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Fanon of Preexisting Sim
This page is about a preexisting Sim in a fanon setting. This article should not be treated as an canon article. For information about the canon Sim, visit here: Mortimer Goth

Mortimer Goth
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Name Mortimer Goth
Gender Male male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Alma Mater School High school
Grade A
Major Biology Biology
Science career icon Carnivorous-Plant Tender
Goth family
Parents Gunther Goth, Cornelia Goth
Romances Bella Bachelor Married
Marital status married
Child(ren) Cassie Goth Daughter
Trait Grumpy small Grumpy
Trait Artistic small Artistic
Trait Ambitious small Ambitious
Trait Clumsy small Clumsy
Trait Charismatic small Charismatic
Fav Classical classical
Fav French Toast french toast
Fav Black black
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Eye color Eye-brown Brown
Skin color Light skin-TS3 light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Mortimer Goth is a sim featured as a supporting character in A Sim's Tale series. He is the only child of Sunset Valley's co-founder Gunther Goth and his wife, Cornelia, husband of Bella Goth, and father of Cassie Goth.

Mortimer first introduced in Book 1 as an antagonist and enemy of Leona Redfield for the first half of the story, but later became a main supporting character until the end. He also once again a supporting character in Book 2 and a minor character in Book 3 and Book 4.


Mortimer was first seen sitting alone at the corner of the cafeteria. Jean could see that Mortimer was very lonely. Bella approached and asked him to join her and introduced the Redfield twins to him. However, he act coldly towards them which led into his antagonistic relationship with Leona.

Later, during his family's feast party, Mortimer went into a fight with Leona. Both yelled at each other until they stopped by Mortimer's father, Gunther, who scolded him in front of everyone.

However, thanks to Bella's advice, two months later, Mortimer decided to made peace with everyone, especially with Leona. He admitted the only thing he wanted was "friends". Feeling sympathetic towards him, the kids promptly forgive him, including Leona.

Following the arrest of Nancy Landgraab, Malcolm absent from the school for weeks. Mortimer with Alex and Miraj made a visit, but Malcom didn't want to meet everyone.

After Jean's suggestion, he and the others decided to visit him once again together.

Mortimer was 10 years old by the time of Book 1.

It was revealed that Mortimer and Bella finally became a couple. They even had their first kiss on their first date.

Mortimer was asked by his mother, Cornelia, to took a package which Katrina Caliente promised to her. Mortimer arrived at Caliente house, only to be seduced by the Caliente sisters, Nina and Dina, creeped him out. Fortunately, he was "saved" after Katrina arrived and gave him the package. He promptly left the Caliente House and returned to his manor.

Mortimer later was seen hanging out with Alex and unwittingly overheard Nina Caliente's conversation about her relationship with Malcolm. When Alex cursing Nina, Mortimer scolded Alex for his language.

Mortimer then informed about Jean's return and attended her homecoming party.

Later, Mortimer and Bella selected to became committees for an upcoming prom.

At the day when Curtiz family moved out, Mortimer and his family were present to bid farewell to the Curtiz.

By the time of Book 2, Mortimer was 17 years old.

Four years later, Mortimer, who was 21 years old, enrolled in Sim State University along with Malcolm Landgraab. He was also still in relationship with Bella. During these years, Mortimer grown mustache (mirroring how his Original Counterpart looked like).

During the semester break, Mortimer and Malcolm decided to return to Sunset Valley.

Years later, Mortimer, now 31 years old, would eventually marry Bella and became the new patriarch of the Goth family. Year marriage, Mortimer and Bella got their first child, a daughter they named Cassie Goth.

Shortly after the end of Book 3, Mortimer elected as the new mayor of Sunset Valley. He expanded and made few changes on the town, which later would be renamed as Pleasantview.

Ten years later, the town's peace was interrupted by the presence of an unknown serial killer. Mortimer was concerned since most of the killer's victims were females since he had a daughter. Mortimer discussed the killer with Enrico, who had been a lieutenant and asked him to capture the killer as soon as possible for sake of the town.


  • I was planning to made Mortimer as Jean's romantic interest, however, I dropped the idea and made Alex Curtiz instead.
  • I made Chapter 7 of Book 2 as a tribute for The Sims 2 where he developed a romantic relationship with Dina Caliente.


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