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The Medal of the Phoenix was a Liberation Army military honour that was bestowed posthumously upon worthy deceased members of the Army. Recipients were chosen by the Phoenix Selection Council. Around fifty Medals were awarded.

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Medal of the Phoenix

Selection criteriaEdit

  • Bravery - Those who knew the candidate and/or served with them were interviewed by the PSC. The service record of the candidate was subsequently checked for notable acts of selflessness and bravery.
  • Conduct - The candidate's service record was again checked for behaviour. The candidate's service record had to contain minimal, preferably no, records of misconduct. Misconduct, according to the PSC Thesis, "unnecessary, unwarranted, and/or unauthorised violence against other members of the candidate's crew/team; inhumane treatment of Prisoners of War; endangerment of the crew/team; unjustified and/or insufficiently explained insubordination to the commanding officer; etc."
  • Loyalty
  • Honour - The cause of death of the candidate could not be suicide, as it was considered dishonourable. However, exceptions included self-sacrifice, an example being Koriana Colpa, who flew her airship into a Government communications array in an attempt to disrupt communication between enemy troops and their commanders. This sacrifice ultimately led to the defeat of the Government forces, and as such Colpa's behaviour was not considered dishonourable.



A reconstruction of Koriana Colpa's Medal. The actual Medal was buried with her and has since decayed beyond restoration. Pleasant Meadows Mausoleum Museum, Oasis Landing.

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