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Lulu Dortheimer
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'Lulu was once nothing more than an elegant doctor but she was attacked by a vampire. And since then, she lurked into the city in search for new victims. Who will be able to stop this now immortal being?'
Name Lulu Dortheimer
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state Vampire Vampire
Dortheimer Family
Parents Fanny Dortheimer, Théodore Lechêne Both Deceased
Sibling(s) Gabriel DortheimerDeceased
Romances Adrien Brochet
Marital status Widowed
Child(ren) Marina Dortheimer
Zodiac sign Aries Aries
Aspiration  Fortune
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Red Eyes Red
Skin color Skin-mannequin Grey
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Sunlight
Neighborhood Huntsville
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Lulu Dortheimer is a member of the 10th generation of the large Dortheimer family. She was born to the evil witch Fanny Dortheimer and the neutral warlock Théodore Lechêne.

Lulu was born in the sleepy town of Huntsville in her family's red seashore villa. She was born the same day than her cousin Barberine, who was the result of Lulu's uncle Gabriel the Elder's abduction by aliens. Barberine was Lulu's BFF and they spent they entire time together. Lulu also had a twin brother, named Gabriel, but the two did not get along well. He still was good friends with Barberine. Finally, the three had an older cousin, Odette.

As soon as she was born, Lulu was raised in an evil and magical background: both her mother and her aunt Dagmar were evil witches, and some of the various family members that visited her during her youth also were evil, like the dreadful twins Charybde and Scylla, from Hidden Springs. However, at first, she was too young to fully understand all this stuff.

Lulu heavily relied on her cousin to succeed at school, as Bella was far more interested in school than her. However, she was highly popular with the other students thanks to her dramatic diva-like attitude. She also was really snobbish and haughty.

She was a great fan of poker and could spend entire night playing cards with her family. She also quickly practiced her charisma.

Lulu never went to university, unlike her cousins. She learnt medicine all by herself, following in her uncle's footsteps and managed to pass her PH.D thesis smoothly. She then opened a medical office, and her family was really pround of her.

Meanwhile, her cousin Barberine, who studied Pharmaceutics, opened a pharmacy next to Lulu's office. The two usually helped each other with their careers, helping each other with their "patient" loyalty. However, they had sometimes some disagreements about what treatment could suit their patients the best. Her family was also in the limelight, as Lulu's cousin Odette was being a prestigious showbiz star who attracted swarms of paparazzi.

Lulu fell in love with a nice guy called Adrien Brochet and she married him in a blink of an eye. She got pregnant with a lovely daughter that she called Marina.

Soon after she got her thesis, her aging mother and aunt wanted to turn her into a witch. The two wanted to have at least one of their children as a supernatural being, but couldn't turn Odette, as she attracted to much attenton from the medias, and Gabriel was too shy, clumsy and self-depreciative. However, Lulu was firmly opposed to it as her current life pleased her very much. But her mother's and aunt's wish to see her as a magical creature was far beyond Lulu'd expected.

Dagmar and Fanny, who didn't want to turn her occult themselves in fear of turning Lulu against them, went in search for a magical being that couuld open her up to the supernatural world. They crossed their paths with a vampire, count Andras Zarobski, and the two sisters made a deal with and they oredered him to turn Lulu into a vampire.

He went in search for her and bit her, turning her into a vampire. And this was the end of the nice and snobbish Lulu...

Effectively, her transformation turned her in a ruthless and literally bloodthirsty undead being with no soul anymore. She killed her husband first and quickly went in search of other victims.

She became horrifyingly famous and Huntsville was, for a time, totally empty at night. And the poor souls that dared to get out after sunset perished. She even scared the ones responsible for her transformation, as Dagmar and Fanny did not expect Lulu to become that evil. However, Lulu's family, except for Adrien, had never been attacked by the demon.

Lulu built a small cellar under the villa and placed her blood red coffin in here. Innocent Sims were safe during the day, while she was sleeping. But while she was out, no one was secure unless barricaded at home.

After some years of terror, someone really brave decided that Lulu's reign of fear should end. That person elaborated a plan to get rid of Lulu once and for all.

He went to the red seashore villa, that hadn't been approached by strangers for years. He went in search for the demon and found it in her coffin. However, before he had time to stab her in her heart, Lulu woke up and rammed on him, trying to bite him. He did not give up the fight, yet ad he changed his strategy. He managed to trn her insanely mad at him. She transformed into a bat and she chased him wherever he went, enraged, far outside the mansion. And when sunrise approached, he entered a mausoleum, finally stopped running from the bat. Lulu turned back into her sim-self, and he told her he gave up. Lulu sadistically smiled, and approached him to bite him. At this precise moment, sun rose, and the brave hero stabbed her with a stick and threw Lulu out of the mausoleum. Exposed to sunlight, she vainly screamed and burst into flames. As her last shriek echoed in the cemetery, the hero left the place and never came back.

Horrified of where they had led their daughter and niece, Fanny and Dagmar gave up their evil powers and turned into highly good witches that never did any other harm to anyone. And they also vanquished the vampire that bit Lulu. They also destroyed utterly Lulu's underground lair and Huntsville finally was freed from this evil.

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