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Mortimer Goth
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Now the patriarch of the Sunset Valley Goths, Mortimer can enjoy the good life, watching his children struggle with raising children of their own and struggling to find themselves.
Name Mortimer Goth
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Ghost icon Ghost
Education and Employment
Alma Mater School Public School
Grade A
Medical career icon Retired as World Renowned Surgeon
Goth Family
Parents Gunther Goth, Cornelia GothBoth Deceased
Romances Bella Goth Married Deceased
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Cassandra Goth Daughter, Alexander Goth Son Both Deceased
Trait Artistic small Artistic
Trait Grumpy small Grumpy
Trait Ambitious small Ambitious
Trait Childish small Childish
Trait Genius small Genius
Lifetime wish
LTW Renaissance Sim Renaissance Sim
Fav Classical Classical
Fav French Toast French Toast
Fav Black Black
Hair color Haircolor7-TS3 Grey
Eye color Eye-brown Brown
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Old Age
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Not to be confused with Mortimer Goth.

Mortimer Goth is the son of Gunther and Cornelia Goth, nephew of Agnes Crumplebottom, husband of Bella Goth, father of Cassandra Goth and Alexander Goth, grandfather of Aria GothEdgar Goth and Georgina Goth, descendant of almost all of the ghosts in the Goth family graveyard.

Mortimer was the oldest sim in Sunset Valley, passing away at the age of 105 days.


Mortimer grew a moustache. His hair is similar to the style he has in TS2.

His normal outfit is as close as I could get it to the purple smoking jacket, black/gray trousers and black shoes that he wears in all games except TS2. The rest of his wardrobe is black or purple.


Life leading up to Sims 3Edit

Mortimer had the best life that Gunther and Cornelia could give him. But he was still lonely. The only person he could really talk to was his close friend Bella. His parents had hoped that if they provided him with everything he could ever need, it would be enough.

Living With Auntie AgnesEdit

Often his mother would take him to visit his aunt, but she never really spent much time with him since the death of her husband. She distanced herself from all but her sister. On Cornelia's advice, she moved Erik's grave to the Goth graveyard, and moved in with the family.

Mortimer only found out that she had moved in, when he came home from school and saw his aunt sat at the dining room table in her night gown. That memory would scar him for quite some time.

Bachelors Move InEdit

Mortimer was not complaining, when Cornelia told him to take Bella out into the conservatory, while the grown ups had to talk. While they played with the chess set, Bella told Mortimer that her family might have to move away. She did not understand why, but that would mean that they would not see each other any more.

The last thing he wanted was to lose his only friend. During their game he tried to come up with a plan that would mean Bella would not have to move away.

Simis, Bella's father, came out to the conservatory to tell them that they would not be moving away after all. The whole family would be moving into this mansion.

Mortimer was so elated, that he made space for her in his room and got his parents to buy a matching bed to his for Bella to sleep there. At first they had objections to their son sharing a room with a girl, but they were glad to see him happy at last.


Mortimer spent much of his childhood either reading a book, painting on the easel in the attic, doing homework, or playing with Bella. He did speak with Michael often, but never got all that close to Jocasta, Simis or Agnes.

His grades increased. Doing very well in art, getting better grades than most, Mortimer always paid attention, and was never caught slacking off or talking to friends. Outside of home, his social circle was very small.

Mortimer rarely got a good night's sleep, because most nights ghosts would come into his room and turn on his stereo. To get some sleep, he had to move it into the bathroom at night.

Mortimer and Bella were inseparable. They were often seen at the table in the kitchen studying, or playing in the gardens, or talking to each other in the parlour.


Mortimer may have grown in body and years, and managed to grow a rather nice moustache, but he certainly did not act his age. He did not much like the idea of getting a job - he could do all that when he was grown up. The only downside was that he had less time to spend with Bella, while she was at work.

Always having carried a bit of a torch for Bella, Mortimer decided to make his move. He wooed her, with plenty of flattery, and took her out to see a movie or a concert. Easily she fell for him, and agreed to go steady with him. Mortimer believed that she was the love of his life, and his future wife, and he made sure to show her how much she meant to him.

Finally Mortimer was able to enjoy the family fortune. To keep him happy, anything he wanted his parents would buy. All he really bought was books, until Bella urged him to work at the grocery store so they could spend more time together. He misinterpreted the concept of a job, and brought the grocery store, to make sure all the staff treated her kindly. Mortimer meant well, but was unaware that Bella never wanted that to happen. While he was investing, he wanted to prepare for his future and become a partner in the science lab.

Now in her golden years, Cornelia wanted what was best for her son. She got tired of finding him either fishing in the pool, or playing with his old toys in the attic. His mother gave him an ultimatum; get a job, or he will have to maintain the family graveyard. Mortimer did both. Just not the Goth family graveyard, the one for the whole neighbourhood. Well, she didn't specify which family, after all.

Wanting to stay in good shape, he went jogging every day after school. Eventually Gornelia got off his case, so he quit his job.

Young AdultEdit

This life state had a bitter sweet beginning for Mortimer. Bella aged up shortly after. Their love couldn't get any stronger. He got a job in the medical career, because he wanted to help sims. The night he planned to propose to Bella, Simis Bachelor died. He didn't want to be insensitive, while she was mourning her father's loss.

The following night, Bella and Mortimer took a walk through the gardens. He mentioned that he had planned on proposing to her. He decided to go for it, and popped the question. Bella accepted. Since the passing of Simis was still raw in everyone's hearts, they had a small wedding ceremony near the pool, just family and close friends. They moved out of his child hood bedroom, and into Simis and Jocasta's former bedroom - Jocasta couldn't bare to stay in it, because it reminded her too much of Simis.

Now he had a family of his own, Mortimer worked harder to get promoted. Taking any opportunity that he could get, to help further his career.


Mortimer came home from work, to find the whole house in good spirits for a change. Bella announced that she was pregnant with his child. Cornelia had already brought the old Goth cradle down from the attic, and set it up in Mortimer's old room. She had decorated it quite nicely for the new arrival.

He never got to spend much time with Bella during the pregnancy, because of work. He had gotten promoted to medical intern, and was constantly on call. That didn't stop him from running out to the supermarket to get foods that satisfied her cravings, or reading the pregnancy books she insisted her read.

Sadly Jocasta and Gunther passed with in a day of each other. Mortimer never got time to mourn, because he was stressed with work and taking care of his wife.

Mortimer had to miss work, to rush Bella to the hospital, when she went into labour. Both mother and father emerged with a beautiful baby girl, that they named Cassandra. During her babyhood, he barely saw her. More sorrow fell, when Cornelia passed away. Aunt Agnes seemed to disappear all together. She remained in the attic or going down to the graveyard to mourn her sister.

He made time for her, when she aged into a toddler, by potty training her and reading books to her. To make sure his father Gunther could meet Cassandra, he took the urn to the science facility. There was word of a new breakthrough, that could revive ghosts. The ghost of Gunther spent a little time with Cassandra, he was proud of his son. But he was not happy, with being parted from Cornelia. Gunther parted from the world of the living once more, leaving parting words for his son that he could not be more proud of him.

Work went great for Mortimer. He soon became friends with all his co-workers and his boss. He was promoted again and again.

Bella announced that she had fallen pregnant once more. He was excited about being a father again. He called in a few favours at work, to get Bella a scan at the hospital. Mortimer did not want some nurse to tell him what the baby would be. He wanted to find out himself. Bella was carrying a boy. Mortimer had finally got the son and heir that he wanted.

During Bella's pregnancy, Mortimer was on call and reading medical journals. He barely had time to spend with Bella this time. Just as Cassandra aged into a child, Bella went into labour at the party. He rushed her to hospital. The couple left with a baby boy, Alexander.

If Mortimer wasn't working, he was on call waiting to go to work. He saw little of his children at all. He came home from work one day, and was given the sad news that his aunt Agnes had passed away.


Mortimer got older, but certainly not that much wiser. He decided that he would make a possitive move in his life, and work hard towards a promotion. His children were doing well, he had Bella to support him. He just had to get rid of the suspicion that everything was about to change forever.

His hunch proved true, when a young man who was perfectly healthy was rushed into hospital, with a stab wound in his arm. He felt no pain at all. Mortimer stitched him up, and gave him some pain medication. He couldn't help wondering who this strange man was.

Mortimer started to feel old, now that his children were growing up and finding their own way into the world. All his hard work paid off, when he was declared a world renowned surgeon. He decided that it was time to relax, and work on some hobbies that he had let slide, or maybe achieve an old dream or two.

It warmed his heart to see Cassandra find someone that she was head over heels in love with. He accepted Adrian like a son. Mortimer believed that his daughter Cassandra had given birth to an illegitimate daughter named Aria. He accepted the child with open arms.


Mortimer considered retiring from work, but he knew that he would miss working too much. Being an elder did not mean that he had to retire to the rocking chair, shuffling around in his dressing gown and slippers. He never was a sim who could act his age.

When his son rushed into a relationship with the elderly Megan Moocher, he knew something was wrong. They rushed into marriage. Adrian confirmed his fears at the wedding, that Megan Moocher was a criminal and a gold digger. Mortimer took Megan away from the wedding, and offered her §50,000 in exchange for a divorce from Alexander, and a promise never to come near the Goth family ever again. Megan took the money and run, never to be seen in Sunset Valley again. He returned to the party, and told Alexander that she had agreed to a divorce. He never told his son, that there was a money insentive.

Mortimer had noticed Cassandra's vampirism. How could he miss it? He took a day off work, and visited the elixir store, to purchase two potent cure elixirs. He had heard that they cured all supernatural life states.

That night, he gave one vial to his daughter, and told her not to fear death. Just because sims had departed this life, it didn't mean they were gone forever. He asked her to take the potion. A few hours later, he saw that Adrian was human. Mortimer respected her decision, because she was giving someone she loved a better chance at life. He told her that she would understand what he was about to do. Mortimer threw the second potent cure elixir on her, and cured her.

Mortimer comforted Bella, while she mourned Michael. He attended Alexander's wedding, and was thrilled that his first grandson was born shortly after.

During the next full moon, Aria decided to play her guitar for the entertainment of her family. Bella turned to him and kissed him. She told him that she loved him always. Shortly after, she passed away. Mortimer was left broken hearted at the loss of the only woman he had ever loved.

Finally he understood Michael's devotion to Lolita. Mortimer lost all lease of life. His days were spent wandering the house, or in the graveyard at night waiting for Bella's ghost to come. He could not even find joy in watching his grandchildren grow.

Jenna and Alexander do try to take care of him, but he wishes they would leave him alone. He wants to wallow in his own misery in peace and quiet, without all of the fuss.


Mortimer was more than happy to go on his way, when Grim Reaper came for him. He was sat in his favourite rocking chair, while the rest of the family were elsewhere in the house. They all came to mourn his passing. His grave was set beside Bella's in the family graveyard.



Image Skill Level
Professional Sports career iconAthletic10
Handiness skill iconHandiness01
Logic skill iconLogic10
Painting skill iconPainting10



  • Since Mortimer was based off Gomez Addams, I chose to recreate that with his forth trait. From my favourite portrayal of Gomez, played by Raul Julia, who was very childish and charismatic.
  • Mortimer's life will not mirror the one other sims games set out for him. Only similarity will be same family, wife and children. Career, and so on will be different.
  • Mortimer did live to be 105 days old in my game. Nothing was done to encourage this on my part. He just kept on living day after day.

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