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Lolita Goth
Lolita Goth.png
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Ghost icon.png Ghost
Family/Families Goth family
Marital status Married
Romances Gunther Goth Married
Children Unborn Baby Goth Deceased
Traits Trait Bookworm small.png Bookworm
Trait Charismatic small.png Charismatic
Trait Great Kisser small.png Great Kisser
Trait Hopeless Romantic small.png Hopeless Romantic
Trait Childish small.png Childish
Lifetime wish LTW Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers.png Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
Favorites Fav Pop.png Pop
Fav Cookies.png Cookies
Fav Yellow.png Yellow
Hair color Haircolor2-TS3.jpg Light Brown
Eye color Eye-grey.png Grey
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Electrocution
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Lolita Goth was a sim who lived in Sunset Valley with her new husband named Gunther, and was 3 months pregnant with their First Child, but met her untimely demise that took 2 other lives.

Life Of Lolita Marie Carpenter Goth 1980-1999

Lolita Goth was born on February 12 1980 as Lolita Marie Carpenter. Her parents were George Carpenter, a Police Officer, an Mary Alvina Carpenter, a Judge. Lolita was an only child and as she grew she made many friends, but her best friend was Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes, her cousin (Her mother was Hope Carpenter, the sister of George in my story). Lolita was a well educated student and in 1993, Lolita and her Family moved to Twinbrook where Lolita made a lot of new friends. In 1998 Lolita graduated from High School and skiped college to go to England where she stayed with a roommate named Nicole Fergunson. while living in England at a bar one night, Lolita met Gunther Goth and married him 7 months later on March 17 1999. moved into his mansion with deceased relatvives of Gunther's buried in the mansion,s backyard. Lolita became friends with Gunther,s little sister Frida, but sadly when the family wanted her to marry a Landgraab, she moved away to Midnight Hollow with Gunther and Frida,s Uncle Samuel and Aunt Oliva. Lolita was left with Gunther and his parents Victor and Gretle, until she discovered in April of 1999 that she was 1 month pregnant. On June 20 1999 Lolita flew to Twinbrook to visit her father for Father's day. Lolita was staying for 7 days and would return to England on June 27 but on June 24 she agreed to repair a broken Cable Box for Juan Darer and he would pay her $100. While she was fixing it she was electrocuted and died. This caused a fire and according to the morning newspaper for June 25 1999, the day after, this is what happened:

Three Killed in fire, 1 hospitalized, and 1 left okay

"In the afternoon of June 24 1999, Lolita Goth (19) of England was visiting her parents for Father's day for a whole week an d 4 days into her stay she agreed to fix a Cable Box for Juan Darer (62) of Twinbrook for a payment of $100. While reparing it Loltia was unexperienced in repairing objects and died from shock. Juan was severey burnt and is currently in hospital with 2nd degree burns. Juan,s wife Lacy Darer and her twin sister Macy Clay (both aged 35) were killed in the fire. Macy,s husband, Harwood Clay survived wit no burns. Mrs. Goth was also 3 months pregnant at the time and her body will be flewn back to England for funeral services".

Lolita,s funeral was attended by her parents George and Mary Alvina, Her husband Gunther, and the entire Goth Family, her Aunt Hope Carpenter, Hopes boyfriend/baby daddy Buzz Rhodes, and their daughter, Lolita's cousin Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes. Lolita was buried in the England Goth Family cemetery in their backyard, but after Gunther,s second marragie to Cornelia Crumplebottom, and the birth of their son Mortimer in 2002 they moved to Sunset Valley where Lolita was reburied.

on Lolita's gravestone it reads

"In loving memory of Lolita Goth and her unborn child, 1980-1999, beloved Daughter and Wife".

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