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Fanon of Preexisting Sim
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Moonlight Bay
Moonlight Bay
Name Moonlight Bay
Game  The Sims 3 (console)
Comments and Reviews
Moonlight Bay is a pre-made town in The Sims 3 (Console) for Playsation3 or Xbox 360 and is one of the towns being played by Heather Wakefield aka Hunter.

Families Edit

Difficulty : 5
Penny Aragon,Nicola Aragon,Jenny Aragon,Anderson Aragon,Rose Aragon
Penny has lived in Moonlight Bay all her life. one day she met Ford bennet who moved across the street and instantly became romantic. now having his children and him moving in to a mansion on the bottom of the town, Can Penny trust Ford."
Difficulty: 1
Trevor Burton
In high school, Trevor Burton broke a lot of hearts on his ever-present quest for the next conquest. Will living on his own in a new town soften his outlook?
Difficulty: 5
Cevin Faron, Willow Lynd, Rain Leary,Franklin Lynd, Antoinette Lynd
A lot has changed for the Cilque Roommates, Willow and Morgan became a couple until Morgan caught Willow cheating with Ford Bennett. Soon after Willow found out that she was pregnant but did not know if Morgan or Ford. When Willow gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Franklin she took a DNA test and her boyfriend Morgan was the father. Willow and Morgan stayed together until Morgan caught Willow cheating on him again with Ford again. She became pregnant again and this time her gurgling girl Antoinette was the daughter of Ford. Morgan broke up with Willow and moved into a four-bedroom mansion across town leaving Willow raising two children but luckily she has her BFF Cevin Faron and her now Young Adult roomamte Rain Leary.
Difficulty: 5
Gretchen Cabrera, Lawrence Cabrera, Cleveland Cabrera
"Gretchen was a single mother to two children (currently not listed here) and now has two more with her new boyfriend Ford. Gretchen is happy to have Lawrence and Cleveland and is wondering the question for Ford "can we have more children?" what will Ford say?"
Difficulty: 6
Liara Kozen,Florence Kozen, Claire Kozen,Angeline Kozen
Liara is the second girl stolen from Morgan Flynn by Ford Bennett. Liara is a criminal who is working hard for her five daughters, two of them (currently not listed here) being fathered by Morgan while her last three (Florence, Claire, and Angeline) are fathered by Ford."
Difficulty: 4
Cookie Leary, Terrell Leary,Chaim Leary, Jake Leary,Daniel Leary
"It all started with James and Kara Leary who were 1960's a hippie couple who got married and had their first child - a baby girl who they named Cookie born 1974, then came another baby girl who was named Sunshine born 1986, and their last child - also a girl named Rain born 1994. in 2010 Rain moved out at aged 16 to The Cilque Household. everything was fine until 2018 when James died at age 81. Kara died soon after aged 80. Sunshine became pregnant and had a baby boy named Terrell who is the son of Ford Bennett who would be the father of Cookie's three children Chaim, Jake, and Daniel all boys. Sunshine moved out leaving behind her son Terrell with his aunt Cookie and his half-siblings/cousins."
Difficulty 2
Sunshine Leary,Alphonso Leary
Difficulty 4
Marcella Monroe, Randy Monroe, Herger Monroe, Vickie Monroe
FanonJohn Nelson (Heather), Roxy Nelson, Rita Nelson, Sofi Nelson, Fanon:Crichton Nelson (Heather)
Fanon:Alice Rannt (Heather), Byron Rannt,Dana Rannt,Dedric Rannt,Carey Rannt
William Conner, River Conner, Leonard Ryan, Logan Ryan
Difficulty: 1
Morgan Flynn

Difficulty 6
Pawel Majors, Claudia Majors,Roger Majors, Meghan Majors, Jenny Majors, Stefanie Majors

Difficulty 5
Carisa Vera, Warren Gaston, Cletus Vera, Elbert Vera, Frank Vera
Difficulty 1
Ford Bennet
"Ford is the town womanizer and none of his girlfriends even know that he is a womanizer along with multiple children."
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