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These are Fanon sims created by Heather Waldield AKA Hunter sorted by surname.


Judy Hoffman was the mistress of Michael Zhang who was killed along with Michael of starvation by Diana Lino.


Georgia Idaho was the wife of Irwin Idaho and mother of Marie Idaho. While I was filming a YouTube video for Fans controlling my sims I accidently added Georgia to my household and I did not save before so since Georgia was an adult I aged her up into a elder and aged her up again which caused her to die of old age.


Kingston, Michael

Michael Kingston is the ex-fiance of Fanon:Jackie-Marie Moorelau the father of Fanon:Christilla Moorelau. He was a deadbeat father because he left Jacoie-Marie at the altar never to be seen again.


Masonroe, Ben

Ben Masonroe was the abusive father of Renee Masonroe and abusive husband of Fanon:Kartoola Masonroe who divorced him. Ben died sometime after his wife and daughter left him and is currently suffering in the Netherworld.


Shawlor, James

James Shawlor was the husband of Fanon:Marshella Shawlor and father of Fanon:Lillian Shawlor. He was killed after he was run over by a drunken driver.

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