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The Sims 4

Loukiya Rashid
Loukiya Rashid.png
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
The product of a large family, Loukiya always knew she wanted one. Unfortunately her career always got in the way, until Nabil came along. The young, attractive college student was enamored by the challenge of a seemingly unattainable woman, and while seducing him wasn't her goal it was one she easily achieved. Her unexpected pregnancy led to their marriage, and while she longs for a deeper connection with her husband and daughter, serving as the family's sole breadwinner has kept her from doing so. Can a second child be the a window into the life she's always hoped for?
Education and employment
Degree Economics degree Economics
Career TS4 Career Business.png Hedge Fund Manager
Family/Families Rashid family
Marital status Married
Romances Nabil Rashid Husband
Children Astryd Rashid Daughter, Unborn baby Rashid
Traits Trait TS4 Family-Oriented.png Family-Oriented
Trait TS4 Self-Absorbed.png Self-Absorbed
Trait TS4 Childish.png Childish
Trait TS4 Business Savvy.png Business Savvy
Trait TS4 Thrifty.png Thrifty
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Mansion Baron.png Mansion Baron
Hair color TS2 Black Hair.png Black
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes.png Brown
Skin color Skin-dark.png Dark
Body shape Thin Average
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Newcrest
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Loukiya Rashid is a Sim living in the newly renovated town of Newcrest. Along with her husband Nabil Rashid and their daughter Astryd, she resides at Magniloquent Manor, an heirloom estate currently in her possession and the largest of the five residential lots that comprise the neighborhood of Llama Lagoon. She is pregnant with their second child. At the beginning of the game, Loukiya is twenty-one days away from becoming an Elder.

Simultaneously and contrastingly self-centered and family-oriented, Loukiya splits her time unevenly between her personal and professional life, leading to a rift between her and her family. She is employed in the Business career, having worked her way up beginning in her Young Adulthood to her current position as a Hedge Fund Manager in the Investor branch. For an Adult, she possesses few skills, having achieved near-mastery of Charisma but with only moderate amounts of fluency in Logic and Rocket Science. Along with Yuri Powell, she is the only resident of Newcrest who has completed her Aspiration, namely that of Mansion Baron, thus awarding her the bonus Thrifty trait.

Loukiya does not carry any items in her inventory. She possesses a distinguished degree in Economics from Foxbury Institute.

About[edit | edit source]

Simology[edit | edit source]

<tabber> |-|Skills =

Image Skill Level
Skill TS4 Charisma.png Charisma 8
Skill TS4 Logic.png Logic 3
Skill TS4 Rocket Science.png Rocket Science 4

|-|Relationships =

Image Name Relationship level
Nabil Rashid.png Nabil Rashid Husband, Acquaintance
Astryd Rashid.png Astryd Rashid Daughter, Acquaintance
Aquaria Janiak.png Aquaria Janiak Friend, Neighbor
Bennet Ansari-Wolff.png Bennet Ansari-Wolff Acquaintance, Neighbor
Ethan Nguyen.png Ethan Nguyen Acquaintance, Neighbor
Hoa Nguyen.png Hoa Nguyen Good Friend, Neighbor
Rayn Powell.png Rayn Powell Good Friend
Thai Nguyen.png Thai Nguyen Friend, Neighbor
Vivian Torres.png Vivian Torres Acquaintance, Neighbor
Yuri Powell.png Yuri Powell Friend
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