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Lysistrata Amphipolita
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Lysistrata, the newest and the least experienced of the core members of the Union of the Insane, happened to be a houseguest of the Alkmaionidai, incidentally with Eurydike alongside whom Lysistrata moves to the most "prestigious" household. Lysistrata is a Mad Dok (at least, as Kallisto would say), although an affable and harmless one at that.
Name Lysistrata Amphipolita
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Fairy icon.png Fairy
Education and Employment
Medical career icon.png World Renowned Surgeon
Ecclesiarchy, Heptanomis Chapter
Parents None
Sibling(s) None
Child(ren) None
Trait Insane small.png Insane
Trait Bookworm small.png Bookworm
Trait Unflirty small.png Unflirty
Trait Computer Whiz small.png Computer Whiz
Trait Schmoozer small.png Schmoozer
Zodiac sign VirgoLN.png Virgo
Lifetime wish
LTW Swimming in Cash.png Swimming in Cash
Fav Custom.png Custom
Fav Tri-Tip Steak.png Tri-tip Steak
Fav Blue.png Blue
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3.jpg Black
Eye color Eye-blue.png Blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Social group
Nerd social group.png Nerd
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Heptanomis
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Lysistrata Amphipolita (alias Lysistrata of Amphipolis), born September 11, 1981, is one of the two lesser core members of the Union of the Insane. Lysistrata is of blood type A.

However, the Romance Heresy put an end to all the good happy times, eventually leading to a similar occurrence not too different from the happening with the Scholars' Union. Lysistrata now has a negative viewpoint on Hypatia, and was no longer a friend of Stratonike (which was restored some times before the creation of the Papal State), and has a positive image that is actually surpassed by many, including Stratonike, Thessalonike, Demetria, Stephanophoros, Hypatia, Eurydike, and even Ivlivs, which all went moot with Lysistrata's transfer to the new Papal Capital, Hekatonschoinos.

Lysistrata serves as a World Renowned Surgeon, and has the highest weekly income of all the Church members, earning almost 20k a week, alongside a few others, such as her long-time friend Jamie Jolina and the newcomer Ayham Bahri of Al-Husna. Lysistrata lies nearly at the bottom of the core members, although despite this Lysistrata still possesses a diverse array of skills worth over 100 points, where a level is a point (e.g. level 6 painting is worth 6 points), and despite a high Charisma Skill, Lysistrata is not that popular: popularity is largely with the new core member Chrysanthema, whose community service won popularity by the masses.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Lysistrata is the latest of the core members, appearing only on the Second Time Warp. Lysistrata started out as a household guest to the Alkmaionidai, who were "reset" when spawned back in the second timeline. Lysistrata, since she had no initial relationship with the Alkmaionidai whatsoever, was expected to earn her keep, and earn it she did, and quickly befriended the Alkmaionids.

Lysistrata had to start from scratch (not unlike Eurydike, who also passed away at the first time warp), building a solid medical career and a solid logic base. Lysistrata being insane made good friends with Eurydike, but Lysistrata's sudden jump to power took place when Kallisto and Stratonike severed themselves from the disintegrating Scholars' Alliance to form the Union of the Insane when the founders decided to invite Eurydike (Stratonike had some memories of Eurydike) and accepted Eurydike's proposition that Lysistrata be included as well.

Lysistrata, despite her relative lack of skills and experience (in fact, to the point where Lysistrata didn't have enough skillsets to belong to the core member segment according to the definition set by the 1st Council that established Kallisto's Codex), was nonetheless a crucial part of the imperialist plans of the Union of the Insane, as Lysistrata would be the face of the said group, and it was Lysistrata that ensured that there isn't much dissident opinions on what would be the virtual hegemony of Sunset Valley. Lysistrata, although not an imperialist nor had any imperialist motives, played along, as nobody was getting hurt (aside enemies of the core members, notably Christopher Steel) and the fact that some sims viewed their dominance as better than that of the Altos (especially the Landgraabs, despite the normalization of relationships with the Altos)

Romance Heresy[edit | edit source]

However, the Union of the Insane was always quite volatile, especially since the ranks were full of Insane Sims. Sooner or later, Stratonike and Eurydike would be no longer friends, but just roommates, and sooner or later Kallisto and Stephanophoros would have negative relationship, and this was not helped by the fact that Hypatia would go dating Sam Sekemoto, starting the entire Romance Heresy, followed by all the core members except Kallisto, who would remain loyal to the principle of chastity, celibacy, and academic monasticism. With that, conflicts were bound to spark up especially since it was the thing that led to the break up of the Scholars' Alliance, Lysistrata and Stratonike having negative relations with Hypatia, and Lysistrata having additional unfriendliness with Stephanophoros (implying a possible loyalty for Kallisto). Having lost the close bond that made the Union of the Insane, Stephanophoros went over to the Scholars' Alliance, joining his sister-in-kind Lilian, while Stratonike would return to the Attalid household, while Lysistrata would take Jamie Jolina's offer to move over.

Lysistrata in a dance club.

However, Lysistrata was demoted once, and Lysistrata no longer is the monetary vanguard: Hypatia took the title. Even so, Lysistrata still generated heaps of moola, and Lysistrata conferred more benefits to Jamie than Jamie did to Lysistrata, somewhat obvious due to distinct difference in skill level. Lysistrata however stayed true to the remaining friends, keeping in touch with Morgana and Geoffrey, as well as Kallisto and Eurydike, to whom Lysistrata was loyal to for the most part.

Realignment[edit | edit source]

Lysistrata was never hostile to the Union of the Insane itself: it was the byproduct of the Romance Heresy where Lysistrata would unwittingly date the father of Hypatia's romantic interest that led to the eventual clash, and Lysistrata was in nice relationship with both Kallisto and Eurydike. As such, Lysistrata took a keen interest in the new operational setting of the Union of the Insane. However, Lysistrata was disappointed about the growing rigidity and the rigor of the system, since Lysistrata was so hellbent on mastering logic that her neglect to gain other skills drove Lysistrata out of the core member class that Lysistrata enjoyed before the Romance Heresy.

Exercizing on a party.

Lysistrata was present at the opening party at the new Amphitheatron, and has met with Hypatia there, having some nice discussions and going there much more smoothly, even when considering that their romantic partners are father and son. With that came Kallisto's aggressive attempts at Lysistrata, and Lysistrata accepted, only to find that the family was full. Kallisto then came up with the idea of Initiate households using the fact that public entertainment is needed by the core members to keep public satisfaction high and that might lead the lesser members astray. Kallisto eventually won out, and Lysistrata (along with Stratonike) moved in.

Chapter Works[edit | edit source]

Lysistrata remained a part of the Church, and even with Kallisto's departure Lysistrata remained with her reinstated buddy Hypatia. Having said that, Lysistrata's relations with the Sekemotos were growing more neutral, which was not seen as a good thing in a way since the Sekemotos were always a welcome addition to the Church as either direct members or as philoi. And so as a token of goodwill, Lysistrata adopted a baby cat originally named Tigger from the Sekemotos who asked the Church to adopt one. This would have not been possible if Kallisto remained, since Kallisto was a staunch anti-cat and anti-dog sim who believed that those animals were not worth their upkeep. However, Lysistrata viewed it in a social sense: they may not be financially efficient, but who cares: the Church already remains one of the wealthiest, and luxury is heresy, is it not? And thus Lysistrata justified the adoption of the cat, and Kallisto found Lysistrata's case compelling, especially when Lysistrata brought the potential convert card.

Lysistrata with Demaratos.

Once that was completed, Lysistrata built a chamber for the baby cat to live in, and renamed him Demaratos. With that, the Church chapter in Sunset Valley has passively supported pet ownership, Eurydike was quite enthusiastic about the animals, Hypatia neutral. As of the moment, Eurydike and Antigone stands out as the most pro-animal, followed by Lysistrata who was neutral to animals but enthusiastic about socio-political effects regarding actions involving animals. Next were Stratonike and Hypatia, who were simply too apathetic to have any concern, and the vehement opposition Kallisto and Kallistrara, who said no to any of those house-dwelling animals as they believed them to be a symbol of luxury.

In top of all that, it was Lysistrata who served as the initial contact with the Al-Husna members, partly because Lysistrata was the only available superior in rank when it came to Medical career when Ayham became a Neurosurgeon. Lysistrata would do some more for the church: for one, Lysistrata ended up becoming great buddies with Holly Alto, and this forced Vita and Nick to forfeit any claims to Sunset Valley businesses as Holly's potential defection would mean the end of the Altos, especially since Vita ended up being an elder while Nick was only preserved due to his vampirism. With that, Lysistrata ended up forging the treaty of amity between the Altos and the Church, and since the Landgraab Geoffrey was Lysistrata's closest buddies, Lysistrata effectively neutralized any challenges to the church, since most rich families were now allied to the Church in one way or another, even the Romaioi Barbaroi.


Lysistrata eventually joined the other members of the Big 6 as an uber-inventor by completing the Simbot challenge, successfully creating Ptolemais.

Medical Failure[edit | edit source]

However, Lysistrata would momentarily grab interest when Lysistrata provided the chapter serf Jessica with an experimental medicine that set Jessica blazing. Of course, the Ecclesiarchy had taken precautionary steps, providing Jessica with a death flower to keep the investment running. Jessica was to be killed by the fire by matter of seconds, and the chapter had no reason to worry given Kallistrata's possession of multiple death flowers. However, it was found that the said insurance was moot, as the Grim Reaper simply revived Jessica given her Unlucky trait. After Jessica was restored, she immediately questioned Lysistrata, questioning her medical skills. This also drew some attention from other chapter members, although the others let it slide due to multiple factors ranging from Jessica's trait to the extensive stock of death flowers.

Nonetheless, Jessica was to retain the death flower, as possession of a death flower pretty much became a symbol of Ecclesiarchal affiliation. Kallisto especially insisted on this, given that Antigone also held to the death flower, now that Kallisto had intention of recovering Antigone if able. Jessica did not forgive Lysistrata (given that it was preceded by an insult), nor would forget about the incident for quite some time. This, however, did not affect anyone else: both Lysistrata and Jessica went along with other members of the chapter. However, Kallisto found a new usage in Jessica thanks to this, and when Kallistrata's experimentation with the Philosopher's Stone had left a statue of gold in exchange for a death flower, Kallisto immediately taken advantage of Jessica's trait, leaving Jessica in charge of the transmutation project.

Lysistrata's medicine sets Jessica ablaze.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lysistrata, despite her lack of the Genius or Perceptive Eye trait, mastered the Logic skill fastest out of all the members.
  • Lysistrata is the only sim in the fanon to have ever earned any money as a hacker.
  • Lysistrata's Attic transliteration would be Lysistrate (Λυσιστράτη), since the -α ending is associated with Doric and Koine Greek (e.g. Σπάρτα compared to Attic Σπάρτη), and no, Lysistrata is not based on the eponymous character of Aristophanes' play. In a sense, it might be more appropriate to use Lysistrate considering Philippos II's edict (according to Toynbee) that declared Attic Greek the official language, although it faded in favor of Koine.
  • Lysistrata is the only member younger than Ezekiel Gretchyn, younger by bit less than 3 years (September 11, 1981 to Ezekiel's November 4, 1978)

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