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Mallorie Dortheimer
Name Mallorie Dortheimer
Gender Female Female
Dortheimer Family
Parents Adèle Dortheimer, Sébastien Montel Both Deceased
Sibling(s) None
Romances None
Marital status Single
Child(ren) None]
The Sims 2 Logo.png
Mallorie lives happily with her family in Riverblossom Hills but she doesn't know that the people she calls Mommy and Daddy are not her parents but her uncle and aunt, as her real parents died, shot by some evil organization...
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Zodiac sign Libra (sign).png Libra
Aspiration  Popularity
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Playability Unplayable
Neighborhood Riverblossom Hills
The Sims 3 Logo.png
After being a proficient deputy from Riverblossom Hills, Mallorie was carpetbagged in Bridgeport to become the town's mayor. However, the office is really hazardous...
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state CAS Ghost icon.png Ghost
Education and Employment
Political career icon.png Mayor
Trait Workaholic small.png Workaholic
Trait No Sense of Humor small.png No Sense of Humor
Trait Eco-Friendly small.png Eco-Friendly
Trait Ambitious small.png Ambitious
Trait Dog Person small.png Dog Person
Lifetime wish
LTW Leader of the Free World.png Leader of the Free World
Fav Songwriter.png Songwriter
Fav Spaghetti.png Spaghetti
Fav Orange.png Orange
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Murder
World Bridgeport

Mallorie Dortheimer is a member of 9th generation the wealthy Dortheimer legacy.

Mallorie was born in Riverblossom Hills to the spy Adèle Dortheimer and her husband Sébastien Montel. However, she was raised by her aunt Claudia and her uncle Léonce as her parents died in a freak accident orchestrated by an evil organization Adèle was spying on. Mallorie did not know that and thought Claudia and her uncle Léonce were her real parents.

Claudia was a great and eccentric craftswoman specialized in Robotics and Léonce was an adventurer. They had a daughter Ilona who was Mallorie's best friend and playmate.

Mallorie was a peaceful and smart kid and her entourage thought she was a really talented dilpomat: when a scuffle occurred at school, Mallorie always succeeded into putting an end to it and even to patch up the brawlers. Everyone thought she would be a marvellous Politician, and so did Mallorie herself.

When she became a teen, Claudia and Léonce told her the truth about her parents. This saddened her a lot, and she became firmly decided to work against criminals and corrupts. She took a part-time job in Politics as a door-to-door poller. She was really assiduous and got two promotions. Combined with her prefect grades in the private school, this led her to become an Overachiever, and her aunt and uncle were really proud.

When she became an adult, she chose to joint the huge political party DSU (all the politicians in the family are members of this party), and she was really popular among the Sim Populace for her aloofness and her peaceful demeanor that clashed with the other politics agressivity. They also were affected with her parents' dire fate.

After her uncle's death, she stood for the representative elections and her popularity led her to win the parliamentary seat with soviet scores. She rejoined her distant cousin Angèle, who has been reelected as Pleasantview's deputy.

As a deputy, Mallorie fought tirelessly in order to tougher a lot already huge sentences against the underworlds cadors in order to punish her parents' deaths, a position that was not really commonplace in the DSU. This also created odds between her and some of her family members (precisely the great criminal Rénata's descendants Sierra and Orsolina). However, she did not care at all, she just was ashamed that the evil Rénata was in her family.

She was not honest at 100%, though. She participated in some minor cases of market riggings in her district, but her popularity and her part hide these facts to the public.

She was reelected three times until she fell ill and was forced to quit. She spent one year to recover, and after that, she wanted make her comeback in the limelight.

Municipal elections were held soon after, and her party decided to send her away to become Bridgeport mayor. She said goodbye to her aunt, cousin and to the peaceful countryside in order to move in the vibrant city of Bridgeport.

She led an exhausting campaign to win the elections against the actual mayor Xavier Bongonnard, who tried to highlight the fact that Mallorie only came here for the elections from the countryside in order to diminish her popularity in town. This was not enough, though, as her activities in the Parliament were well-known and Mallorie made her entrance in the town hall.

True to herself, she still fought against underworld fervently. She divided by five the criminal rate in the town. She also enlarged the subway and build a laundromat and a huge junkyard in the town's outskirts to make the large yet rather dirty city healthier.

However, she finally was offed by a local nutcase who shot three bullets at her. She died three hours later in the local hospital. Her death was an immense shock for the entire SimNation. The entire political spectrum honored her as a brilliant and kind politician that never gave up her convictions and praised her endless fight against criminality. The street where she build the laundromat was renamed after her and two statues of her were erected, one in Bridgeport Acres park and another in SimCity.

The Dortheimer family however did not want her to be buried in the town she was shot in and Ilona decided to bury her in the family graveyard from Riverblossom Hills.

Private funerals were held in Riverblossom Hills and the entire Dortheimer family was here: Claudia and Ilona, of course, as well as her parliament colleague Angèle, and all the others from all SimNation, even Sierra, Orsolina and their daughters. After that, many Sims came to honor Mallorie as one of the greatest politicians from SimNation.

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