This is the List of Deceaced in Trenton Mountain

Reighnington Court

The Funke Family

Spencer Funke

He died of a house fire, which his sister almost died in too.

Irene Funke

She died drowning as a child, but this was intentional as she didn't want to live life without her twin.

Rhett Funke

He was trying to fix the twins favourite thing, when it suddenly electricuted him, but he was still determind because it would make them happy. Then it electricuted him again!

Carol Funke

When it was the twins memorial, Carol visited the room Spence died in, she fiddled around with things and suddenly started a fire, which she died in.

Sabrina Funke

Sabrina was the only one of them who died happily, with some friends. She died at the age of 89, and was glad, as she would make room in the world for others.

Davina Saldalva

She apeared in the family after Carol's death. Supposidly she was a distant relative, close to Sabrina. She moved in to look after the fragile Sabrina, and when Sabrina died Davina starved herself, not able to take the pain.

The Friends Household

Emerald Malloy, Elliott Minaj and Ellen Riley

Ellen was at Emerald and Elliott's celebration party for them getting engaged. They suddenly got drunk and fell in the pool... and forgot how to swim. Nobody was there so nobody could save them...

Anthony Morrison

Anthony was an avid Vegan. When the drought of 1990 came about, Anthony wouldn't eat, so he ended up starving!

Samantha Williams and Alfred Winters

Sam and Al grew old together, yet never had kids... and never talked about the past.

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