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Morgan Ward
Morgan Ward 2
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and employment
Career Unemployed Unemployed
Family/Families Ward family
Parents Judith Ward-Villareal, Chester Landgraab, Jacques Villareal Step-son
Siblings Nancy Landgraab Half-sister, Aja WardAdopted, Thomas WardAdopted, Jay WardAdopted, , Luna Villareal Step-daughter, Hugo Villareal Step-son, Max Villareal Step-son
Marital status Single
Romances Aditya Meshram Ex-romance, Naoki Kobayashi Ex-romance
Children Trinity Ward Daughter
Traits Trait TS4 Outgoing Outgoing
Trait TS4 Music Lover Music Lover
Trait TS4 Creative Creative
Trait TS4 Gregarious Gregarious
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 World-Famous Celebrity World-Famous Celebrity
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blond
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Fat Fat
Social standing
Reputation TS4 Reputation Neutral Neutral
Other information
Game TS4 EP6 GF Icon The Sims 4: Get Famous
Playability Playable
World Del Sol Valley
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Morgan Eleanor Jacqueline Ward is an unemployed former five-star celebrity residing in Del Sol Valley. Morgan is the secret biological daughter of Judith Ward, the product of an affair between Judith and entepreneur Chester Landgraab. To cover up the affair and the illegitimate product of it, Judith told Morgan as well as the general public that Morgan was adopted. As a result, Morgan is the biological half-sister of Nancy Landgraab, and the aunt of Malcolm Landgraab. Morgan became famous due to her online vlogging channel as well as her music career, and registered her career as an "online influencer" with the ministry of labour. Morgan recently gave birth to her first child, Trinity Ward, however the baby was kidnapped by her mother Judith. Morgan is now staying out of the spotlight.


Early Life and Secret BirthEdit

Young rising actress Judith Ward began an affair with her friend Nancy's father Chester, the affair was brief but resulted in Judith becoming pregnant with Morgan. To cover up the affair, illegitimate pregnancy, and protect both Judith and Chester's careers, Judith pretended she adopted Morgan from a poor family who were unable to take care of her. As Morgan started to grow up, she started to resemble her mother a lot more which made the public suspicious. As a result, Judith did really adopt triplets from a poor family, naming them Aja, Thomas, and Jay.

Adulthood and Rising FameEdit

Morgan Ward

Morgan at the height of her fame

After graduating high school, Morgan began to create online vlogs, which catapulted her off and gained her recognition for something other than being Judith Ward's "adopted" daughter. As she built up her online fame, Morgan explored her musical ability and released her debut single "In Quiet", which received rave reviews and allowed her to fully begin her music career. Morgan's rising fame reignited the theories about her biological family, which Morgan wasn't aware of. Soon, Morgan released her second single "Landgraab", an ironic choice considering Morgan is half-Landgraab herself. Morgan submitted her singles to Maxis Music Machine, not fully expecting to be signed but they loved her music and signed her. Soon, Morgan began a relationship with an older bartender, Aditya Meshram. Judith disapproved of this relationship mostly because she feared it would go the way of her and Chester and Morgan would end up pregnant.

Motherhood and StardomEdit

Morgan and Aditya later broke up due to conflicting career paths, as well as Morgan's profile rising the more singles she released. Morgan later started dating an attractive paparazzi named Naoki Kobayashi, and the pair fell deeply in love. Despite their deep connection, Morgan and Naoki had extreme commitment issues with each other and rejected each other's proposals, leading to their relationship breaking down. Naoki moved on with another woman and had a son with her, and Morgan threw herself into her work, acheiving a massive hit single with "Hush Now, My Love", a song that she and pianist Finnegan Lemus performed at Judith's wedding to Jacques Villareal. Morgan ended up becoming the carer of her triplet adopted siblings when Judith moved out. Soon, Morgan discovered she was pregnant with Naoki's child after the two hooked up at Judith's wedding. Morgan worries about how having a baby will effect her booming career, but is keeping her child. Morgan allowed Naoki access to their unborn child, but he decided to focus on his life with his wife and son. Morgan gave birth to a baby girl named Trinity Karma Ward with Judith by her side at the hospital.

Missing Baby and End of CareerEdit

Morgan was given a star on Starlight Boulevard for her contributions to music, this combined with Aja's rising career made Judith extremely jealous as her own career faded while her children's careers grew. In a moment of madness and to wreck Morgan's career, Judith kidnapped baby Trinity. Morgan was left heartbroken as her baby went missing, and Judith pretended to support her when in reality she was planning an escape with the child. Unable to release new music and continue with her career, Morgan was dropped from her record label. Morgan released a single called "Find You" in hopes of reaching out to Trinity and whoever took her, but without the support of Maxis Music Machine, the track was a commercial flop and Morgan gave up, deciding to live a life of solitude while supporting Aja with her own growing career. Morgan needed someone to blame for Trinity's disappearance, and decided to make Naoki her target of abuse for being an absent father to Trinity, and she ended up getting into a physical altercation with him in front of his son Phoenix. Morgan also began binge eating, gaining weight, and lost her glamarous lifestyle, now living on the money Aja made from her music as well as royalties from her early hits. Morgan also began receiving anonymous online abuse (all orchestrated by Judith), leading her to become addicted to food and medication. After a fanmail asked where she'd been, Morgan released "Missing Myself" as a response, making it clear she'd be staying away from the music industry out of grief but thanking her fans for their support. When Aja announced her intentions to adopt a baby, Morgan was upset, still grieving for Trinity who had been missing for a decade. Morgan eventually became alright with Aja adopting, and was allowed to help out in raising baby Jasmine. Morgan helping raise her niece slightly filled the hole in her heart that Trinity left, but as she wasn't her own baby she still felt sad.


  • Morgan's story about her biological mother pretending she was adopted is based off the story of Loretta Young and Judy Lewis. Loretta was a famous Hollywood actress in the 1930's who became pregnant by another famous actor named Clark Gable, as to avoid scandal and ruining their careers, Loretta pretended she had adopted Judy after birth. It was only thirty years later Judy found out the truth.
  • Morgan's current discography mostly contains songs that are parodies of other YouTuber singles: "In Quiet", "Asteroid", "Truthfully/Truthfully Part 2", "Demon/Demon (Resurrected)", and "Operate" are parodies of Gabbie Hanna's "Out Loud", "Satellite" "Honestly/Honestly (Encore)", "Monster/Monster (Reborn)", and "Medicate". "Landgraab" is a parody of Tana Mongeau's "Hefner".
  • Except for her original songs "Hush Now, My Love", "Find You", and "Missing Myself", Her two other singles have been covers, with "Sisters are Doin' It For Themselves" being a cover of the song by Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin, and "She Works Hard for the Money" being a cover of the song by Donna Summer.
  • Morgan is friends with another superstar music sensation in Del Sol Valley, Alice Mia.



  • Morgan Ward


  • In Quiet
  • Landgraab
  • Asteroid
  • Truthfully
  • Truthfully (Part 2)
  • Demon
  • Demon (Resurrected)
  • Operate
  • Hush Now, My Love (featuring Finnegan Lemus)
  • Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (Aja Ward featuring Morgan Ward)
  • She Works Hard for the Money (with Alice Mia)
  • Find You
  • Missing Myself
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