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Lindy Charvat
Name Lindy Charvat
Gender Female Female
Charvat family/Smith family
Parents George Smith, Alice Smith
Sibling(s) Adam Smith Male
Romances Count Leo Charvat Married
Child(ren) Annabel Charvat Daughter, Thomas Charvat Son,George Charvat Son,Isabel Charvat Daughter,Elinor Charvat Daughter
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'Lindy just wanted a normal life, will be immortal, having several children, two grandchildren, marring a vampire, living in a mansion classify as a normal life?'
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state Vampire Vampire
Education and Employment
Alma Mater School Public School
Grade B-
Culinary career Ex-host
Aspiration  Popularity
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Red Eyes Red
Skin color Eye-custom White
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:Pleasantview

Lindy Charvat (née Smith) is the daughter of Alice Smith and George Smith and the younger sister of Adam Smith. Lindy is a vampire and has several children and two grandchildren.



Lindy babyhood was quite quick, her older brother Adam was a toddler then and his logic skills started to shine then so her parents usually spent more time wit him that her.


As a toddler Lindy parents got into dept, so she didn't see her father often. Her mother taught her all her skill she needed and brother loved playing with her.


On the first day of school Lindy went with Adam, they couldn't afford to go private. She soon learned Adam was a 'nerd' at school. But she soon changed his reputation. She was the class clown always having the last laugh, her brother soon started to help her and they became the Smith Pranksters. In actual fact they had a deal: Adam would help get great grades whilst she kept his reputation up.

But everything changed when Adam grew up into a teenager he became more mature and moved on to Secondary school. Her pranks never really worked again, she got caught and excluded for a week. Her parents became more angry at her, her dad lost his job. Life looked glum especially as they colluded afford Uni.


When she grew up she released why Adam became so mature. The homework doubled and there were test everyday. She wanted to rebel, so she got a bucket of paint and painted her room black and got more involved in the supernatural world. She was amazed to find out Adam liked the supernatural world as much she did.

But when Adam started dating Helen, the schools 'goody-two shoes' she wanted to scream. They were both enemies. And on top of that she hated the supernatural world and stopped Adam liking it.

At school her grades plunged into darkness, Adam started telling her to get on with her life. Lindy had no choice put to run away she ran to a downtown bar were vampires hung out. She knew it was dangerous there being a breather seeing all the movies. In fact a vampire saw her and she turned white, he looked bloodthirsty. He saw how scared she looked and asked her what the mater was? She told him about what happened and told her to go back to school and get good grades and don't waste her life because it was precious.

So she ran home, her parents were on the sofa sobbing and gave them a hug and said she would so better a school. A couple of days later Adam grew into an Adult and Married Helen and moved across the house next door.

She then starting dating a few guys at school but none took her fancy, they were all boring. She was lonely at home without Adam and wished he would divorce Helen and live with them again.


When Lindy grew up she moved into the house opposite her parents. It was 1 storey and quite small but it had a pond.She got a job as a host and severed people.

One evening Adam and Helen went to dine at the restaurant. Helen wouldn't be precise about where she sit and complained when got a table near zombies. Lindy had keep moving them and finally got angry and dropped a meal on top of Helens head. She got fired but it was worth it.

When parent heard what happened they were angry and wouldn't lend her any money. She was angry so she went to a vampire club and got a drink. She wasn't scared this time. A vampire came up to her asked her hows school and she told him she didn't go to school. She soon released that was the vampire who gave the advise and she thanked him.

After that she begged to get her job back and she became a host again. She started seeing the vampire after work each day. She started to like him more and more, which worried him.

She then tried to kiss him and because he didn't want to make her upset they kissed. She could feel his cold lips. She then asked him what was his name, she couldn't believe she hadn't asked him, it was count Leo. She then asked him to marry and he said yes, but he worried she would die old and he would still be young. She could see that in his eyes and whispered to words in his ears "bite me".

He asked if she was sure and she was sure, so he bit her on the hand. He then moved into her house and got an extension so it was 2 storey. They shortly got married and she quitted her job. 

She was very happy living with Leo but was sad she couldn't go in the sun. Her brother saw that and invented sun-cream for her. She was so happy, she didn't know what to say. 

Later that year she had Annabel and was surprise she was human but contained vampire gene. Her brother told her that when she aged up into a teen she would change into a vampire. Lindy was happy about that because Annabel would be able to go outside and play and go to school. 

She as also pleased she had a child so she could rub it into Helens face as Helen didn't have any children. Helen later gave birth to twins. Twins! She couldn't belive it, Helen hated children.  Helen rubbed into her face that she had two children. 

When Annabel grew into a toddler she gave birth to Thomas. Annabel showed signs of succeful future. She learned to talk and walk quicker than normal toddlers. And found a way to get anything she wanted some how. Lindy and Leo were amazed.

When she grew into a child, Lindy gave birth to George. Annabel as a child masted hypnotisim in many different ways. She got anything she wanted, but Leo soon found wearing reflects glasses stops it working.

Thomas also showed a potenial, he was a very good also at making people do what he wanted but in a different way. He was skilled leader and could find people pros and weeknes by looking at them.

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