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Lincoln-Croft Family

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Alicia and Marcus worked hard to fulfill their dream of moving into a big villa. Now its up to their children and grandchildren to carry on their legacy while they enjoy retirement.
Name Lincoln-Croft Family
Members Alicia Lincoln, Marcus Croft, Elias Lincoln-Croft, Lily Lincoln-Croft, Lara Lincoln-Croft, Morgan Fyres(spouse), Caleb Lincoln-Croft, Ava Lincoln-Croft, Jeremy Lincoln-Croft, Jade Lincoln-Croft, Finley Black (spouse), Aiden Black, Audrey Black, Persephone Villareal (spouse), Emilia Villareal, Noelle Black
Number of generations 4 generations
Family connections Fyres Family, Villareal Family
Lot Daisy Hovel (formerly), Grand Modern Villa, Cozy Family Home, Summer Home
Funds §220.000
Net worth §243.000
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Creek, Windenburg, San Myshuno
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Alicia Lincoln and Marcus Croft want to make it far. They moved into the Daisy Hovel in Willow Creek as soon as they hit young adulthood, trying to save up enough money to make it into the Grand Modern Villa in the wealthiest district in town. While working, they grew closer and fell in love, got married and had children.

When they finally made it into the Grand Modern Villa, they became grandparents, became parents again and eventually even had a great-granddaughter.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • - Alicia Lincoln (1st Generation) - Alicia is a writer, and the wife of Marcus Croft. She became a global superstar due to her books.
  • - Marcus Croft (1st Generation) - Marcus is an astronaut. He makes music tracks in his free time and is the husband of Alicia Lincoln. (Deceased)
  • -- Elias Lincoln-Croft (2nd Generation) - Elias is Alicia's and Marcus' firstborn child. (Deceased)
  • --- Caleb Lincoln-Croft (3rd Generation) - Elias' and Morgan's son, who was a true surprise child.
  • --- Persephone Villareal (3rd Generation) - Caleb's girlfriend and the mother of their daughter.
  • ---- Emilia Villareal (4th Generation) - Caleb's daughter with Persephone Villareal.
  • --- Ava Lincoln-Croft (3rd Generation) - Elias' and Morgan's second child and daughter.
  • --- Audrey Black (3rd Generation) - The older of Lily and Finley's twins.
  • --- Aiden Black (3rd Generation) - The younger of Lily and Finley's twins.
  • --- Noelle Black (3rd Generation) - Lily and Finley's youngest child.
  • -- Jeremy Lincoln-Croft (2nd Generation) - The older of Alicia's and Marcus' late surprise twins. Twin brother of Jade.
  • -- Jade Lincoln-Croft (2nd Generation) - The younger of Alicia's and Marcus' late surprise twins. Twin sister of Jeremy.

Pets[edit | edit source]

- Garrus - A Chartreux cat gifted to Elias on Christmas. (Deceased)

- Star - An Norse Elk Shepherd gifted to Lily for her child birthday. (Deceased)

- Midnight - A black bombay cat gifted to Ava by her parents for earning an A Grade.

- Sunbeam - A bengal cat gifted to Ava by her parents for earning an A Grade.

- Penny - Alicia's tonkinese cat. 

- Mimi - The Lincoln-Croft Black family dog, a corgi.

Family Tree[edit | edit source]


Gallery[edit | edit source]

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