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Matthew Rourke
Name Matthew Rourke
Gender Male Male
Parents Abigail Rourke, Wendell Rourke Deceased
Sibling(s) Elenore Rourke Sister Hannah Rourke Sister
Romances None
Child(ren) None

The Sims 3 Supernatural Logo.png
Matthew Rourke.jpg
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Human
Education and Employment
Alma Mater Sims University
Major Physical Education.png Physical Education
Military career icon.png Latrine Cleaner
Trait Over-Emotional small.png Over-Emotional
Trait Hopeless Romantic small.png Hopeless Romantic
Trait Diva small.png Diva
Trait Handy small.png Handy
Trait Mean Spirited small.png Mean Spirited
Zodiac sign GeminiLN.png Gemini
Lifetime wish
LTW Become an Astronaut.png Become an Astronaut
Fav Chinese.png Chinese
Fav Ceviche.png Ceviche
Fav Grey.png Grey
Hair color Haircolor3-TS3.jpg Brown
Eye color Eye-green.png Green
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game TS3SN Icon.png The Sims 3: Supernatural
Playability Playable
World Moonlight Falls

Matthew Rourke is the heir to the Rourke family and the only son of Abigail and Wendell. Being the middle child being Elenore and Hannah has cause Matthew to feel somewhat more feminine than Abigail would like.

Toddlerhood[edit | edit source]

Matthew was a cute little toddler, and as a boy, he was doted on by Abigail who could finally say that she would be happy with the heir to her husband's family. He was very happy and loved his older sister Elenore. Shortly after his own birth, came Hannah, who Matthew instantly bonded with. The two became very close very fast, both feeling somewhat out of place in the Rourke family. 

Matthew Rourke as a Toddler

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Matthew's bullying nature came out in his childhood. Being best friends with his sister Hannah, picking on and terrorizing the rest of the family and those at school. He adapted well to the "anti-Supernatural" nature of his mother and picked on them more. 

One day, Matthew saw little Hannah talking to a Werewolf child and began bullying him, despite Hannah's objections. This caused a rift between two that would last a lifetime.

Matthew Rourke as a Child

Teenhood[edit | edit source]

As a teenager, Matthew also became a hopeless romantic, leading to him dating young. He started dating and had many girlfriends throughout his high school career, this angering Hannah, who missed her brother. Matthew missed Hannah, however he could never get the image of her standing up for a Supernatural out of his head. He continued to bully Supernaturals but eventually graduated with good grades. It was around this time that Elenore had moved out and upset Abigail, unleashing a terror on the remaining children until the wedding. 

Matthew Rourke as a Teenager

Matthew took a girl to Elenore's wedding, which deeply upset Hannah who saw on the invitation that it was family only. He had a different girl on his arm when he went to see little Evelyn the first time.

Matthew decided to go into the military right out of high school and also decided to be single until he could find a girl worth settling down with. Abigail offered that Matthew live with her and Wendell until that happened.

Young Adulthood[edit | edit source]

Right out of high school Matthew joined the Military. As soon as he did, Elenore, Jack and Evelyn moved into the house after hers was taken by a fire. This won't stop him however, and he does not plan on being the best uncle to Evelyn, focusing more on his career than his family.

Matthew is starting to warm up to the idea of Hannah dating Arden Tobias, a vampire, now that his mother is dead.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Matthew is still upset with Evelyn, but is also still closest with her than the rest of the family.
  • Matthew is happy to be the heir to the family.
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