition in your age level, Felix. Kallisto has decreed that you shall accompany the new student. Kallisto believes that by accompanying the new student at work, your grade shall improve.

Felix: Ok, patron.

-Next Day-

??- Hello, fellas!

Felix: Ok.

??- Did you know that closing your eyes let you see more?

Felix: Ok...

Emil: We've got ourselves another one of them insane buddies. Thought Kallisto was bad enough...

??- And by the way, I'm Pi. Pleased to meet you.

Felix: Felix here.

Emil: Emil.

Pi: Ok, but one of you are supposed to follow me back to the big house.

Felix: And finally someone normal enough not to be able to use that big jumble of words... On the other hand...

Emil: with the heads on the clouds. Quite an paradox to say the least.

Pi: Was it you? "Points to Emil"

Emil: No, but it's ok.

Felix: Ohh...

Pi: What's wrong?

Felix: Oh, she's oblivious, eh?

Pi: And Lala came in and went tulips.

Emil: Right. "Checks ear"

-At Kallisto's Naos-Stratopedon-

Pi: Back at home.

Kallisto: Do not disturb: Do homework.

Pi: Alright, nosy dew drop!

The Big 6 playing dominoes, introduced quite late into the fanon.

Kallisto: Nephelokokkygaia to homework! We've got a game to watch!

Felix: Great...


Stratonike: Argh.

Lysistrata: Ugh!

Hypatia: Like a BAWS.

Kallisto: This thing's probably going to be our new game. Ah, the joy of importation. Now only if we can establish our own industry, namely the glorious military-industrial complex...

Hypatia: And? I've getting dossiers that our students aren't performing so well in their new schools.

Kallisto: Noticed that. Eun Jin for one is not doing so well, but then that is excusable, given that she's been deployed in the wrong sector, the culinary sector. I should get Eun Jin to move to the Science academy as planned alongside Herakleia. However, Miyu has remained a huge trouble maker...

Stratonike: Figures, but then Miyu cannot be discarded, especially since we've got a good gene-seed to collect from that butler of hers.

Hypatia: True. Kallistrata's always busy tending to her two projects: I presume that Pi girl is another one of her Deutarchontes.

Kallisto: Naw, Pi doesn't have skills to begin with. Perhaps Kallistrata's trying to make some hyperetai?[4]

Stratonike: Perhaps, given the unreliability of our preexisting hyperetai.

-At the lounge of the sleeping quarter level- Pi: So, things working out for thee?

Felix: It could be worse. Kallisto isn't going around yelling at my arse like an Asian parent.

Pi: Haha. Now as they'd say, never look a life fruit at the halo.

Felix: Ok... Now Pi, where do you come up with all this things?

Pi: These things are around us! Don't you see? I bet there are pixies disguised as birds around here!

Felix: Pi, I think you're high.

Pi: The people back in my hometown always said that. Only the people over here appreciate my viewpoint.

Felix: As they would say, like-minded people herd together... Well, I shall be playing video games.

Pi: Good luck! Find some bunnies in the game.

Felix: "facepalm" Alright already.

-Next Day-

Pi: Greetings, hosts!

Kallisto: Hmm, amiable one are you not? And I presume what a schole is... Oh wait, you went there the first time. However, I presume your unexpected shift is comfortable?

Pi: Food tasted brown.

Kallisto: I take that as a good news, although I've tasted Alexandros in my food once when I've consumed ambrosia...

Pi: Ok, hosts! Catch sight of ya later!

Kallisto: That's no way to... oh wait, say it right! Say see ya in Gordion for crying out loud! You be trolling!

Kallistrata: We should be discussing about the military-industrial complex.

Kallisto: Of course.

Kallistrata: We've got the basic infrastructure, we may position a mine on the India islet, one on the Islet of governance and one on the central islet with its agora.

Kallisto: But the central islet is poor on resources. Better that the land be used for a refinery.'

Kallistrata: Very well. But how shall we develop the relatively undeveloped Military islet?

Kallisto: That shall be a priority target, as well as some starter homes.

Kallistrata: Of course.

Kallisto: But I shall need to get my arse to work. Time to test out the things that Esomena and her company tested for us...

Kallistrata: Speaking of Esomena, if the dossiers are correct, you've got yourself a cult following back in your hometown.

Kallisto: Really?

Kallistrata; One of the immigrants in the immigrant wave to Sunset Valley has the last name Syrakosia, as well as the cyan hair.

Kallisto: Hmm. Interesting. But such cult following is unneeded. We need true believers who can walk the walk. As for such cultists, they should be recruited to the Chapter cult as serfs. -Kallisto takes leave-

Kallistrata: Ah, Stratonike. Have you seen the floor plans of Esomena's suggestion for a second Naos-Stratopedon style structure?

Stratonike: Yes, and it does follow most of the codex rules and the standing conventions. However, it seems to be lacking in the underground aspect, but if Esomena's designs are executed well, such shall pose minimal problems. And Esomena is taking the Arabs well, look at them minarets!

Kallistrata: Of course, of course. To the second dossier, then. We should call Hypatia, this involves the academic performances.

Stratonike: Go figure.

Hypatia: You've called?

Kallistrata: Yes. Here we are currently discussing the current setbacks holding back our educational reforms. Most of the students aren't performing remarkably well. Currently, the most successful are Persephone, who needs to be assigned to a skill school immediately, and surprisingly Herakleia is performing quite well. With some tutoring, Eun Jin who started horribly has pulled up significantly, and most importantly Chiranjivi is excelling. Gyuri is also performing pretty well.

Stratonike: I can't wait to get our hands on his gene-seed...

Kallistrata: Hold your horses, companion. However, putting the excelling people aside, most are lagging hard. Sure, Emil has been doing well and is scheduled to visit this lot accompanying Pi tomorrow, but Felix was in brink of failure. Not only that, Seleukis seems to be slacking hard, and Eirene is surprisingly lacking, although Eirene's position is very similar to that of Eun Jin. Most importantly, Miyu and her indolent arse isn't doing anything to beef it up: Miyu's got concessions and even there Miyu refuses to cooperate. As for Athena... it isn't as bad as the others but certainly quite surprising that she'd lag behind Herakleia.

Hypatia: Bah, I've guessed that Herakleia would lag behind. I guess I was quite wrong. Oh wait, Herakleia isn't doing too well.

Kallistrata: Yes, but Herakleia has been taking initiatives, such as invention. I believe Herakleia's got the most potential.

Stratonike: Ok, but what about heresy?

Kallistrata: True, we do need to keep an eye on Herakleia, given the report Kallisto has given on Herakleia. Wait, I've got an call...

-Yuri: Greetings, hosts!-

-Kallistrata: Yuri of the Kang family? What is your business? Have you decided to dedicate your skills and the affinity to the machine spirit to our noble cause?-

-Yuri: No, not that, I've decided that we have been given plenty of benefits while not providing much in return...-

-Kallistrata: SO Y U NO AID US?-

-Yuri: Argh, Kallistrata my host, I am currently holding a social grouping tomorrow, and I would be honored if you'd be presiding over the event.-

-Kallistrata: Very well, but I shall be expecting a talk regarding your position here.-

-Yuri: Aww, come on.-

Kallistrata: And so, shall we impose tutoring on Miyu as well?

Hypatia: Presumably that is a viable option, but then Miyu's attitude to our policies has been always antagonistic. Give Miyu a leeway for now, maybe Miyu may retract that hostile attitude of hers, making her more malleable.

Kallistrata: Ah, the liberty begets responsibility argument. Very well, but I shall see to it that the dossiers are readied soon. This especially so given the fall from success of your stepson/disciple.

Hypatia: Do not remind me of that incident. For an refresher, I presume we know how this all started out to be.

Kallisto: Heh, and to expect Epaphroditos to be able to pick it up, my expectations not matching to the actual outcome.

Hypatia: Figures given Eunike's almost abject failure. Surprisingly enough Eunike did not take the Freudian excuse.

-Next day-

Emil: Pi, I'm supposed to be coming to Kallisto's abode with you, right? Am I in trouble? Please say no... I don't want computers shoved in my face...

Pi: Relax, Emil. It's not like our hosts are some sort of strict disciplinarians from who-guess-where boring land. Besides, I've heard that you were doing quite well from all that reports...

Emil: "Blush" Wait, you see my reports?

Pi: Kallisto provides me with reports regarding students of my age.

Emil: Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed... Kallisto, WHY?!?!?! I'm so complaining to my patron... Oh wait, I'm supposed to be following you. Urgh...

Pi: You'll be fine. Maybe you can taste Alexandros, as my host Kallisto had said once.

Emil: Great. I can't wait to see how Alexander taste like.

Pi: And Kallisto was always going around saying "SAY ALEXANDROS, NOT ALEXANDER!"

Emil: Can Kallisto be ever more wacked up?

-At Kallisto's Naos-Stratopedon-

Kallisto: As scheduled. Emil, I presume you're anxious about your performance, eh?

Emil: No, I'm embarrassed that you'd be releasing private information to your fellow guest over there.

Kallisto: What better way to introduce a person than to release the information available?

Emil: Wasn't there any other information that was interesting that could be shared instead?

Kallisto: I dunno, maybe the fact that you avoid the callings of the machine spirit? Shameful display, given your aptitude.

Pi: Let's go, Emil!

Kallisto: Pi's always excited for a company of fellows, I presume. Get going, lad.

Kallistrata: And I shall honor our allies' request by attending a meeting of theirs.

Kallisto: Ah, Yuri's invited your arse over, eh? Finally another much needed Magos Mechanikon in our ranks...

Kallistrata: Naw, Yuri's keep rejecting it. What will convince our benevolent ally to join the noble cause of wiping out the root of tragedies?

Kallisto: Shall we prescribe a dosage of wololo?

Kallistrata: Yes.

-At the Kang family's dwelling-

Yuri: Ah, greetings, noble hosts, I am honored to have you presiding over our social gathering...

Kallistrata: Ah, more of those who do not appreciate the terminology party, eh? Welcome to the club.

Yuri: Of course. But I shall also have to speak to you regarding the militarization that you are planning...

Kallistrata: Move on.

Yuri: This militarization will do us no good, it must stop!

Kallistrata: Objection dismissed, good one. You see, as the Papal State, we have a mission to fulfill.

Yuri: And that is?

Wololo aiyo... Y U NO BE TECHPRIEST?

Kallistrata: destroying romance. You see, romance has been the single greatest factor in ruined families and split households.

Yuri: But Kallistrata, we can't just eliminate that off the picture...

Kallistrata: Of course we can. If you're bringing up repopulation I suggest forgetting that. We have our own way of reproduction: romance is now no longer necessary to preserve population and progress. If you wish, Yuri, I shall grant you power to withstand the ages!

Yuri: You don't understand, Kallistrata...

Kallistrata: I understand well, good one. Yuri, accept the facts and embrace progress!

Taejong: Our Yuri's sure having a good time with our hosts...

Kallisto: Kallistrata, we should check the progress of our housing for the ptochoi[5] and the beginnings of our military-industrial complex!

Kallistrata: Ok, Yuri, I sincerely wish that you'd shed the old fashioned thought and embrace progress. But otherwise, have fun with Eurydike for the time being.

-At the furnace at the new Kentron Polemikon next to the Hippodromon kai Skeuothekai Hippikai-

Kallisto: Well, we've borrowed the Choi family's dogs without permission... not that Eun Jin would have any problem with that. Now to see if them pesky dogs can be incinerated for carbon and energy... But then, we need to light the fire.


Kallistrata: And the show is about to begin...

Kallisto: Oh the glory of exothermic reactions! I can smell the fires already! Hehehehehe...

Kallistrata: and the yelpings are the music to the ears of the enlightened.

Kallisto: Thermal scans show that these dogs keep escaping the furnace. Resummon the dogs!

Kallistrata: And they shall not escape.

Kallisto: Thermal scans seem to report that the dogs have returned, now to get them into contact with the fire... NO!

Kallistrata: They refuse! They refuse to bow to our will and refuse to be lit on fire!

Kallisto: Yes, they did walk into the fire. Curse the game mechanics! Ugh, we should turn off the fire and resume with the rest of the operations, such as checking the furnaces and placing the miners.


Chapter 5: A Temporary Shift in View[edit | edit source]

The capital grows more lively as more housings are built, especially those to cater to the lower class. On top, several places grow to be a populat visiting grounds, such as the Meditative Grounds and the Ergasterion Demoutikon (alias Public Workshop), as a result of the growing chess fad around the capital, ironic given the Big 6's attachment to dominoes.

-At the Meditative Grounds-

Miyu: It's been quite a while that you'd be accompanying me, Herakleitos.

Herakleitos: Yes. And I presume your studies are going for the better?

Miyu: Don't mention that. I've gotten letters read by our maid every night because of this. Funny that I actually want to do homework just to not listen to those infernal prodding.

Herakleitos: And the vocabulary is growing strong, miss. I presume you're trying to shift to the official language here?

Miyu: Me? Speak Greek? Uh-uh. No way I'm working as an official under that batcrap insane Kallisto. No, no, no, no.

Herakleitos: Ahem.

Miyu: Apologies to you, Herakleitos, but no, I cannot bear to work under Kallisto nor take the time to learn another language when I know quite a few. Well... those that Kallisto hoots down as too mainstream, that is. What does Kallisto have against the likes of Spanish or Japanese? Well, the good air and good shades make this a great place to hone our chess skills, right?

Herakleitos: I concur. Kallisto certainly knows how to position things...

-At the Palaistra Stratiotike (lit. Military Wrestling Grounds, ctxt. The Martial Training Grounds)-

Cherry: Greetings, fellow resident.

Leonardo: And who may you be?

Cherry: Cherry LaPlace. Pleasure to meet you.

Leonardo: Leonardo Mathis.

Cherry: You don't look too pleased.

Leonardo: Yes, that overlord is pretty much turning my pop, who's pretty much already childish into an effective peter pan.

Cherry: Really? Must be robust social netting here.

Leonardo: Well, how's your taxes?

Cherry: Not so bad, We pay somewhere around 600-800 simoleons per bill?

Leonardo: How small is your house?

Cherry: Wait, you guys live at one of the bigger houses, like the Governor's Mansion or the Chapel-Barracks?

Leonardo: The latter. Why couldn't we be placed at a smaller house that we could live in? Had to be Chapel-Barracks!

Cherry: I'm sorry.

Leonardo: It's okay. Not that I'm obliged to support my buds over there and I can freely pursue my own goals.

Cherry: Leonardo, that's a terrible thing to say.

Leonardo: Is freedom bad?

Cherry: Straw man. It's the shirking of responsibility that is bad. I presume you were one of those orphanage people that were called in?

Leonardo: Yes. That's pretty much news around there, is it not?

Cherry: Yes. And you're shirking responsibility and leaving the kids who looked up on you behind because you couldn't take your pop?

Leonardo: No... It's just that my pop isn't the most realistic person in the world, and Kallisto's doing very little to help that...

Cherry: And that is exactly why you should go back.

Leonardo: ...

Chapter 6: Chapter Serf[edit | edit source]

Kallisto: Well, we've gotten hold of an unlucky individual...

Kallistrata: Great, why unlucky?

Kallisto: The chapter serf we're going to get is literally unlucky.

Kallistrata: Oh well, it's not like asteroids are going to fall on us. Besides, nothing's happening over there with that butler that should have his gene-seed extracted.

Kallisto: And how shall we use our chapter serf?

Kallistrata: I dunno, use her as a test subject to complete our hypnotherapy for the lesser members?

Kallisto: Ah. Best get to work.

Kallistrata: Again another day tending to the plants.

Jessica: Well... Is this the Naos-Stratopedon of the Ecclesiarchal leading chapter?

Jessica: This is the right place, and is it not a good day? Kallistrata: Yes, and yes.

Kallistrata: You're at the right place, chapter serf.

Jessica: Eh... So are you my new employer?

Kallistrata: Precisely. Welcome to Hekatonschoinos. Await your consecration rites in the Bibliotheke, at the 2nd underground floor. Eurydike! We've got the chapter serf here!

Eurydike: Excellent. Not only shall I commence with the consecration rites, I shall also proceed with the political muster.

Kallistrata: Very well. However, I shall supply with key figures that should attend the muster: Yuri, a potential Magos and the host of the previous parties should be welcome, as well as Chiranjivi. The Ptolemaioi should also be given an invitation, while the hyperetai the Swansons also should be invited, but if so, make sure Nicole gets picked this time, as Nicole has not gone through the experimental hypnotherapy whereas Tessa and Rachel has.

Eurydike: Any other notable figures?

Kallistrata: I could also use Eun Jin, given the recent dossiers indicating her grade boost.

Eurydike: Gotcha.

A butler does not leave his mistress behind.

-Later that day...-

Kleisthenes: Ah, it's been ages since the Greeks threw a big party. But where are those Attalids? They've always been looking for parties, and they should be popping here any instant...

Chiranjivi: Now, mistress. Please keep in mind that Kallisto is our host here. You may not like her policies, but saying it...

Miyu: I know, butler. I understand, so please, don't nag.

Chiranjivi: I count on you, mistress.

Miyu: I wonder why you were invited explicitly, not me.

Kallistrata: So the butler brings his mistress...

Kallisto: Excellent! Greetings...

Miyu: What do you want, host? Is it about my grades again?

Kallisto: Not at all... at least not at this time period. I presume you have some affinity with the machine spirit?

Miyu: What in the world is the machine spirit?

Kallisto: The machine spirit sings in all machines, and it is what that keeps machines operational.

Miyu: Oh great, now our lords are church zealots too!

Kalllisto: Ah, you shall see soon enough, young prodigal. However, in exchange for not nagging you, I shall have to introduce you to the realm of the machine spirit.

Miyu: Blah, blah. Go ahead.

Kallisto: Heh. -Tutors Miyu on handiness- Ah, it seems like you already had some experience with relieving the machine spirit's pain... I wonder why that never made it to the dossiers...

Miyu: Is talking all what you church zealots do?

Kallisto: No. But you may take your leave. But then you've been careless: your butler is ill-fed at the time.

Chiranjivi: Food...

Kallistrata: And the Ecclesiarchy provides. -hands Chiranjivi a plate of fruit parfait-

Chiranjivi: My gratitudes to thee.

Kallistrata: Ah, a fellow of manners. I wonder why someone like you don't have a better occupation... -spots Ptolemaios Philadelphos giving flowers to Eurydike- Oh crap, HERESY!!!

Eurydike: I thank you, guest, but such actions may be deemed as heresy... I shall take my leave.

Ptolemaios: Hmm... Oh wait, I already have a wife, what am I thinking?

Kallisto: Ah, attempting to get more power via romance? A clever move, but not clever enough. However, you have well judged the risks and rewards, Philadelphos. Why don't you go with the incest route as the Aigyptioi did? Oh wait, your wife is your sibling...

Chiranjivi: That is so wrong.

Kallisto: Yes, but incest is wrong not because it is between family members. It is wrong as it is a form of WooHoo, blasphemous act indeed.

Ptolemaios: Ugh, you're making me sick here, Kallisto...

Kallisto: Agh, going around with the church doctrine is never wrong, my guest. It's not like we're asking you people to go for imaginary virgins or to save some bunch of cells that now doesn't need support of a mother now.

Ptolemaios: O.o

Yuri: Aww, come on, Kallisto! This is an direct affront to natural way of things.

Kallisto: And the natural way of things is crap. Farming is not natural, and yet at the same time it was one of the keystones of our prosperity, followed by mining and industry. I'm just separating the procreation need from nature, and thus saving all of ye from barbarism and heresy. Heresy grows from WooHoo. Heresy grows from romance. Anyhow, back to your business inside the political muster. It is not over yet, I presume.

-After some day, with some renovation-

Leonardo: Pop...

Hugo: Yes, son?

Leonardo: Although I wish not to cooperate with Kallisto and wish to pursue my career as a sculptor and wish to continue my solitary residence, I have come to make amends with you, Pop.

Hugo: Oh, son. It's alright. Leonardo, you were a free mind... and to be honest the clamor that you sometimes make makes for a bad gaming environment.

Leonardo: Of course, Pa, of course. However, how's the kids doing?

Hugo: Not very well, although the renovation efforts somehow led to the loss of grade documents.

Leonardo: Please instill a solid discipline to the kids. I shall take my leave.

Hugo: So shall it be.

Chapter 7: WooHooium leak[edit | edit source]

Kallistrata: Kallisto, you might want to take a look at this...

Kallisto: What is it?

Kallistrata: Our commerce record shows that there was a sample of WooHooium ingot that went out of this place.

Kallisto: What? I thought you destroyed the only sample that we had!

Kallistrata: Yes. If memory serves correct I have destroyed the sample, but somehow another ingot has been found.

Kallisto: This is very grave news. We cannot allow a material propagating with the corrupting influence of heresy to spread around. I shall need to interrogate some people. Kallistrata, have you any records of visitors?

Kallistrata: Yes, the Attalids and the Alkmaionids are regular visitors. However, there was also an extended footage of Miyu visiting the house. Although I doubt Miyu would have taken WooHooium, I do believe that from this footage Miyu has no problems with acquiring raw samples as any of our Greek residents do. "Shows footage of Miyu taking a serving of french toast from the fridge"

Kallisto: Yes. But that makes no sense, Kallistrata... Oh wait, that can be a leading point. Anyhow, I shall pay a visit to all of the households sometimes this week.

Kallistrata: Very well. Anyhow, I may say that we should also pay a visit to the public workplace, as they might have acquired WooHooium samples from stones.

Kallisto: Ok, although I doubt that anyone has worked with stone or is able to do so outside our walls.

-At Hugo's Naos-Stratopedon-

Hugo: So, I presume you are aware that all grades has been reset, right?

Eirene: Is that so, my patron?

Hugo: Yes, and I presume you shall put more efforts this time? Kallisto did not approve of your lack of success.

Eirene: Yes.

Herakleia: Right, and what about us now?

Hugo: This is a chance to reassign yourselves into the schools. Kallisto hopes that by giving you the leeway of choosing the schools, you'd gain more skills and perform better.

Athena: Yes, patron. However, I presume none are more thrilled than this one...

Felix: Woooooo!!!

Hugo: Felix.

Felix: Yes?

Hugo: Do better next time, okay? Now, where was I? I should get my arse to the computer...

Emil: Our patron is always happy for another one of his games, is he? But then I do wish that he'd work with magic as he always wanted to.

Athena: I believe we have a huge announcement...

Hugo: Go on, turn on the channel.

Kallisto: "This is Chapter Master Kallisto. All residents are to report any mineral finds directly to the Ecclesiarchy: There has been traces of heretical material WooHooium that escaped the Ecclesiarchal control in this territory, and such material are believed to be conductive to heretical thoughts and deeds. Also, report immediately when any traces of mineral are found after sculpting stone. Swift and timely reporting will allow the Ecclesiarchy to deal with the heretical material, ensuring that none of the residents are affected by its evils. Knowledge is power, and chastity a beacon to the lost, guard both well."

-At Miyu's house-

Kallisto: This is Pope Kallisto. As pope, I must question the residents!

Herakleitos: Greetings, Pope? Strange to see you visiting our humble house.

Kallisto: Yes. But your employer has recently visited our Chapel, and I am to suspect that your employer has unwittingly taken the heretical material WooHooium out of the house. Have you seen any red bars in the house?

Herakleitos: No, Kallisto. I have not seen any red metal whatsoever. Maria! Kallisto wishes to ask us a question! You might want to come here!

Kallisto: Right, You aren't the closest one. Anyhow, where is your employer and the other butler?

Herakleitos: I do not know. I presume they are out in the commercial sector right next to the Mausoleion.

Kallisto: Is that so? Has any one of you visited the Emporion?

Herakleitos: Not that I can remember.

Kallisto: Alright.

Maria: Yes?

Kallisto: Have you seen any red metal bars under your employer's possession?

Maria: No.

Kallisto: Is that so? Alright. I thank you for cooperation. "To Kallistrata: Miyu was not the one." We should meet in another political muster some day. Your employer was quite interested in our food.

Maria: Hmm...

Chapter 8: Utopia[6] is named that way for a reason[edit | edit source]

It was soon found that WooHooium was starting to leak out, and Kallisto was finding an unusually frequent occurrence of WooHooium obtained via sculpting failures. Worse, Hugo's dog Milky was causing a stir, attacking Thrasymachos, a Klerouchos, and Epicharis, one of Kallistrata's buddies before her move to Sunset Valley.

Kallisto: This is very grave news. Now WooHooium is leaking everywhere, to the point where commoners are having easy access to the heretical material.

Kallistrata: And the citizens do not cooperate to the edict. Alas, maybe our reputation has grown to the point where the citizens believe that we're spying on them anyways.

Kallisto: True, and it is ironic that the reputation holds true. However... This WooHooium leak is far more severe than I have anticipated...

Kallistrata: We shall need to hold another muster. I'd like to hear personally from Thrasymachos. -A guest enters- Wait, Xenotima? Is that really you?

Xenotima befriends a parrot as she pays a visit to her old friend.

Xenotima: Yes. This place is far less densely populated to my liking. How's the new state of yours?

Kallistrata: Ah, Excellent, save for the blasted WooHooium leak, that is. How about you joining the league of the Nephelokokkygaioi? We've got plenty of these here. I present to you my associate, Kallisto.

Xenotima: Oh, come on, Kallistrata. You know I am not the material for Nephelokokkygia...

Kallisto: Nonsense! All are welcome and well-suited for the realm of Nephelokokkygia! Now, shall we have for ourselves some Lagoi ice creams?


Xenotima: Ah, Kallistrata. You are as crazy and happy-go-lucky as you ever were. Anyhow, I am honored to take part in the eating of ice cream.

Kallistrata: Now that's the spirit with the word structure! Come, phile. Witness the glory of Nephelokokkygia! (conjures Ice cream)

Xenotima: You got powers too?

Kallistrata: Such is the power unbounded to the contemporary thinking that is restrained by the primitive celebrity culture.

Xenotima: Well... Ok. (Goes to the dining hall)

Kallisto: Anyhow, Xenotima. I presume you have brought some other buddies as well? I've heard that one of your associates Epicharis had an happening with an evil dog.

Xenotima; Yes, Epicharis was attacked, although I wouldn't say the dog is evil.

Kallisto: No. That same dog has attacked an Klerouchos of mine. I have invited him over to the muster, I wanted to hear for myself.

Xenotima: Kallistrata, I think this extremist thinking lusting after power is doing us little good. We should immediately work not on subjugation but rather on isolation.

Kallistrata: No, my Xenotima. Enlightenment is no good if the seeds of a new order is to die out in the process. Conquest is the way to get the seed to germinate. However, we have already rendered our judgment: the dog will be executed.

Xenotima: Yes, but then how will you do it? That crematorium plan of yours didn't work out so well.

Kallistrata: Yes, I am already aware of that. But then the power not bounded to the celebrity culture has solution to that as well.

Xenotima: And what will you do with the WooHooium?

Kallistrata: If an invasive inquisition is needed to stop that, then so be it.

Xenotima: How delightfully invasive. No, Kallistrata. This is not the time to retrogress to the times of the Late Middle Ages and the early Modern period.

Kallistrata: But then history and the supposed ramifications are best learned by repeating it in a controlled environment.

Xenotima: I suppose it is. But then such actions have grave costs...

Kallistrata: Well, since you're here, you're automatically enrolled in the muster.

Xenotima: Muster? Ah, don't tell me that hipsterism's infiltrated to the ranks of terminology too!

Kallistrata: What better way to rebel against the chains of celebrity culture than to attack at its very core themes?

Xenotima: Yeah, I myself never appreciated the nonsense, so I shall agree with you there.

Kallistrata: Excellent. I shall have to apologize in advance for the increased local density, but then I don't like it either and neither does Kallisto so it shouldn't be too much of an issue...

Xenotima: Le sigh. Le sigh.

Thrasymachos is not happy, although he is all too eager to get vindication.

Kallisto: Ah, greetings, Thrasymachos. I presume you're ready to share with me the attacks of that dog?

Thrasymachos: Yes, that dog is evil. That dog is more aggressive than Seleukos or Ptolemaios! Stupid dog...

Kallisto: Meh, the Ptolemaioi weren't too aggressive. Anyhow, so the dog was aggressive? Who was its owner?

Thrasymachos: I don't know, but the attack happened right across your hold, my matron.

Kallisto: Ah, it seems like Hugo was too eager to adopt a dog without preparing infrastructures and coping system. I shall see to it that Hugo is relieved of an responsibility that he is ill-prepared to handle.

Thrasymachos: My thanks to thee. But that dog... -grumbles-

Kallisto: Ah, thou shall have some Sorrow Annihilator. Although sorrow may be built into your mind, sorrow should not be propagating in a muster.

Kallistrata: Kallisto, we have another horrid news.

Kallisto: What is it now? I must administer Sorrow Annihilator to the man!

Kallistrata: I presume you got the message regarding our servitor Tessa...

Kallisto: Please say that it is false...

Kallistrata: She has now become pregnant with Hippias, one of the Libuoi Klerouchoi.

Kallisto: ... Thrasymachos, here is your drink. -Moves to a solitary room- FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Accursed romantices grasping for heresy! And Klerouchoi playing a role in it! Blasphemy, Heresy, and Mutations!

Chapter 9: Remedies incoming[edit | edit source]

Kallistrata: Kallisto, we have some news to deliver!

Kallisto: What is it?

Kallistrata: We've gotten a notice from the Al-Dar, it seems like they've spawned their own enterprise. I've finally gotten myself some good competition...

Kallisto: And I presume that is all?

Kallistrata: No. I've also gone with the creation of the Order of the WooHooium Hunters: I've dispatched them to Sunset Valley, and they are in place, ready to intercept WooHooium and annihilate it to the smithereens.

Kallisto: Excellent. However, I believe such an Order is better placed here, given that the WooHooium infestation is worst in our own capital.

Kallistrata: The task should be undertaken by us: after all, the Order was created to enforce the absence of the heretical material outside our own eyesights. We may be psykers, Kallisto, but we cannot see every WooHooium in the Papal State, much less the entirety of the globe.

Kallisto: Heh, very well. However, I must laud you for your incomplete Chrononomion project: I have undone the damages incurred by Tessa and Hippias.

Kallistrata: Of course. Heresy should not be tolerated, but Tessa is quite an experienced figure, useful to our long-term goals, even if Tessa (and the others) bear the flaw that opens them up to heretical influences.

Stratonike: Ah, you may wish to hear about the new horse fad around the capital.

Kallisto: Is that so?

Stratonike: Straight from my own family there in Baktria[8]. Moreover, Lysistrata and Eurydike also speak of the Alkmaionid horse growing up as well.

Kallisto: Ah, equestrianism on the rise, eh? Things are going easy for me with the temporary delay on the Bridgeport campaign. Kallistrata, how's the agricultural production?

Kallistrata: Hmm, it seems like the Public garden is paying dividends: Fruits seem to be always available for the taking. My stocks are building quickly, especially convenient given my recent production spikes that nearly depleted my life fruit stocks. And I've also collected some more WooHooium for us to annihilate. When shall we undertake the purge?

Kallisto: Soon. But then the purge will need to wait, as we must hold another muster. It seems like things are amiss at the Ptolemaioi ranks. Not just the Ptolemaioi. I sense plenty of people going for the upper class houses with all that reserve funds.

Kallistrata: But they haven't the income to support it! It's foolhardy to discard an position in which one can develop a surplus!

Kallisto: That may be a problem, Kallistrata, but we have other great news: Finally a fresh wave of immigrants that we've always wanted are coming.

Stratonike: Excellent.

Kallisto: And I also sense Miyu paying another visit to the Chapel. Miyu must love our resources. Miyu, get your arse to school! The Pope compels thee!

Kallistrata: Our Sunset Valley Chapter has been much more productive these days, although I am anxious to see more renovations to make that town look much more like a proper Papal domain. The chapter reports that the Al-Dar has invited them over to celebrate the creation of their enterprise, although my sight report that the nectar is full of the life fruits, ironically the thing that the connoisseurs are pointing as a key detracting factor in my nectar. Things are starting to get much more lively around here, mostly for the better. Now, I shall take my leave. I need to have some forever alone moments.

Kallisto: Ditto. I shall get to more improvements, although what we need eventually is an full-scale redesign of our Chapel-Barracks. Wait, Kallistrata: we should also not lag behind our own disciples: We too must engage in our production, artistical, mechanical, and financial. All Chapter members, converge!

Hypatia: You've called?

Jessica: Chapter serf present.

Eurydike: Yeah?

Lysistrata: What is your will?

Kallisto: Our Sunset Valley Chapter has recently have proven themselves exceedingly fruitful, producing and improving with extreme speed. We shall not fall behind in the drive. Onwards to the Skill room! Ah, and also prepare for another muster. If I recall, Esomena's designs distribute the music far better with one stereo. Darn, that disciple's going to do us much good.

Lysistrata: Very well.

Kallisto: So, Kallistrata, is it possible for us to acquire one of those Al-Dar nectars?

Kallistrata: Of course it is possible. But then is it feasible? Hope the Sunset Valley chapter delivers.

-at Hugo's housing-

Hugo: Leonardo? What are you doing with all that luggage?

Leonardo: Listen, pop. I don't know what came over me, but I was foolish enough to desert the kids.

Hugo: Oh son... The kids were all waiting for you.

Felix: Leo! You're back!

Leonardo: Yes, and how's your grades?

Felix: ...

Leonardo: Agh, "facepalm" Pop, don't you tell these kids to do homework?

Hugo: Yeah, but then Eirene prefers Kallisto's orders.

Eirene: You aren't helping. At least my grade's up.

Leonardo: So it's just Felix now?

Hugo: Seems like it. Kallisto's always been shipping academic reports every day and this is driving me nuts!

Leonardo: Le sigh. Anyone with a logic of 5 or higher?

Hugo: Leonardo... Don't break the 4th wall. EVER.

Leonardo: Come on, pop. Someone has to do it! On the other hand, I believe Kallisto's holding another muster.

Hugo: and none of us were explicitly invited. True, anyone can go to the party, but then I think I'll refrain. I need a break given my job.

Leonardo: Ah, pop. I'm right with you.

-At the Chapter's Chapel-Barracks-

Kallisto: Ah, we must grieve.

Kallistrata: What is it?

Kallisto: I believe you are quite wary of what is going on outside the 4th wall, right?

Kallistrata: Yeah?

Kallisto: Llamas have beat the bunnies.


Kallisto: So shall we launch a campaign of purging them llamas?

Kallistrata: I believe some people demanded removal of the llamas through various protests.

Kallisto: Oh really? So, how shall we do it?

Kallistrata: One can always drop a few Rods of God at the South American area.

Kallisto: But then that is for another time. For now, we have some more interrogation to do. The muster must go on. Ah, well met, Yuri.

Yuri: I don't know why you are keep inviting me into these musters, but if this is a ploy to...

Kallisto: No. We don't implant any subliminal propaganda to make people join. A cult must be formed of people who joins in their own volition. The Machine Cult especially so, for unwilling members do not contribute as much.

Yuri: Well, that wasn't the answer to the question I was asking, but then I guess it will do.

Kallisto: Indeed. Ah, the Alkmaionids and the Attalids have taken up the call!

Philetairos: Woo! It's been ages since we've gotten into a good party...

Kallisto: This is no party. Parties are heretical, and those represent those blasted anti-intellectual celebrity culture that feeds the lowest common denominators that the mainstream media loves to harp on.

Philetairos: Aww. But then musters are no fun without fun, right?

Kallisto: ... Preferably not, but then for a pragmatic purposes, I guess why not. Ah, would you like to try some? "Offers Freezer Bunny Ice Cream"

Philetairos: Don't mind if I do. Ah, I only wish that Basileion of yours would be a bit more lively...

Kallisto: Fear not. We've got some fresh wave of immigration. Praise Alexandros. Anyhow, Stratonike has noted of your horse fad.

Philetairos: Yes, but not me. It's mostly Olympias. Thetis also seems to have some interest in the horse as well...

Kallisto: Ah, is that so? If you want another horse, I can bestow upon you the mighty Boukephalos. It seems like Olympias has tried out in a race but hasn't done so well. With practice. I'd think Olympias would be very fond of Boukephalos, replicating another Alexandros in the equestrian fields.

Philetairos: Gee, thanks for the offer, Kallisto. I shall discuss this with Olympias. Ah, greetings, Kleisthenes.

Kleisthenes: So, how's things going up there?

Kallisto: I presume you want to meet your friends, families, and houseguest?

Lysistrata: Ah, my old host. How's your financial status?

Kleisthenes: Not too shabby. My job's paying quite well, and bill amount is hefty indeed, but then manageable given our occupational status.

Eurydike: Ah, here's my family. So, we have nephelokokkygia ready to be established, and then once we have done that we can spread some rainbow fishes and bunnies...

Kleisthenes: Whoa, whoa, Eurydike. Your insanity hasn't abated one bit.

Kallistrata: Ah, the glory of nephelokokkygia. We seriously need a new quip. But then nephelokokkygia's so good... Where's my lagos? What am I thinking, I can conjure one! BUNNEHS. Speaking of that, we should reprimand Tessa for that unexpected complications.

Kallisto: Yes.

Chapter 10: Living up to the name[edit | edit source]

Leonardo: Ah, how's your work, Athena?

Athena: Not so well, my patron. However, this sculpting work is quite rewarding.

Leonardo: Yes. I am quite proud to see contribution even by the young.

Athena: Well...

Leonardo: Ah, you're trying to lament the fact that the Greeks aren't viewed in a positive light back at the city, eh?

Athena: I might have, and I might have been adopted. But if that was the case I would not have this opportunity.

Leonardo: Hmm. Here, Kallisto sent this to you.

Athena: An invitation? I've heard that they've renovated their living space.

Leonardo: Yes. But focus on the sculpture. Breaking the focus is the single most common factor in making or breaking the sculpture.

-At Naos-Stratopedon III-

Kallisto and Kallistrata makes speech.

Kallisto: Hellenes! We have finally renovated several key structures in the neighborhood! We have now set the stage for an social revolution, one that is to overthrow the standing aristocracy of the old!

Kallistrata: As Ecclesiarchs we must do what we can to propagate the revolution: Become paragons that we're supposed to be, and remove heresy from within! The blasted aristocracy continues to suppress the commoners with golden mirages, and it is the academia that will set the commoners free! Lead the GLORIOUS REVOLUTION!

Hypatia: Aye!

Stratonike: Aye!

Lysistrata: Aye!

Eurydike: Aye!

Jessica: Aye! (I want love)

Pi: Ok.

Kallisto: Chapter dismissed. -others exit- Ah, Kallistrata. We're getting our own share of artistic community.

Kallistrata: You're talking about Xenotima?

Kallisto: And the Orphanage. That Athenian girl's being looked on by Leonardo. That Leonardo is as rebellious and productive as any Ecclesiarchal member.

Kallistrata: Yes. Leonardo may not like our command structure, but I will find him more pleasing than any of them aristocrats over there. Ah, and I have issued an order to Jessica to hold another muster. That Chapter Serf has developed significantly since her first debut. I believe that hypnotherapy is also an good factor, alongside our resident gaze.

Kallisto: Alas. Only if we could do the same with the Swansons. Come to think of it, Antigone, despite her tolerance of heresy and the heretical act of bringing a "boyfriend" home, hasn't been as nearly as heretical as Tessa.

Kallistrata: Your point?

Kallisto: I have been wielding the rod of double standard. We have kept Tessa around despite her heretical act, while kicking out Antigone.

Kallistrata: You seem to have a point there. Your rationale was that Tessa was quite experienced, and if I recall Antigone is way more experienced than Tessa.

Kallisto: Exactly. Hence I shall have myself a trade.

Kallistrata: Ah. You will recall the heretic?

Kallisto: Yes. despite Antigone's history, Antigone's far more responsive to our methods.

-At Hugo's Orphanage-

Hugo: Ah, finally some progress, Felix!

Felix: My thanks, Hugo. So, can we go to the new inn-thingy?

Hugo: Ah, the Pandokeion? You certainly are as lively as you ever were, Felix. But then the Pandokeion's mostly for tourists.

Felix: Aww. We never get to go to fun places like that big giant party house over there on the island.

Hugo: Felix, you aren't old enough to visit such places. Sure, Kallisto keeps it safe from unsavory elements here, but in the outside world, such things aren't the rule.

Felix: Then where can we go?

Hugo: Think of the places. I'm sure there are plenty of places to go. Oh wait, Eirene! You've been invited to another muster, again, This muster thing is wearing us out...

Eirene: Darn it. Is Kallisto that interested in these muster things? Ah, I guess things will turn as it goes. Anyhow patron, surely you have no plans of adopting another dog?

Hugo: Dogs are ok, and I can certainly use one. Why?

Eirene: Because you may want to remember what happened to one of those black guys.

Hugo: Ah, black guys? Surely they must be thieves?

Eirene: No. Thrasymachos was no thief. Oh wait... What did happen there?

Hugo: Yeah. You're saying that there was a dog around here. I do not recall any dogs, except the little ones at the Korean household way over there. Did they do something?

Eirene: Perhaps. But Kallisto ain't the one to look at dogs in a favorable light.

Hugo: Hmm. But then my dog, if I get one, will be nice.

Chapter 11: PETDIE[edit | edit source]

Sooner or later, the Hekatonschoinos community was in a pet craze, specifically cats and dogs, and the craze was not limited to immigrants: even Klerouchoi, such as the Mathetai Mouson, adopted such pets, and all seemed to go well for the animal community until one day.

-Military School-

Eun Jin: YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! YES! Freedooooooooooom!

Chiranjivi: You must be excited. What's the issue?

Eun Jin: The furry nightmares... are gone! Yes! Yes! Wooooo!

Chiranjivi: Furry nightmares? Oh Miss, you should not take delight in loss of life.

Eun Jin: You haven't been through what I've been through. I'm pretty sure your mistress is probably looking for you over there.

Chiranjivi: Ah. We do have a cat.

Eun Jin: Really? I presume he's old and lazy? Because I'm pretty sure your pet isn't as active, aggressive, and dirty as ours, not that any of them are good.

Chiranjivi: I stand corrected. But to hate on animals is no good.

-Hugo's Orphanage-

Hugo Loses his dog.

Hugo: My dog... My dog... "sobs"

Felix: Is there something wrong?

Hugo: Our dog has passed away. The official records say that the dog has passed away due to a meteor, although the carcass was quickly disposed of by the Ecclesiarchy. Why!?! Why... "sobs"

Felix: Mr. Hugo, don't cry. Please...

Hugo: But Felix... It's our dog. Our dog's dead.

Eirene: Let's face it, the inevitable has happened sooner that we've expected...

Emil: Eirene, that's no way to treat death.

Eirene: Emil, you may want to check out the news.

Emil: What about it?

Eirene: Our dog isn't alone.


-Newspaper main body: On the Papal Capital of Hekatonschoinos, scores of dogs and cats have disappeared mysteriously, only to be found in the cemetery marked dead. The official reasons vary, from meteor to starvation. One such animal, Shironeko, was found dead due to starvation according to official records, although some suspect something, given that Shironeko is from a relatively wealthy household. The Papal authorities deny any accusations as of the moment, claiming this to be preposterous as their enemies were primarily romance, and dogs and cats are only secondary evils. Some do find this fishy, since none recalls finding a meteor these past few days. However, some have reported meteors alongside the shores, although no signs of terraforming are visible.-

Emil: Ouch. That sarcasm is of some appropriateness there, Eirene.

Eirene: Not that things will ever go well. Whether it be the dumb celebrity garbage back at Bridgeport or our pompous new academic overlords here. None will care for such little things.

Hugo: But I guess I should get going.

Eirene: Where shall you go, patron?

Hugo: I hope Kallisto will offer me some condolences. She has proved largely generous since.

Emil: I seriously doubt Kallisto will help you there, Mr. Hugo. Heck, the papal authority did claim dogs and cats as enemies.

Hugo: ...

-At Naos-Stratopedon III-

Lysistrata: Thy presence honors us. What businesses do you have with the Ecclesiarchy?

Hugo: I wish to see Kallisto, please.

Lysistrata: Ah, a frank one, eh? You do not look well.

Hugo: Yes.

Lysistrata: Is that so? Wait, Kallisto looks ready to have your audience.

Kallisto: What grievances do you have, greyskin?

Hugo: Kallisto, such names should not be spoken, as this is not the time for light-heartedness.

Kallisto: Oh really? Yes, I presume you were one of the indirect victims of the plague?'

Hugo: Yes. My dog just passed away.

Kallisto: A shame, but frankly, there is nothing we could do about it, given the lack of workers or experience in animal medicine. The plague will continue to spread, and maybe die out with the decimation of the target populations.

Hugo: ...

Kallisto: Seems you want a shoulder to cry one, good one.

Hugo: Thank you. "sobs" I hope I can live it up. "exits"

Kallisto: Where was I? Ah, to tend to the future magos.

-Kang Household-

The Kang family sooner or later believed that a more lavish living was appropriate for the patriarchal family, and before the Swansons could take it, moved to the Basileion Seleukeias at the eastern edge that was added with the addition of the Nomadic Peninsula. There Yuri took advantage of the large fruit stores of the Agora Nektaros and the Basilikos Paradeisos Pankarpion, stacking on life fruit stocks and planting some in the household lot.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon had made close friends with Nicole, his superior and partner, and as Yuri called Kallisto over for advices, he followed suit and called Nicole to come over.

Kallisto: Ah, greetings, future techpriest! How goes your business at the Basileion?

Yuri: Good to see you, benefactor! I wanted to seek some advices with these fruits.

Kallisto: Ah, you've started your own garden, have you not? Then I recommend building a nectary chamber as soon as possible.

Yuri: What for?

Kallisto: As it is the most profitable avenue to convert your fruits into cash. It seems like you're the first one to take advantage of these gardens. You'd probably need that to pay for the bill.

Yuri: Thank you, I am doing what I can to help the Earth.

Kallisto: As you would say, good one. I hear that you have made some time machines and miners like our hetairoi over there in the Naos-Stratopedon III.

Yuri: That's too much.

Kallisto: Meh, you've already demonstrated mettle and skills of a magos already. I find your traditional mentality a little disappointing, given your display of skills.

Yuri: ...

Kallisto: But as patron, I'd like to see that garden being developed for use. So I shall invest in your business.

Yuri: How so?

Kallisto: I shall personally invest in you by building the nectary chamber for you.

Yuri: Thank you, benefactor. Ah, who's this?

Nicole: Hello? Wait, you're not Sung Hoon... Ah, greetings, Kallisto!

Kallisto: Seems your brother has made friends with one of our hyperetai. How's business, Nicole?

Nicole: Nothing unusual. We don't see criminals these days.

Kallisto: Of course. Nicole, It seems like your newfound friend's calling you.

Nicole: Yes, I shall get going.

Kallisto: Ah, and one more thing. Watch for heresy.

Nicole: But...

Kallisto: Do not let us down. "Nicole goes in"

Yuri: Heresy?

Kallisto: Yes, heresy. I believe you know what I'm talking about, good one.

Yuri: Romance? What's wrong with... ah, screw it, I had this discussion one too many times.

Kallisto: Heh. So, how's familial financial status?

Yuri: Gotten us a few thousand simoleons with the time machine. Our cash reserves increased by more than half.

Kallisto: Excellent.

Yuri: I am concerned however.

Kallisto: On what grounds?

Yuri: Pets are dying.

Kallisto: And?

Yuri: The medical branch has nothing to stop it.

Kallisto: Yes. But I will have to suggest that there are other priorities... such as mass cybernetics.

Yuri: No, Kallisto. Progress can wait. Welfare is important.

Kallisto: Do you find the welfare here deficient?

Yuri: For the pets... yes.

Kallisto: Then take up euergetism.

Yuri: ...

Chapter 12: Supernatural Revolution and More Development[edit | edit source]

And so it was, the Papal States saw the Supernatural Revolution. Of course, given the Ecclesiarchal love of power, they've embraced the supernatural, and alchemy facilities were built throughout the capital of the Papal State. Not only that, sorcery saw a place in the Papal State, and brooms became the vogue things that occupied the streets of Hekatonschoinos.

Herakleia: Hmm, never knew those scholars actually had an interest in the metaphysical.

Eirene: Same stuff, different avenues. This hunger for power will never turn out well.

Herakleia: Our resident pessimist again with the prediction? For some reason, I am inclined to agree.

Eirene: Meh, don't call it pessimism. Call it cynicism please. Or better, Kynismos.

Herakleia: Nonetheless, these outfits aren't half bad. Well, those city folks may laugh, but then the Papal State has always been the backwater in fashion...

Eirene: More with the vain fashion thing?

Herakleia: Old habits die hard. But in this case, it seems like it is dying.

Eirene: Indeed?

-Science Academy/Lab-

Herakleia: Another day at the lab. These people just love engineering, don't they?

Ho Young: And so?

Herakleia: Hmm. Isn't it a bit odd for engineers to be the most visible segment of the society?

Hypatia: Cough cough Cold War America since 1950s.

Herakleia: Ah, one of the ruling people. I guess I can't really afford to argue.

Hypatia: Indeed? Well then, get going and embrace science. But then I got to say, this magic stuff's quite radical.

Herakleia: You're a Witch?

Hypatia: Yes indeed. Human augmentation has always been an Ecclesiarchal favorite. Never knew Kallisto would go so far.

Herakleia: Oh my.

Ho Young: Now I'm scared.

Hypatia: On what grounds?

Ho Young: I now can see my elder sister being turned into a cyborg.

Hypatia: Meh, do not fear. Do I look like a cyborg to thee?

Ho Young: Hmm... Asides from the arms, nah.

Hypatia: Then thou shall not fear. Kallisto only wishes she can pull that off.

-Naos-Stratopedon III-

Kallisto: Yes, the time has come! Behold, the Stone of the Philosophers!

Kallistrata: And finally, we now possess the means to refine our own gems! No longer will we be reliant on foreign sources!

Jessica: So, what exactly does a Philosopher's Stone do?

Kallisto: Turns things into gold.

Jessica: Oh, like the Midas's curse?

Kallisto: Indeed, but then we can control it, so we don't have to worry about seeing gilded sims everywhere.

Jessica: Sounds good!

Kallisto: Of course, chapter serf. With this tool we can now more easily control the amount of gold that backs our currency. You are well familiar with the money economy, right?

Jessica: Sort of.

Kallisto: Of course, that alone will not give us full control of the price of money. However, it is a step forward, allowing us to more easily appreciate our currency when we need it.

Hypatia: On the other hand, it should be noted that our economy is export-oriented.

Kallisto: So you're saying that appreciation of our currency won't do us any good?

Hypatia: Yes.

Kallisto: Of course. But, one should also note that we must invest in our infrastructures with foreign goods. With the recent surge of new goods, appreciation will be beneficial on the long run.

Hypatia: Very well.

Kallisto: Excellent! Onwards, we must get to work.

Stratonike works on increasing the gold reserves.

-Alchemy Room-

Hypatia: Kallisto, you do realize that we don't have to do all these, right?

Kallisto: Of course, the fiat money. However, it is always nice to have ourselves some sort of hedge, allowing our businesses to be more attractive to investors.

Hypatia: Yes, but mind you, most of these investors will be of the non-productive rich.

Kallisto: Aha. But then only real purpose of these investments are to raise a skilled population aimed at the overthrow of such class.

Hypatia: I see. Alright, then.

Stratonike: Let there be gold!

Kallisto: Excellent, excellent!

Sometimes after the initial contact with the Philosopher's Stone, the Ecclesiarchy works on building the gold reserves to support their representative currency, the Drachma. However, all doesn't flow out so well...

The Chapter Serf gets into a fatal situation.

Jessica: Uh-oh... Ahh!

Kallisto: Oh dear, an undocumented element of the Philosopher's Stone? -Hurries down to the Alchemy Room- Oh gosh, Jessica's been turned to gold. No problem. "snaps finger"

Jessica: Oh man... What was this...

Kallisto: An event of no concern. You're out, and you're ok.

Jessica: But then... Nice golden statue over there.

Kallisto: Darn, a statue of 50k goodness. That's some real boost to the gold reserves...

Jessica: With all due respect, my liege, isn't this toying with my life?

Kallisto: Of course not. You've been extracted out just fine, and thou shall continue to fulfill the role as a chapter serf by building up the gold reserves.

Jessica: Yes...

Kallisto: But then to compensate for the unexpected, go get yourself a bite. We've got some ice cream machine that you've always wanted.

Jessica: Thank you, I guess.

Kallisto: Alright then.

Kallistrata: Ah, the gold transmutation. A fine statue, I suppose.

Kallisto: Indeed. The chapter serf is an very valuable asset in the field: the chapter serf doesn't know this, but the serf is immune to such death even if our countermeasures fail.

Kallistrata: How so?

Kallisto: Remember the fire incident, right?

Kallistrata: The Lysistrata's medicine incident? Yes.

Kallisto: As you know, every full member of the Ecclesiarchy is provided a Death Flower to prevent them from dying an unexpected death.

Kallistrata: And?

Kallisto: Jessica's incineration incident has not resulted in the loss of the said Death Flower.

Kallistrata: Indeed?

Kallisto: Given that, it seems like something is protecting Jessica from unnatural death without the need of a Death Flower.

Kallistrata: Hmm. Now that's some true asset to the Ecclesiarchy.

Kallisto: Ah, we've got ourselves another news: We're going to Sunlit Tides: It seems like they've got some tools that may be useful in improving the Balaneion.

Kallistrata: Indeed? Does it involve improving the hot room?

Kallisto: Exactly. So let us prepare. Ah, and I think I can take my old gaming friend and his troupe with me. I'm sure at least one of them will be very excited.

-At Hugo's Naos-Stratopedon-

Hugo: So, it seems like Kallisto's ordered a vacation for the students.

Emil: Really? Oh yay!

Felix: Can we go part-aaaaay?

Hugo: Sort of.

Herakleia: And where exactly are we planning to go?

Hugo: I've not said anything about that...

Athena: We're going overseas? I've never thought I'd be happy to get out of this academic pit.

Eirene: So where to? Pretty sure we're not going to fare any...

Herakleia: Silly Eirene, cynicism against vacation is for... Forget it.

Leonardo: Don't worry kids, we are considering a vacation overseas.

Herakleia: No way!

Leonardo: Yes indeed. I may be grumpy and all, but even I have some responsibility to ensure that those I am charged with are content. So, We've just received notice from the Ecclesiarchy...

Herakleia: And?

Leonardo: They have been working on a trade agreement with the said town. In fact, the Ecclesiarchy was eager to import some tools...

Eirene: Of course, their love of utility.

Leonardo: And if the Ecclesiarchy approves, we may follow them in their business trip, and you can get yourselves a taste of the spas over there.

Athena: No. Way. Are you sure you're not kidding?

Leonardo: No. If Hugo's words have any value.

Herakleia: Yes... YES! Please let that be true!

Leonardo: Calm down, calm down. They did not make the decision yet, or at least didn't communicate it to us. And to you kids, we've got ourselves a whole lot of beaches, spas, and other amenities.

Emil: Yippee!

And soon after, the Ecclesiarchy gives the ok to Hugo's group, and the party sets out to Sunlit Tides, the Ecclesiarchy looking to try out the attractions and the facilities that they deem potentially useful, while the other simply wanting some relaxation. Unknown to Hugo's group, the Kang family had gone ahead of even the Ecclesiarchy, having taken a large vacation home. Not to be outdone, Hugo follows suit with an equally spacious and luxurious home. As for the Big 6, they do the unthinkable, replicating the entire Naos-Stratopedon complex in Sunlit Tide as a base of operations. Here, each group does what they want to do: however, there were bigger things in store than they had ever anticipated...

-First day at Sunlit Tides, Vacation home of the Kang Family

Taejong: We're here, folks.

Gwibin: Luxurious, fitting for a regal family. Excellent.

Taejong: Of course, I can't let my wife down, can I?

Gwibin: Yes indeed. What are your inputs?

Sunghoon: Gosh, This is better than those wacky structures that the Ecclesiarchy makes for us to live on. Perhaps they came here to study house decorations?

Gwibin: Perhaps. I wouldn't mind living here for a change. These beaches are far better than any in the forsaken islands.

Hoyoung: A vacation home eh? Quite well done if I may say so. So, when can we jump in?

Taejong: Relax, you'll get your chance. Anyhow, you are well aware that you will still be going to school, right?

Gyuri: Seriously? No! Who set us up for this travesty?

Taejong: Well, it's an town ordinance.

Hoyoung: Couldn't Kallisto go bribe these people into neglecting enforcement?

Taejong: Kallisto? You think Kallisto would do that? Shame on you, son. You should be happy that we've got ourselves a patron who is deeply interested in your education...

Gyuri: Oh god. So much for our vacation.

Taejong: Relax, children. We are staying here for 2 weeks. You've got 2 weekend periods to have all the fun you want.

Hoyoung: Ok, this better be worth it.

Taejong: Don't question the decision, son. But we shall see to it. Anyhow, who's up for the visitation to the Overlook?

-At Hugo's Orphanage's vacation home

Herakleia: Oh my god, I can't believe it! Sunlit Tides, the vacation paradise of all SimNation!

Leonardo: I and Eirene can only wish to be as half as excited as you're.

Eirene: Oh great, overrated Island of beaches. And Leonardo, I don't think I wish to be excited.

Hugo: Ah, Eirene, cynical as usual, eh? Take it easy.

Eirene: Yeah, except we'll be spending five seventh of our days here rotting in school that would make Papal academic hellhole look like paradise.

Felix: What? No way! What is this?

Hugo: Sorry folks, it looks the town's got an ordinance requiring enrollment of even the tourist kids.

Emil: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo...

Athena: Ah, so what about it?

Eirene: Look at this place. This place is fitting for party mongers and other people who'd be pro-Bridgeport. Isn't it only natural to conclude that we'll be experiencing some anti-Greek sentiments?

Leonardo: Don't be silly, Eirene. I'm pretty sure they're all too happy to get some money off tourism.

Eirene: Perhaps. After all, we've funneled like 200k to the unbalanced wreck of an economy.

Leonardo: And I thought I was grumpy and pessimist. Well, I have my complaints here: No sculpting tools here.

Hugo: Oh son, being yourself as usual. As for you, Eirene, come on, lighten up. We've come here to relax and such. Pessimist statements will only sour the mood here!

Eirene: hmm. I guess it's too much to shatter Herakleia's fantasies.

Subchapter 1: The Rod of God, Death, and Power Play[edit | edit source]

Kallisto: Alright, comrades, listen up, particularly the Serf! We have not come here to play or dress in skimpy outfits to draw heretics in, but rather to study their facilities and replicate anything that they might have useful to us, understood?

Hypatia: You are indeed yourself, Kallisto, insisting that is already accepted.

Kallisto: Never hurts, right? Given the romantic BS that we had...

Hypatia: Of course, of course. Fortunately our brains have been rewired to prevent that sort of happening.

Kallisto: Excellent. If I recall, there should be a facility at the summit of this island. Kallistrata, I presume you are ready to test the new amenities?

Kallistrata: Always.

Stratonike: And I shall observe the military body in Sunlit Tides. According to our data, it seems very insignificant, with no notable figures. But then one can scratch something out.

Kallisto: Indeed. Eurydike, Lysistrata, and Hypatia: be sure to look around your workplace for anything of value: potential recruits, notable figures, and attitudes regarding our state.

Lysistrata: Of course. They'll be welcoming Ecclesiarchal healthcare.

Kallisto: Such shift in attitude will be most welcome.

Kallistrata tries out the Sauna facility at Sunlit Tides.

-At The Summit (The Place of Rest)

Kallistrata: So here's where they've positioned what could be valuable to our Balaneion, eh? Ah, let's take a look, shall we? "Makes steamed vegetables" Hmm, so far so good, they've covered food, although we do have food court at our Balaneion. "Tries the steam bath" Ah, the steam bath. Quite frankly, this is more of a sudatorium thing rather than the caldarium. Curse the barbaroi. "Tries the hydrotherapy" Good, good, although this isn't a plunge bath. Hmm, this is rather ambiguous indeed.

Silas: Holy COW, is it me or do I spy a ruling member of the Papal State? Never mind accursed Bridgeport, I gotta see that person in person!

Kallistrata: Oh great, more visitors. I was about to enjoy the solitude...

Silas: Greetings, tourist! How's the sauna?

Kallistrata: Definitely not what I was looking for.

Silas: Excuse me? You don't like it?

Kallistrata: No, I mean I was expecting something along the lines of hot plunge baths.

Silas: Oh. But you are quite a figure: In fact, you people are famous around here.

Kallistrata: Indeed? I presume you are not the biggest fan of Bridgeport, I presume?

Silas: Heh, quick to jump to conclusions, eh? But I can have autograph?

Kallistrata: Oh great, moar nuisance that follows fame. Alright, here you go.

Silas: OMG! This is going to be so awesome...

Kallistrata: You look like someone who's fit for the military: a somewhat experienced hand, I see.

Silas: Wow, you've got good eyes: How did you know I got some experiences with fixing?

Kallistrata: Believe me: We can tell the pros from the fraud.

Silas: So, will you accompany...

Kallistrata: Heresy.

Silas: So your reputation was true.

Kallistrata: We've suffered too much from the heresy of romance. We shall never tolerate any room for that nonsense.

Silas: ... Ok. It was good meeting you.

Kallistrata: Ah, yes indeed. I hope you throw the shackles of heresy. -Silas leaves- Well... where was I? Hmm, the facility was good, although this isn't exactly Caldarium stuff. Sometimes later, I may need to try the massage tables, which definitely have a place in the balaneion. "Hears the Wahine family arriving, as well as Silas starving" I guess I need to provide them a service. "Serves Tri-tip steak"


Behold, the Rod of God!

Kallisto: Ah, so Kallistrata seems rather reserved about this. I guess I shall have to give the verdict myself. "Sees Julian and Alastair" Infernal people! Y U VISIT THE FACILITY THAT I NEED TO TEST? No matter, I shall commence with the... "Julian asks for autograph" AAAAAA! Sincere apologies, here you go. "resumes testing" Hmm... This may not exactly be what we're looking for, but if the massage thing has any value, it wouldn't hurt adopting this into our balaneion. But then, I shall go inspire awe with some people. "calls forth a rod of god"

Alastair, the first casualty of Kallisto's Rods of God.


Alonso: OH MY GOD!

Kallisto: Huh? Did something happen?

Grim Reaper: Ah, finally some dead spirit. I guess Kallisto does deliver.

Kallisto: Oh crap. Oh wait, my Rod actually killed someone? Hmm...

Alonso: Report Kallisto!

Maggie: Police!

Kallisto: Oh crap. "forcibly teleports them home, resetting them" This isn't good.

-Next Day-

Kallisto gets Eurydike to revive Alastair as a ghost

Kallisto: Darn it, this is going to... Oh wait, I can turn this into an opportunity. I simply hope the news spread too far... "goes to work"

-After Work, at the Science Center"

Eurydike: You've called?

Kallisto: Yes. Is anyone around?

Eurydike: Not anyone who's not occupied at the moment.

Kallisto: Good, you'll need to hear this: a closely guarded information. "whispers" So here's the situation: last night, I've called in a Rod of God for some amusement. However, things went awry when a kid got killed in the impact. So I will need you to get him as a Ghost, and teleport to the Chapel immediately, understood?

Eurydike: Affirmative. Darn, that is a dire situation here.

-Some times later, at the Chapel portion of the Naos-Stratopedon-

Eurydike: It is done as you've requested.

Alastair: What is this? What am I? What have you done to me?

Kallisto: Relax, kid. We're going to turn you back into a normal sim, so sit tight.

Alastair: What is happening to me?!?!?!

Kallisto: Gah, calm down already. We've done this a couple of times.

Hypatia: Darn, we don't see people that distressed to be a ghost.

Kallisto: Indeed.

Hypatia: I guess it is true: No one wishes to die young... unless you are in the East Asia.

I'm too young to die!

Kallisto: Ah, the Ok-Swae or Gyokusai [9] or whatever. Well, this isn't a suicidal attack. It's a pure accident

Hypatia: Now I feel paraphron[10].

Kallisto: Ah. I'd probably think of this myself. I wonder if Stratonike thought about this as well, given that Stratonike is a big friend of them Asioi.

Hypatia: So, where are we going to requisition the death fishes?

Kallisto: Do we not have some in our immediate stock?

Hypatia: I dunno, we seldom ate ambrosia these days so we don't really keep inventory.

Kallisto: Indeed? No problem, we shall requisition one from our capital.

Hypatia: Yes of course.

-At the Mess-

Alastair: I'm doomed... I'm doomed... I'm doomed... Goodbye, beloved Penelo...

Kallisto: By Megas Alexandros, you have no faith. Well, I am not too surprised, but then here you go, eat this.

Alastair: I'm not that hungry.

Kallisto: Really? I presume you wish to stay that way?

Alastair: I'll take it.

Kallisto: That's a good boy.

Alastair: This stuff's heavenly... What's happening?

Kallisto: So, welcome back to the material world.

Alastair: Impossible! I live! I live!!! Praise whoever you guys worship! I'm back! I'm back! Yes! Yes!

Kallisto: Ah, the joy of someone returning to life is too much for the same person to handle. Hypatia, your precedent has served us well.

Hypatia: Meh, it's Eurydike. Without Eurydike, we wouldn't have the ghost to operate on.

Kallisto: Right. Now, how shall we deal with the revived victim?

Hypatia: Enroll him in our Cult?

Kallisto: Perhaps, but then he doesn't look like an Ecclesiarchal material to me.

Hypatia: We do have other clumsy characters, including our Chapter Serf.

Subchapter 2: Law's gamble[edit | edit source]

Sooner or later, Kallisto soon figures out that the Police has taken some of Kallisto's funds: a paltry amount compared to the national treasury, sure, but enough to get Kallisto concerned. Kallisto then visits the Police Station to settle the matters herself, alongside the evidence of the accidental accident as well as the partially successful attempt at restoring the situation to the status quo.

Leo: Kallisto, right?

Kallisto: Indeed. I have come here to defend myself against charges of deliberate murder, and I have brought with me the resusticated victim of the accident.

Leo: Indeed? Now I don't really see people actually bringing people back to life. But I do have a question: Why drop an explosive charge in the first place?

Kallisto: No, Rod of God is purely kinetic in nature. In fact, I presume you are aware of the Bridgeport incident?

Leo: I see. But I shall need to take some money from thee.

Kallisto: How much?

Leo: 3,500 simoleons please.

Kallisto: Very well. So when shall we return Alastair to the family?

Leo: Hmm... "gets a call" Hold on for a minute, My superior wants to talk to you.

Kallisto: Indeed.

Silas: So here's the murd...

Kallisto: Cut it to the point. I have already demonstrated my lack of intent on murder. Now, why have you come?

Silas: Because there is an issue that always bugged me.

Kallisto: So, what is it?

Silas: This island seem like a peaceful one, right?

Kallisto: And it's actually run by an evil overlord, is that the point?

Silas: Darn, you are quick.

Kallisto: So, what's the deal?

Silas: I presume you are aware of the Kahale family, right?

Kallisto: No, but I do hear that Eurydike has one of the Kahales in the contact books.

Silas: Yes. This is the problem: Kahale family has a supervillain that I cannot foil on my own, and using political means are futile, given that Kai is an effective shield against any political actions.

Kallisto: Hmm, a black ops request, is it not?

Silas: Yes. My request is that you remove an evildoer in our midst. Please make it so, Kallisto.

Kallisto: So, what is in it for me?

Silas: Ever the politician, eh, Kallisto?

Kallisto: Always. I've already undid most of the problems caused by my action. Your request is a liability on our part.

Silas: Very well, what if I said Sunlit Tide can defect to your Papal State? After all, Kahales have been very independent of the SimNation and Sunlit Tide is more or less independent as well.

Kallisto: Now that is an interesting deal. However, you are aware of the Papal laws, right? Because if you are using that as an offer, you should be aware that no romance is allowed.

Silas: ...

Kallisto: Of course. Kallistrata was very concerned about your conductivity to romance. Such heresy is blasphemous to the Papal code and history. Of course, I am willing to take the offer. But I am saying this because you will probably have to adapt... or leave should this be the course.

Silas: Now you've made this complicated. Now what if I chose to incriminate you?

Kallisto: Yes. Now who would the parents believe: The claims that their sons were dead, or the currect fact that their son is safe and sound? And that would do you no good, as this would put me in a position where it is better for me to side with your archenemy.

Silas: Alright, alright. Ah, I'm really in the bind.

Kallisto: So we stick to the original plan, eh?

Silas: ...

Kallisto: Hello? I could get the answer any time now, or perhaps the allure of heresy is too much for ye?

Silas: Very well, as a law enforcer and a man I shall stick with the proposition.

Kallisto: Indeed, a very wise choice. Your citizen shall not be disappointed.


Lealani: Mommy? There is a black spot on the porch.

Alana: Don't worry, Lealani, it's probably just shadow... Oh wait... It is somewhat strange... Kai! Come over here to the porch!

Kai: Alright. "hears something" Oh, what is...

Alana: Ahh!

Lealani: Aaahhhhh!

Alana: That hurt... Lealani, are you okay?

Lealani: It hurts... my clothes are burned!

Kai: I'll take a bath for now.

Alana: Alright. Leanali, get ready for school.

Lealani: Ok.

Alana: This travesty is not acceptable! What in the world was that thing? Oh, another one? What in the...

-Later on, at 1 P.M. at the Criminal hideout-

Alana: Kimo, how's the activity?

Kimo: We have some loot. Here, boss.

Alana: Well done, but I must depart for the day. Wait, do you hear something?

Kimo: What is it?

Alana: Oh great, more things from the sky... "Hmm... I could have sworn that something is amiss: Few days ago I've seen another one of these. Wait, could these be the Rods of God? Certainly Kallisto may be behind this, but what has she have to gain from my downfall?"

-An hour later-

After the hour, the entire criminal hideout was peppered by the things from the sky, depressing much of the terrain. Here Kallisto treks in nonchalantly, moving without care to pick up the debris from the hail of projectiles.

Kallisto: Greetings, criminals. Don't worry, I have no quarrels with ye. I simply came here to pick up some stuff, observed from the observatory.

Alana: Please! This is injustice!

Alana: Hurr, this Kallisto grates on my nerves!

Kallisto: Is there a problem?

Alana: No, please move onward. "Heh, I can catch two stones in one! Kallisto is sure to bring a huge sum of the Papal Treasury and technology with her. If I can screw the Papal presense over, I can rule this island and deal with any resistances!" Oh wait... Why is it so dark... No, You dare? KALLIS--

Kallisto: No hard feelings, local warlord.

Grim Reaper: Alana, a pleasant surprise!

Alana (Ghost): Please restore me! Do not let me pass away without vengeance!

Grim Reaper: I'd love to, but then Kallisto has a bad record in preserving my soul bank. I haven't gotten any good souls since Kallisto came in. No, I only got pet souls. Tata, join my kingdom. (Turns to Kallisto) So, have you any plans to take this soul as well?

Kallisto: Well, Grim Reaper, you just got lucky. I have no intention of taking that soul away from you. Now stop complaining about Jessica. You don't want unlucky souls anyways until they're ripe. Have fun with your new acquisition.

Grim Reaper: I guess that transgression can be forgiven.

Kallisto: As they say, all power demands sacrifice. Thank Alana for hers. Now where was I? Ah yes, to collect my reward.

-At Naos-Stratopedon, 6 A.M.-

Stratonike: So, have you accomplished your goal?

Kallisto: Yes indeed. Now all we have left to do is to reap our reward.

Stratonike: Ah, so you had an interest for a beach town!

Kallisto: Meh. Although as Greeks I'd think all of us have some affinity to the shores one way or another.

Stratonike: An excellent point. But then this was not our objective.

Kallisto: Perhaps, our objective here was to acquire some knowledge. But it seems operational situation has turned surprisingly to our favor.

Stratonike: What do you know, it seems like we found gold in the haystack. Ah, so when shall we begin the Asian expedition?

Kallisto: Hold your horses, Stratonike. You'll get the chance soon enough.

-Allender House, 7 A.M.-

Kallisto: Open up!

Silas: By the heavens you're so impatient! Oh wait, Kallisto? What business do I have with you?

Kallisto: I've done as you've requested. Now I want dominion over this place.

Silas: No. Impossible! So soon?

Kallisto: Yes, of course. That Alana girl didn't exercize her intellect. In fact, she's probably more spaced out than Alastair himself.

Silas: There are ears out there. Get in. (goes inside) Seriously, this has not been even a day and you've already gone with her assassination?

Kallisto: Why not? Is there a problem, officer?

Silas: Well... I expected the assassination attempt to go on for some time...

Kallisto: And so did I. But then my Rod seems effective at getting the job done. Now, shall I go ahead and annex the place? I'm getting impatient already.

Silas: You frighten me.

Kallisto: On what grounds? Oh, the romance thing? Yes. You should be frightened. Maybe that is an impetus needed for you to take off the yoke of the romance is good nonsense, thus making the room for the Platonic way,

Silas: That is an issue. However, the greater issue is how I can persuade...

Kallisto: That will be of trivial difficulty. Eurydike shall handle this for us. Ah, and please attend the annexation ceremony 4 P.M at the Overlook.

Chapter 13: Intrant Kostopouloi et alii[edit | edit source]

With the assassination of Alani Kahale, the Ecclesiarchy quickly absorbed Sunlit Tides into their dominion, and quietly slipped out of Sunlit Tides. This robbed Isis Stone from meeting her self-proclaimed archrival, although Isis Stone was to remain on Sunlit Tides for some time. The Big 6 returned with the bathing technologies, and immediately had renovated the Balaneion. Kallisto engaged in even more terraforming and lot creating, which leads to the next set of characters...

Angelos: Well then, this is the Papal State. I expected something more cosmopolitan.

Athanasia: Never mind that. Our only reason to come here in the first place is to outdo our Turkish rivals.

Angelos: Indeed, sister. How's our new home, Kyriake?

Kyriake: I suppose this doesn't hurt. The spare land over there will definitely be of use.

Athanasia: Right, how's it, Theophylakte?

Theophylaktos: I say this is great, given that we never got a chance to live in a mansion-like structure back there.

Athanasia: Glad to hear it.

Angelos: Now, Athanasia, shall we take a look around our new neighborhood then? It seems like we should pay a visit to the nectaries.

Athanasia: Lead the way, brother. Let us move, Kyriake, Theophylakte!

Angelos: Daughter, you may want to pay attention to the experts around here. They probably have expertise on fields that you probably have interest in.

Athanasia: Why encourage unladylike skills, brother?

Angelos: Because Kyriake has no other recourse. Besides, Kyriake might just pull something up.

Athanasia: Brother, this is not a good way to immortalize the family name.

Angelos: Relax, we've seen women in production industries before.

Athanasia: Like the fabricweavers of the feudal period? Ooh, how esteemed the position!

Angelos: Enough. We should remind ourselves who is the leader here.

Athanasia: And we should also remind ourselves who came up with this idea.

Angelos: Ha, but exert all the influence on your son, not my daughter.

Athanasia: My son needs only a small guidance. Your daughter needs whole-scale resocialization.

Angelos: Objection dismissed. We are going. Gah, this is why I hate arguments...

-On the road, right at the Syrian Peninsula of the Northwestern Islet-

Kyriake: So, father. It is a profound pleasure to join in the short informative trip. The Papal nectar culture is noted to be a leader, having outstripped the Champs les Sims in terms of quality and quantity.

Angelos: Indeed. Kyriake, you were always interested in this nectar thing. Now go onward, and raise some money for the family. "Sees a moving vehicle"

Athanasia: No... This cannot be... Move closer.

Angelos: Alright.

Athanasia: These Turks! These cowards are afraid of our bold move, and they dare emulate us to counter it?

Angelos: Calm down...

Athanasia: Calm down? Are you insane, brother? Our rivals are at our doorstep and your suggestion is to calm down? I wonder if your first reaction to an imminent enemy is to calm down. Now, we should lodge a complaint to these "Greeks" who rule this place. Have they no sense of the Ottoman imperialism?

Angelos: Now I am being riled up. By the why the what the xenoi the... Alright, moving on...

-Hugo's Orphanage-

Hugo: Felix, Emil! I've got some news for y'all.

Felix: What is it, gramps?

Hugo: We've got some more kids in your age level.

Emil: No way! We were feeling lonely for ages!

Felix: How did it become this way, gramps?

Hugo: More development. More people came over as this place gets shaped better.

Herakleia: But still a hunkled pile of mess compared to Sunlit Tides.

Hugo: Now, now, Herakleia, remember what happened back there.

Herakleia: But patron, Kallisto has no thoughts of improving the neighborhood! Kallisto is only interested in adding more industry, which just doesn't cut it!

Eirene: True, the industry crazy concept is dull at best. However, your beautiful Sunlit Tides is also a hunkle of unbalanced economic mess based pretty much entirely on tourism.

Herakleia: Don't you dare say another word in defense of this hellhole.

Eirene: Was I? I could have sworn that I was not.

Athena: Calm down, both of ya.

Eirene: Was I emotional? Meh, given that Kallisto works hard to make the Papal State immune, or at very least resistant fluctuating currency market.

Herakleia: Oh, so this thing is all about stability, eh? What about aesthetics?

Athena: What about it?

Herakleia: The fact that most of the residential lots look like crap. I'd wish that the rulers learned some architecture and design over there.

Athena: I hear that some new houses are popping out. They look considerably better.

Herakleia: Oh really?

Athena: Ya really. Look over here at the new house at the Fayuum Depression Road.

Herakleia: Hmm, not bad. Certainly a huge improvement, I have to give it to them.

Eirene: But then we will have to deal with more pesky classmates.

Athena: Eirene, that is no way to treat newcomers.

Eirene: Well, I'm pretty sure half of the newcomers are going to be celebrity worshipping nutheads.

Herakleia: Ah. We shall see...

Athena: Sometimes Eirene's cynicism do not look genuine.

Eirene: Some stuff are beyond stupidity.

-A few days later-

Edgardo (Robber): So, here's the newcomers' house, eh? Blasted Ecclesiarchy and the overpowered police have snuffed most of us into oblivion, but perhaps this is the chance.

Kyriake: "waking up" There is an ominous presence. Perhaps I should have warded against the evil eye[11]. Footsteps? Intruder? "calls police"

Edgardo: -Enters the house- Ooh, what do we have here? A house with no alarms! Ah, the piece of jewelry...

Kyriake: There is a robber in our midst!

Edgardo: Heh, the craftsman is just a girl. Don't bother me, girl. I'm working on something here. "steals a tiberium piece"

Kyriake: Valuable investment going down the drain! "faints"

Edgardo: Well, you people do have a duty to us. "police arrives" Oh man. "after the fight" Well, I must take a leave here, girl. I do sincerely wish to accept more donations but...

-Next Day-

Edgardo: Wow, I got that sucker hard. Now I can finally claim myself superior to those goddamn law of the Papal St... "Bees swarm around the car" What is this? Why are there bees inside the car? -Leaves at the filming grounds- AAAAAAAHHHHH! Somebody help!

No mercy for the misguided.

Kyriake: By the heavens, is that the robber? What amusement. I guess the evil eye's on him. What justice! Now to my worthless career... Gah, why is Athanasia so into me becoming a film star?

-Few hours later-

Stratonike: So you got yourself a new favorite, eh, Kallisto?

Kallisto: Yes indeed. I finally found someone with initiative. Heh, she even took advantage of the tiberium fields for crying out loud! Such knowledge of blessings is something to note, Stratonike.

Stratonike: And why in the world are you intervening?

Kallisto: Because the enemy of my ally is my enemy. Social netting is a duty of the rich indeed, and taxation is a means to that way. However, robbery does not involve terms. Hence such must be accounted for. Now, shall we cause a bit of combustion?

Stratonike: Kallisto, you are you as always.

Kallisto: But then down with the A=A.

Stratonike: Always. Now, what are we going to do with your new favorite?

Kallisto: We'll pay her a visit.

All this event however was put to a complete grind, Kallisto having evicted everyone out of Hekatonschoinos to make what Kallisto hopes is the last overhaul of the capital.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Aun is also the descrpitive "prefix" for the ruling caste and El the suffix for the second highest rank, so Aunel, his presumed Surname means that he is of the second highest rank of the Etherial caste, and Kais means skillful.
  2. Tau in the Warhammer 40k setting is clearly a nonpsyker race
  3. excrement in Greek
  4. As mentioned in the Acts 5:22, the term means servant [1]
  5. the poor
  6. Utopia's etymology is based off ου, not and τοπος, place, essentically meaning no-place, or place that does not exist
  7. If it wasn't apparent with the context clues before, Lagos (λαγως) means bunny. However, it should be noted that in modern Greek it is λαγος. However, Ancient Greek plural inflection is λαγοί as demonstrated here
  8. refer to the Attalid address at Hekatonschoinos, which is Near East Road, Baktria
  9. referring to the term 玉碎, which literally means the shattering of jades: this alluding someone dying beautifully (e.g. for a noble cause), although this meaning was muddled by the Japanese military doctrine of World War II that encouraged suicidal attacks. Ok-Sweh is an approximate transliteration of the Korean pronunciation, Gyokusai the Japanese. As a sidenote, this concept is not too familiar to the Koreans, and most of them associate this concept with the Japanese Banzai charges. As another cultural note, this term, although fragmented, is present in The Romance of Three Kingdoms, specifically when Guan Yu is isolated by the Wu and Wei troops, in a response to a demand for surrender that translate roughly into "Jade does not lose its shine even when shattered, and bamboo does not bend even if burned."
  10. Insane in (modern) Greek
  11. The evil eye is a superstition in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, although it also exist in the Hawaiian culture. As for the Greeks (and Middle Easterners in general), this is done with a blue eye talisman.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Aithalida signifies being a part of the deme Aithalidai of Athenai. In fact, Athena and Herakleia having opposite traits is a reference to Athens and Sparta: Eurypontids were one of the two regal families in Sparta, other being the Agiads. Of course, this also reflects the attitude towards women: Athenian view of women are much more conservative and women were to be submissive (hence Athena's shy trait), while Spartan women's were much more assertive and athletic (as to have bodies fit presumably for healthy children), hence Herakleia's social butterfly trait (which isn't necessarily a fit, although Herakleia also has handy trait, which is also not as fitting. Athletic (and to a lesser degree, Ambitious) trait a better fit, however, it should be noted that Spartan women had economic power, although it is the Roman women who dined with men). This however has no relationship in flirty/unflirty traits. Also, Athena was the patron deity of Athens, while Sparta had Artemis and Ares.
  • As mentioned in the footnotes, Hugo's attachment of Kais and Aunel are of Tau origins in the Warhammer 40k lore.
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