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Melanie Garvouis
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Headshot largeMelanieGarvouis
Melanie is appears to be a very driven young woman. Although some may say it's just that.
Name Melanie Garvouis
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Human icon Normal
Education and Employment
Political career icon Leader of the Free World
Cole family/Garvouis family
Parents Culbert Cole and Nevaeh Cole Deceased
Sibling(s) Ryan Cole Male
Romances Wyatt Garvouis Married Deceased
Child(ren) Rosaura Daughter, Bianca Daughter and Alphonse Son Deceased
Trait Dramatic small Dramatic
Trait Perfectionist small Perfectionist
Trait Nurturing small Nurturing
Trait Coward small Coward
Trait Ambitious small Ambitious
Zodiac sign LeoLN Leo
Lifetime wish
LTW Leader of the Free World Leader of the Free World
Fav Classical Classical
Fav Cookies Cookies
Fav Sea Foam Sea Foam
Hair color Haircolor1-TS3 Blonde
Eye color Eye-blue Blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Fat Fat
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
World Riverview
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Melanie Garvouis (née Cole) is a deceased member of the illustrious Garvouis family. She became a member of the family when she married Wyatt, heir of the 2nd generation. She did not marry for the money. However, marrying this influential family facilitated her ascension in the Political branch.


Melanie was born to Culbert and Nevaeh Cole, in a a small farm in Riverview. As both her parents were unemployed, lived off the land - she was raised under challenging circumstances. Nonetheless, both her parents were dedicated to raising Melanie and her younger brother, Ryan. Melanie worked her way up at school despite having to help her parents out with the house and her little brother. This lifestyle made her yearn for more

Melanie met Fire Chief Wyatt by chance, and considered it the best thing happening to her so far, as he was the son of two acclaimed celebrities, Isaac and Constance Garvouis; an inventor and a journalist, respectively. Wyatt was indeed interested in her, and she couldn't let an opportunity like that slip away. Their first date was a dinner at bistro.

Although many would think she was moved by ascension and status, which Melanie definitely considered a plus, she actually did fall in love with Wyatt. He unexpectedely proposed to her after they had gone star gazing, on their fifth date.

The marriage ceremony happened at Wyatt's home. Melanie, a recently employed politician, would become acquainted with several people, increasing her network. The marriage ceremony was a big success, despite the deaths of two young vampires at the end, which totally scared cowardly Melanie. Later she moved in.

She was very scared of her husband's brother, Alfred, as he acted very hostile towards her, and would learn he was enemies with her husband.

One night while everybody was asleep, Melanie went to the kitchen as she was hungry and she thought she saw the ghost of Alfred, following her everywhere. [1] Terrified, she fainted, falling on the floor. Upon waking up, she looked around and caught no sight of the ghost. Thinking she had hallucinated due to burn out from working so hard, she went back to bed.

Her successful ascension as Councelor in the Senate was interrupted by her first pregnancy. Much to her husband's disappointment, a girl was born, she was named Rosaura. Her husband very much desired a boy, as girls were not allowed to inherit titles and property in Riverview, and he was afraid those would pass on to Alfred.

The retired grandparents would help taking care of her daughter when Melanie and Wyatt couldn't, however, they would die of Old Age, leaving Melanie no option but to divide her attention between work and family life.

She had become a quite persuasive politician, with some deal of influence over the town hall. By this time, Melanie and Wyatt were struggling to conceive another child. She also couldn't relate to her daughter who, despite bright, wasn't hard working like Melanie. Instead, she spent all her free time on the laptop Wyatt offered.

Rosaura would then learn of her responsibility as a heiress, and was very scared. [2] She did not want to commit and never said yes to going to social events with her mother to get to know the local socialites.

Indeed, Melanie would be completely taken by surprise by her daughter's sudden disappearance when she was just going to become a young adult. Ursula also got a note seemingly written by Rosaura telling them not to look for them.

This very much distressed Wyatt and pleased Alfred, who recoiled in his brother's misfortune. Alfred also refused to leave, claiming to be the legitimate heir then.

Wyatt and Melanie agreed to go on a fertility treatment so they could conceive, despite being well into their late adulthood. Luckily, Melanie got pregnant with twins, just two days away from becoming an elder, which completely enraged Alfred.

She gave birth to healthy Bianca and Alphonse who were the joy of the family, except for Alfred.

Life ran normally, despite Melanie and Wyatt being quite old parents and needing help from younger Ursula, Wyatt's sister, and the butler. However, Alfred was always detonating stuff to show his rage.

On the day before the twins' birthday, Ursula would come home to find that the fridge, oven and table had been detonated.

On the same night, a fire started in the twins room. Bianca was able to escape the room, however, but felt deeply traumatized by her brother, who was surrounded by the flames and seemed not able to move, and passed away. The whole family seemed to be grief-striken, even Alfred. However, Wyatt was very suspicious of him and demanded he leave. Ursula, however, was not convinced. Bianca did not talk for days and would refuse to be in the same room as her uncle.

Rosaura was again set to inherit, but, given her disappearance, the new heiress was Bianca. Bianca accepted her duty and obligation to her family, but requested to move out when she was grown up, which she did. Melanie would die of old age, soon after Wyatt.

Some say she died from sorrow…


  1. Alfred had drank a potion that allowed him to temporarily turn into a ghost.
  2. Melanie used her political influence over other Counceulors and managed to get a law forbidding females from inheriting, changing it so it Rosaura could inherit, as there were no eligible males.


  • Melanie was shaped like a pear, and her daughter Bianca would inherit her body shape, being only slightly thinner than Melanie. Rosaura, however, while similiar to Melanie in body weight and muscle tone, was shaped more like an hourglass, having a bigger top.
  • Out of the three children, Alphonse was the one who resembled his mother in facial features more closely.
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