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Logan family
Logan family photo.png
Jake's been recently divorced, but can he still find a new woman to spend his days with while simultaneously taking care of two boys and a dog?
Name Logan family
Lot 9 Marc Crescent
Other information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:SimVille
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The Logan family is a family in SimVille.

Original MTS post[]

The following was posted to ModTheSims on June 28, 2017. The original post can be found here.

The Logan Family

Next door from the Kovax family are the Logans.

Logan family photo.png

Jake's been recently divorced, but can he still find a new woman to spend his days with while simultaneously taking care of two boys and a dog?

Jake and his old wife just couldn't get along, could they? Fortunately there was no hitting or other kinds of abuse, but there was no shortage of tears, hurt feelings, and broken hearts. Over the course of three years, Jake just felt like he couldn't keep the commitment he made to his wife any longer. Jake took the kids and the dog, his wife took the house and the money, and Jake moved to SimVille, looking for a fresh start. Ryan and Jordan have settled in and spread their roots, while Tucker's just good at being a four-legged companion. Jake wants a new relationship, but can he keep it? Or is becoming SimVille's fourth ill-fated romancer on his bucket list?

The Sims

Jake Logan

Jake Logan photo.png

Jake just doesn't appeal to the ladies like he used to, although that may be partially due to the added stress in his life.

Jake's a young athlete and video game enthusiast. He works as a Starter in the Athletic career and is otherwise financially stable. When he's not working, eating, or sleeping, he's either playing video games or working out. Or is there something else on his mind?

A month ago, Ryan and Logan came home from school with Jake missing. At first, the two didn't think too much about it — probably just another date that's gonna turn sour. They did their homework, ate dinner, played for a bit, and then went to bed. The next morning, however, Jake still wasn't in, and he missed work that day. His two sons started becoming worried about him. Finally, just when they were about to call the police to report their missing father, Jake staggered out of a taxi, half-drunk, half-drugged. After his kids spoon-fed him some soup, he quietly explained that he had spent the night before in La Vistas — a strip club in Niato, a city fifty miles (80 km) away! Ryan and Jordan, both reminded of their father's inability to keep commitments as evidenced by his divorce, were aghast. While Jake hasn't disappeared mysteriously from the house since, his kids are wary of him. Is Jake's desire for an intimate relationship translating into an unhealthy yearning for lust?

Jake is a Gemini, as are his sons. His seven active points ensure that he at least doesn't stay on the couch for very long, and his job does involve a lot of running around. Jake is also quite outgoing, which is probably what charmed his first wife in the first place. But Jake forgot that marriage has to go deeper than surface level... and he didn't dig deep enough for a solid foundation.

Ryan Logan

Ryan Logan photo.png

Ryan can be rough at times, but he's usually nice, especially to people he likes. He enjoys spending time at the gym toning his muscles.

Ryan's the gym enthusiast — which is good, because Serge Barb doesn't like the Logans, and his high body skill rivals the town troublemaker's. Ryan's four nice points, however, doesn't hold up very well, and he sometimes loses his cool. He generally reserves his anger for Serge Barb, however, and chances are you'll get on his good side more often than his bad. If you happen to find Ryan at the gym, you'll typically find him at his best, so do greet him if you see him there.

Serge views Ryan as his second worst enemy, the first being Amar. Serge has had countless fights with Ryan, and both have won (and lost) plenty of fights with each other. While Ryan's not the most admired of Sims, his efforts at defeating the town troublemaker has earned him respect within the SimVille community.

Ryan is also very outgoing, and he maintains a healthy number of friendships. However, his zero neat points make him a slob, although the lack of Servos in the house means that he can't be like the Newbies anytime soon.

Jordan Logan

Jordan Logan photo.png

Jordan's an adventurous young child. He dreams of exploring jungles and caves one day.

Jordan's also a fitness enthusiast, but he also has a thirst for adventure like the Urban twins do. Spelunking appeals to him especially, and he hopes to land a job in the Adventurer career someday. For now, though, he's quite happy with his current arsenal of exercise equipment. He's also the master of Tucker, the family dog. "Every boy needs a dog," as I read somewhere. Well, Jordan certainly has one.

Jordan's personality is similar to his older brother's, except that he's slightly more outgoing. He also has more enthusiasm in sports than Ryan does. He's good friends with many of the other kids around the hood, and while the Logans aren't that rich, they're at least "average" enough to fit in with the rest of the crowd. Jordan's cool with that.

Tucker Logan

Tucker Logan photo.png

Messy but friendly, Tucker is an excellent four-legged companion to have. He likes running around and playing fetch.

Tucker is the family greyhound, a hyper, friendly dog that would also be thrown out of a neat-freak's house. While Tucker's been trained to stay clean, the Logans don't have many neat points on their end either, so they don't mind Tucker being a little dirty here and there — just so long as he doesn't escape from the bath.

Tucker is one of only two playable dogs in the neighbourhood and one of only three playable pets in SimVille, the other being Oreo Newbie.

The house

The Logans aren't very wealthy, but they still have enough for a house of their own. It's nothing grand, but it's not a shack either.

Logan family house.png

The house has a very simple layout. The ground floor consists of one large living room/dining room/kitchen combo, as well as a small bathroom and a garage.

Logan family house first floor.png

The second floor has a simple hallway, two bedrooms, and another bathroom.

Logan family house second floor.png

The Logans are one of the few families in SimVille that actually have somewhat of a decent backyard. There's a swimming pool, a grill, and a basketball court.

Logan family house backyard.png

A brief glimpse of life in the Logan family

Like the Urbans and the Newbies, the Logans are early risers. 5AM wakeup times!

Good morning big brother.png

Jake Logan waking up.png

Either Jake or Ryan prepare a simple breakfast of cereal, and the three seat themselves around the dining table.

Jake Logan making breakfast.png

Logan family breakfast.png

Tucker wakes up and eats from his food bowl.

Tucker Logan eating from his bowl.png

Jordan takes Tucker out for a walk.

Jordan taking Tucker for a morning walk.png

Ryan and Jordan go to school. Jake also has to leave the house at the same time. Tucker doesn't have a job, but thanks to a mod, animal services won't come just because no Sims are around! Because seriously, people leave their pets alone at home for a day in order to go to work/school in real life. What was Maxis seriously thinking here when they coded this in?!

Logan family going to work and school.png

Tucker's alone... well, not really. I get to watch over him and take care of him myself (with cheats!). However, pets are rather boring and dull in The Sims 2... so there's not much I can do with this four-legged friend, aside from having him gnaw at his chew toy.

Tucker chewing on his chew toy.png

Ryan gets home by 1. He has a job at Amar's Hangout, working as a server in the restaurant there. It's not exactly a job he likes, but he does get to work at Amar's Hangout... I mean, how much more awesome can that get? Plus, Amar's Hangout has a gym, so on breaks and after his shift's over, he can just run upstairs and tone his muscles.

Ryan Logan going to work.png

Jake and Jordan get home by 3. Jordan's a restless child, so he's either on the punching bag, in the swimming pool, or shooting hoops.

Jordan Logan using the punching bag.png

Jordan Logan floating on back.png

Jordan Logan shooting hoops 2.png

Jake's been a mix of emotions and desires recently. After the strip club incident a month ago, Jake's been harnessing the power of video games to cope with his addiction to lust... but is that really helping? He works out too, like Ryan and Jordan, but not as much as they do.

Jake Logan playing video games.png

Jake's usually the one who cooks dinner in the house, but recently his love for video games has turned from a passionate hobby to a perilous addiction, and he frequently forgets to tend to his growling stomach. Either Ryan prepares a simple meal or Jordan orders a pizza. Today they went the pizza route.

Pizza delivery guy getting pizza from his trunk.png

Ryan Logan accepting the pizza.png

Ryan Logan serving the pizza.png

Logan family eating pizza for dinner.png

Jake heads back to the video gaming console once he's full.

Jake Logan playing video games 2.png

Ryan heads for the weight machine.

Ryan on the weight machine.png

Jordan takes Tucker out for a final evening walk.

Jordan taking Tucker for an evening walk.png

"Play dead!"

Tucker - Play Dead 1.png


Tucker - Play Dead 2.png

"Good boy! Good boy!"

Tucker - Play Dead 3.png

And of course, which dog doesn't like belly rubs?

Jordan giving Tucker a belly rub.png

Jake at least remembers to go to bed...

Jake Logan sleeping.png

Tucker looks so cozy snuggled up on his pet pillow.

Tucker Logan sleeping on pet pillow.png

Jordan's next to hit the hay.

Jordan Logan sleeping.png

There's no texting in The Sims 2, but that doesn't stop Ryan from chatting with his friends.

Ryan Logan chatting on phone.png

Eventually he'll put himself to bed, I'm sure of it.

Ryan Logan going to bed.png


The Logans seem like a fairly ordinary single-parent family on the outside, but on the inside, Jake's having some serious issues, both with his lustful quest and his video game addiction. Jake needs to take some time off and focus on other pursuits. After all, he does have two boys and a dog to take care of, and he does at least have a solid source of income, so why leave it at that? Jake's probably forgotten that he has family at home; he doesn't need to go to strip clubs to find company! If Jake's that interested in pursuing one-night stands, then he should probably take a look at Cody Day and see how he turned out. As for Ryan and Jordan, they should realize that their father's going through a pretty rough time, and he needs them more than ever. As tempting as it seems for Ryan to just give Jake the boot and toss him onto the curb, he shouldn't. Where's Jake gonna go if that happens? Regardless of the circumstances, Jake is still their father, and every Sim deserves a second chance. A third chance. Fourth chance. Seventy-seven times seven chances! No matter what, families can only survive if they remain unified. No one wants to see the family they grew up in fade from existence, do they?

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!


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