This is "Part One" of The Destruction of the TARDIS, it is followed by "Divided", Lost and "Sabotage"

The Destruction of the TARDIS:
Part One: Missive
The Ninth Doctor's Hologram appears on the monitar to give the Doctor and Katarina a message of impending doom.
Publisher(s) Bhind45
Series The Sims
Engine The Sims 3 Engine
Creature None
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The Destruction of the TARDIS: "Missive" (Part One) is a Doctor Who: Sims 3 episode, that was uploaded on July 14, 2012. It was the first episode of Doctor Who: The Sims 3 series to be uploaded. Christopher Eccleston who plays the Ninth Doctor in the New Series makes an appearance in the episode.


The Doctor runs into the TARDIS from a previous unseen adventure, only to find the TARDIS suffering from an unknown circumstance, as a result the TARDIS prepares to Self-Destruct. But before this happens a hologram of the Ninth Doctor appears on the Monitar. The Ninth Doctor explains that after this they must leave the TARDIS and let it become an ordanary Phone Box. The TARDIS than activates the Self-Destruct.



Special Guest StarEdit

  • Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor (credited as Hologram)


Music ComposersEdit

  • Murrry Gold
  • Dominic Glynn (Music Theme)

Music NotesEdit

  • This is the first episode to have the Dominic Glynn Theme Music, this was previously used as the Music Theme in Season 23. This Music Theme would be used until "Sabotage", although it was replaced as the Opening Theme Music, it was still heard on the Ending Credits. Therefore it wasn't until "Catacomb", that the music wasn't heard at all.
  • The music heard during the Ninth Doctors speech is from "The Impossible Planet".


  • A missive is a long message. This refers to the Ninth Doctor's pre-recorded "missive" to the Doctor and Katarina.
  • From August 2012 to July 2013, this episode was only given the title of "Part One". It wasn't until the planning stage of the Uncut versions that it was given the title of "Missive" as so to remain consistent with the remaining serials of the series.

Production NotesEdit

  • This is the first episode to have the "TO BE CONTINUED..." caption at the cliffhanger. This wouldn't be repeated until "Catacomb", where it would then become a common device.
  • This episode is the only one to date to have no Main Enemy.
  • With a running length of 3 minutes and 5 second, this is the shortest episode outer the whole entire series.
  • This episode contains the first appearnce of the Blue Vortex Opening Sequence. This would be used until "Sabotage". The blue vortex itself would last be seen in "Catacomb".
  • An early edit of this episode has Christopher Eccleston credited as "Special Guest Star" on the opening sequence.


  • Many sound effects such as the Electronic Door Opening, Cloiser Bell, TARDIS Hum, and de-metallisation are from the Classic Series. These sound effects would continue to be used in future episodes.
  • Christopher Eccleston makes a guest appearance. This appearance was achieved by using archive footage from "The Parting of the Ways".
  • The Cloiser Bell can be heard when the TARDIS is "Preparing to Self-Destruct". It would be heard again in "Divided", "Sabotage", "Nemesis" and "Siege". This sound is from the Classic and New series, first used in Logopolis.


  • During the End Credits when the images from the episode are being shown, there is an image of Katarina standing next to a Blue/Silver door. This did not happen in the episode. The reason for this is that the door was originally Blue and Silver, but was changed, and the scene was refilmed. Before it was refilmed, the images on the Ending Credits were already edited.
  • Although not a mistake on the episodes part (No Pun Intendend), The Trailer that was uploaded prior to this included a clip of Christopher Eccleston turning his head towards the Doctor and Katarina. The appearance of the monitar and the size of his face is stikenly different to what it is in the actual episode.
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