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The Sims 3

Minerva Sanchez
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Ah, the Roman goddess of wisdom! She isn't a genius though, she's more of a flirty person.
Name Minerva Sanchez
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Sanchez Family
Parents Mortimer Goth, Kaylynn Goth
Sibling(s) Gunther Goth II Brother, Deimos GothAdopted Brother, Athena Goth Twin Sister, Francis Goth Half-Brother
Romances Ferdinand Sanchez Deceased, Christopher Steel Engaged
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Christina Sanchez Daughter, Magdalena Alvi Daughter, Capitan Sanchez Son, Salvador Sanchez Son
Trait Flirty small.png Flirty
Trait Family-Oriented small.png Family-Oriented
Trait Neat small.png Neat
Trait Good small.png Good
Trait Friendly small.png Friendly
Zodiac sign AquariusLN.png Aquarius
Lifetime wish
LTW Surrounded by Family.png Surrounded by Family
Fav Classical.png Classical
Fav Cookies.png Cookies
Fav Hot Pink.png Hot Pink
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Minerva Sanchez (née Goth) is the first daughter of Mortimer Goth and Kaylynn Goth. She is the sister of Gunther Goth II, Deimos Goth, and her twin sister Athena Goth; and the wife of Ferdinand Sanchez.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After three days of being pregnant, Kaylynn Goth gave birth to twin sisters: Minerva and Athena Goth, with Minerva being delivered first. Minerva was not a genius, but she was a pretty bright child; when she was a teen, she got onto the honor roll.

Anyways, she met Ferdinand Sanchez. The two fell in love and Minerva became Ferdinand's girlfriend. When they graduated, Ferdinand proposed to Minerva and they married, then they tried for a baby. Having more than ten thousand points of lifetime happiness, she "bought" Fertility Treatment and when her prengnancy ended, she gave birth to twins: Christina and Magdalena Sanchez.

When her two daughters became teens, she tried for baby with Ferdinand again. This time, she gave birth to a boy: Capitan Sanchez. When he became a child, Minerva and Ferdinand tried for yet another baby. Before she became pregnant, she "purchased" the lifetime reward Super Green Thumb.

After three days, Minerva delivered Salvador Sanchez, her second son. And when he became a child, Minerva and Ferdinand decided to have a baby again, and they had twin daughters: Ehelisa and Marietta. And when the twins became children, Minerva and Ferdinand tried for baby yet again. (The babies don't stop coming.) After the pregnancy ended, Minerva gave birth to Consolacion Sanchez.

But it's not all births! Ferdinand later died of hunger, leaving Minerva alone. But then she met Christopher Steel, and he later proposed and moved in with her.

Simology[edit | edit source]

The Sims 3
Image Skill Level
Culinary career icon.png Cooking 2
Gardening skill icon.png Gardening 10
Painting skill icon.png Painting 1

The Sims 3
Name Relationship level
Kaylynn Goth Mother
Ferdinand Sanchez Husband
Salvador Sanchez Son
Christina Sanchez Daughter
Gunther Goth II Brother
Capitan Sanchez Son
Marietta Sanchez Daughter
Francis Goth Half-Brother
Athena Goth Sister
Sam Sekemoto Old Friend
Magdalena Alvi Daughter
Fiona McIrish Acquaintance
Iliana Langerak Grandmother
Marty Keaton Acquaintance
Gus Hart Stranger
Fernando Bergeron Acquaintance
Deimos Goth Brother
Monika Morries Acquaintance
Clark Sauer Acquaintance
Ehelisa Sanchez Daughter

Family[edit | edit source]

Part of the Goth-Langerak-Bachelor-Sanchez-Funke family tree as seen by Minerva

List of Children[edit | edit source]

With Ferdinand Sanchez[edit | edit source]

  • Christina Sanchez
  • Magdalena Alvi (née Sanchez)
  • Capitan Sanchez
  • Salvador Sanchez
  • Ehelisa Steel (née Sanchez)
  • Marietta Steel (née Sanchez)
  • Consolacion Steel (née Sanchez)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As stated in her caption, Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, but I thought she was the goddess of love (it's Venus).
  • She doesn't actually have a Zodiac sign. This is because I am playing on an older version of The Sims 3. I just chose a random sign.
  • Speaking of signs, there is a strange coincidence: In The Sims 2, townies with Aquarius as their zodiac sign have their aspiration as Family. Minerva, on the other hand, is considered to be an Aquarius and her Lifetime wish is Surrounded by Family! Wow!
  • Her favorite music actually isn't classical. It's actually custom music, but it doesn't show an icon when put in the template.
  • She tends the biggest garden in Sunset Valley, with about forty-five tomato plants.
  • Her daughter Ehelisa's name came from Kaiko Mikkusu: In my page Goth Monarchy, Kaiko commented "What would be 1h111s1's (Minerva's great-aunt) name if they keyboard wasn't broken? I would imagine Ehelisa." Although 1h111s1 was supposed to be named Theresa, I reused the name.
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