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This relates to various minor organizations in Time Paradox.

City-State of Twinbrook[edit | edit source]

City-State of Twinbrook is a result of the hostilities that grew between the pro-Bridgeport part of SimNation and the Papal State after Kallisto's bombardment of Bridgeport. Twinbrook is a backwater in the SimNation political and economical landscape. However, Twinbrook was also home to David Pollair, who had pro-Papal tendencies after being rejected by the Bridgeport celebrities. David Pollair was most interested in the Papal technologies, some of which were aimed at sustainability. Despite his primary trait of love of outdoors, David Pollair was also a capable planner, and thanks to his organizational skills, David became a warlord of sorts, and occupied Twinbrook with little resistance. Having taken over Twinbrook, David declared independence, and formed the City-State of Twinbrook.

The City-State did not last long simply because Twinbrook was a backwater: It didn't have the capacity to manufacture much, nor did it have large agricultural capability as most of its land was marshy. Given such inconveniences, David decided that it would be best to have the Papal State either annex the independent state, or at very least have Papal sponsorship to keep Twinbrook afloat. Surely enough, Kallisto annexed Twinbrook in exchange for a formation of a chapter. David, despite his skills, was not skilled enough to make it to the core member class, although he worked around with the status of Lochagos (which was given to Hypatia's Simbot, Epaphroditos). He also pioneered in the structure of the Ecclesiarchal Chapter, notably with the creation of the concept of Chapter Serfs, which diffused back to the original Ecclesiarchal Chapter in Hekatonschoinos, resulting in the adoption of Jessica Tesla as a chapter serf to the Big 6.

The Keltoi[edit | edit source]

There are two Gallic families, the Aidouoi and the Arbernoi. The Aidouoi and the Arbernoi are inimical to each other, although neither are large enough to make large claims.

Aidouoi[edit | edit source]

They are the second Gallic family to be introduced to the Fanon. They currently reside within Sunset Valley, and hence lives under the jurisdiction of Papal authority. Given the patriarchal nature of the Gallic families, the Aidouoi find it strange that women (i.e. Chrysanthema, Pyrrha, and Esomena) are leading the neighborhood. Despite this, the Aidouoi maintain cordial relationship with the Sunset Valley Chapter, especially as Chrysanthema is a noted benefactor of many around. The Aidouoi also finds friends in the Al-Dar, both sharing patriarchal tendencies and love of large social groupings. Aidouoi also seems to have some connection with the people of Massalia, given that Aidouoi also sport Vercingetorix, who hails from Massalia. Given the timeline, Vercingetorix has no relationship with another Massalian, Herakleitos, who is a butler to the Japanese patriarchal family in the 3rd timeline. Aidouoi are also an active contributor to the Sunset Valley community, and Sunset Valley remains the most heterogenous and diverse neighborhood of the Papal State. Cocolitanos oi Aedu is the leader of the Aidouoi household.

Arbernoi[edit | edit source]

Unlike the Aidouoi, Only one member of the Arbernoi are introduced so far: Aneirin oi Lugos. Aneirin is a foil to Cocolitanos, the leader of the Aidouoi, as Aneirin is ambitious, while Cocolitanos is proper. Given Aneirin's comparatively lax morality compared to Cocolitanos, Aneirin has engaged in some dark rituals that led to his current status as a Vampire. Aneirin was introduced first, and he is with Rachel Swanson, the sister of both Tessa and Nicole Swanson, both now being gradually inducted into the Ecclesiarchy. In the skirmish between Antigone and Kallisto, Rachel is eventually taken by Kallisto. In exchange, Kallisto offers something, although that thing is not revealed in the plot so far. Aneirin, going with the exchange, wishes to use it against Cocolitanos and the rest of the Aidouoi. Aneirin so far has made it to the outskirts of Sunset Valley, althoug he has not made any appearance in the actual neighborhood itself.

The Right-Wing parties[edit | edit source]

There are associations who oppose the Ecclesiarchy on ideological terms. Two such parties are the Patriot Party and the Elect. As the title may suggest, they hold right-wing tendencies and are rather disgusted by the relative leftism of the Ecclesiarchy.

Patriot Party[edit | edit source]

As their names would suggest, the Patriot Party runs on a platform of nationalism (and xenophobia). Given that, they scream loyalty to the old order, and has anti-Greek sentiments given Kallisto's bombardment of Bridgeport. Despite their loud entrance, the Patriot Party was rendered rather powerless by Ecclesiarchal control of public reputation, and given high popularity of the Sunset Valley Chapter at almost all times after the creation of the Papal State, Patriot Party never gained any converts to the cause. The Patriot Party was eventually removed by Esomena after Esomena engaged in a revolution, taking down all facilities and remaking some. The Patriot Party seems to be a great fan of the Metal Gear franchise, as the couple of the group are named Divided Snake and United Snake. The other two members are named Snake of Retribution, and Otakororo Trevell, serving as a loudmouth and the "rational one" respectively.

The Elect[edit | edit source]

The other right-wing faction is the Elect, situated at Bridgeport. Despite them having experienced Kallisto's bombardments directly, the Elect has not made any official statements of hostility towards the Ecclesiarchy. However, the Elect has libertarian tendencies, and has no love of Kallisto's "statism" involving huge government spending on infrastructures and research. Despite being disgusted by the Ecclesiarchy, they also have no love of the Bridgeport celebrities either, believing them to be unworthy of fame. The Elect, despite their lack of respect for their ways (or peer review), seems to be willing to play the celebrites in their own game, and also doubles as a band. The most skilled in instrument would be Laan Blueshore, a parody of Alan Greenspan given his proficiency in the saxophone. Other members include the leader Ray Dann (an anagram of Ayn Rand), Edith Berry, Lucas Howland, and Peggy Brennel. The Elect is not an homogenous group: Edith Berry for one doesn't have strong political alignment, having joined the Elect mainly because Edith was a loner and because of the band element of the Elect.

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