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[[File:|670px|link=|Moonlight Bay]]
Moonlight Bay
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Moonlight Bay
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Moonlight Bay
With the uprise of local Willow Landgraab as Emperor of Evil, Moonlight Bay is certainly changing for the better... Or is it? Willow's buying out the town, rebranding businesses and, in turn, making them even more successful than they ever were. She's even beginning construction on new buildings, venues, and houses; spanning out the town to be bigger and better than ever before. What is her plan in all of this, though? Some say she just wants to clean up her hometown, others think she's up to something more sinister... But after all, despite making many enemies upon the road to success (or even just in her day-to-day life), she's not even evil, really. Not to mention, her husband, Adrien Landgraab, is one of the most influential, and totally NOT evil, rockers in town! And she has him wrapped around her finger, so she can't really be that bad, right?
Name Moonlight Bay
Game(s) The Sims 3 (console)
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Moonlight Bay is the world shipped with the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 versions of The Sims 3.

Families Edit

New families Edit

Difficulty: 2
Willow Landgraab, Adrien Landgraab
Easily the two most powerful Sims in town. With Willow owning almost all of Moonlight Bay, including her own club, Club Willowtree, and constantly renovating the stores and venues around the neighborhood to be more appealing to younger residents. The town is slowly becoming less of an "old-people-populated family town" and more of a party town with lots of stuff to do, and where undermining business can easily go under everybody's noses. Meanwhile, Adrien is trying to make music that will have a positive effect on the world.
Difficulty: 4
Morgan Flynn, Caroline Flynn, Charlie Flynn, Anissa Flynn, Pippa Flynn
Morgan wasn't always good, but that didn't stop Caroline from taking him in when he was framed at the crime scene his then-wife, Liara caused and then left him in. He was traumatized, and Caroline saw something in him and wanted to help. After performing several unethical experiments on him (some even having gone awry with killer bad mood side effects), she had finally done it! Caroline had created the traitchanger, which successfully reversed Morgan's traits to formerly incompatible ones.

Returning families Edit

Difficulty: 1
Malcolm Landgraab
Malcolm lost everything because of that woman. His wife, his job, his home, and even his beloved son. Plus, John Nelson beat the candy out of him when he found out about his affair with Roxy, his wife. And little does he know, the new baby is his, too, but Malcolm doesn't want a relationship with that kid for MANY reasons. Rumor has it, Malcolm was the one who murdered his girlfriend Anita, but he swears he was framed, by no other than Mrs. Lyndgraab, herself. Now, a lower-class and "uncredible" resident of Moonlight Bay, Malcolm is determined to prove to the world what Willow is up to... If only he knew what.
Difficulty: 5
Derek Monroe, Marcella Monroe
Distraught after Rain and Rita's leaving, and almost losing her job because of them... again, Marcella wanted to take the opportunity to stop lying, but she still hasn't made that promise yet, and it's getting harder everyday. Marcella has mourned the loss of her husband many, many times, convincing herself that he was gone for good. Well, now he's back and she can't believe it, but she loves every moment she spends with him, and the family as a whole once again. Although she neglected to mention the relationship she had with Morgan Flynn while he was away.

Homeless SimsEdit

Some of these Sims are pre-made, but homeless nonetheless in Moonlight Bay


Deceased SimsEdit

1980's Moonlight Bay Edit

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