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Fanon of Preexisting Sim
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Nancy Landgraab
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Nancy Landgraab (The Sims 3).png
Name Nancy Landgraab
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Education and Employment
Business career icon.png Vice President
Landgraab Family
Parents Chester Landgraab, Queenie Landgraab
Romances Geoffrey Landgraab married
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Malcolm Landgraab Son
Trait Charismatic small.png Charismatic
Trait Snob small.png Snob
Trait Ambitious small.png Ambitious
Trait Perfectionist small.png Perfectionist
Trait Workaholic small.png Workaholic
Hair color Haircolor1-TS3.jpg Blond
Eye color Eye-green.png Green
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Nancy Landgraab is a sim featured as a supporting character in A Sim's Tale fanon. She is daughter of Chester and Queenie Landgraab, wife of Geoffey Landgraab, and mother of Malcolm Landgraab. She also Vita Alto's enemy and rival in the Sunset Valley's mayor election

She also featured in Book 2 and Book 3 as a minor character.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Nancy and her husband help Gunther Goth to built Sunset Valley to became a peaceful town. However, when the Altos arrived in the town shortly after the town was built. They quickly had conflicts with them due to their different view of the town's future. The conflict escalated as the heads of both family became enemies. Years later, Nancy Landgraab announced to participate in mayor election, Vita Alto became her only competitor in the election, which made their feud became worse and affected most of the town's inhabitants

Nancy just returned from a business trip when her family received party invitation from the Goths. In the party, she encountered her rival, Vita, stated that she actually didn't wanted to see her face. When her and Nancy's supporter almost got into a fight, Nancy and Vita tried to calmed both sides. However, Vita seemed provoked Nancy's side, calling them barbaric, causing the situation getting was worse. The fight itself stopped by Gunther Goth who came after John called him. Later, it was revealed that Nancy got more vote according to interview conducted by the city hall. In one day, Vita paid some men to made a fake attack on her house. With Thornton Wolff's help, she paid someone to made a fake voice-recording using a voice-changer device which imitating Nancy's voice, planning to frame Nancy. Her plan went in motion and succeed as everyone believe that Nancy was the one who orchestrated the attack on Alto house and arrested. Vita then won the election by default. Later, John visited her in the prison, revealing Vita's evil plan. When questioning John's motive, John told her that he simply care about the town's future. After Vita's crime revealed, Nancy was released from the prison. However, she heard the news about Vita's death in a car accident during her run. Despite their feud, Nancy still felt sorry for Vita's death as she attended her funeral, she even consoled Nick. After Nick surrendered to the police, Nancy, felt sympathetic toward Holly, volunteered to became her caretaker. She also stated that she only wanted to return her favor.

In Book 2, Nancy already retired from being mayor and continue her career in business. She very upset after found that Malcolm was dating Nina Caliente who she believed to be a "bad girl". In Book 3, Nancy donated 850,000 Simoleons to fund Matilda Romanova's project building Automagic Ghost-O-tron 1220-DR, a machine which she believed could brought the deaths back to life. However, the project ended in failure.

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