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Time went by, generations have passed, and now, a not so pleasant town. Can the neighborhood recap the love they lost?
Name Meadowview
Game(s) The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
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Meadowview is a neighborhood for The Sims 2 created by Limegreen5. The neighborhood is supposed to be a peaceful, quiet small town.

Meadowview is a neighborhood made by Limegreen5 that is inspired by Pleasantview.The storyline and characters are slightly similar to Pleasantview but not that much. There are 7 families living in the neighborhood along with 2 in the family bin.

Meadowview has all different types of residential lots. On the quiet side of town there is a small trailer park made up of three trailers. The street next to that there is a road of shops which are next to the starter homes around where the Abbing sisters live and where Liam Young lives. Down the street has average family homes where the Windham family lives which leads to the more "well-off" side of town where the Wellock family and the Friends family live. Then there is a part of town with a huge mansion. Next to the mansion is a long dark road that goes into a forest which leads to a little cabin in the woods known as "The Willow Street House"


Abbing Family: The Abbing sisters have always had a rocky siblingship since the Liam incident when they were teenagers. Will Nicki ever be able to trust Britney? Or at least forgive her?


Nicki Abbing, Britney Abbing

Caldwell Family: With Davis being the town sheriff, he has always been harsh on his only son Shawn. But with another Caldwell on the way, will Shawn be a good influence? Will Davis and Tabitha be good parents?


Davis Caldwell, Tabitha Caldwell, Shawn Caldwell

Friends Family: Known as the 'Friendliest Family in Town' the Friends family is well known to Meadowview. But is the family all as good as everyone says? And will Dylan and Rebecca be able to accept each others differences?


Caleb Friends, Jennifer Friends, Dylan Friends, Rebecca Friends

Wellock Family: The Wellocks' have resided in Meadowview for many generations, but the town isn't coming out so great. With all of the young influences around Bethany will she be able to stay focused on her future instead of her social life? Will she ever have enough time for her social life?


Wheatley Family: Without Phil's guidence for Ronnie, life has been hard for the Wheatley family. While Mindy tries to teach Vanessa the ways of being a young lady, Ronnie's mischeivous behavior gets in the way. Will Mindy be able to raise her two kids on her own?


Mindy Wheatley, Ronnie Wheatley, Vanessa Wheatley

Windham Family: Ever since Mya died, Dennis knew life wouldn't be the same. Without a good influence for Meghan she'll make more mistakes than she's already made! Will Dennis ever find love? Will Meghan pull her act together?


Dennis Windham, Meghan Windham, Aiden Windham

Young Family: When it was time to go on his own, Liam just so happened to move right around the corner from his high school sweethearts. Is Liam making the right choice by staying with Britney? Or is there still a little luck left for Nicki?


Liam Young

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