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Lily Lincoln-Croft

Lily lincoln-croft adult

Lily lincoln-croft ya

Lily lincoln-croft teen

Lily lincoln-croft child

Lily lincoln-croft toddler

Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and employment
Alma Mater School High School
Grade A
Career TS4 Career Doctor Chief of Staff
Family/Families Lincoln-Croft Family
Parents Alicia Lincoln,Marcus Croft
Siblings Elias Lincoln-Croft Male, Lara Lincoln-Croft Female, Jeremy Lincoln-Croft Male, Jade Lincoln-Croft Female
Romances Finley Black Married, Tyler Benson Ex-romance
Children Audrey Black Daughter, Aiden Black Son, Noelle Black Daughter
Household Lincoln & Croft
Pets Star (Norse Elk Shepherd)
Traits Trait TS4 Genius Genius
Trait TS4 Dog Lover Dog Lover
Trait TS4 Good Good
Trait TS4 Quick Learner Quick Learner
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Nerd Brain Nerd Brain
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair brown
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes green
Skin color Skin-medium medium
Body shape Thin thin
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Creek
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Lily is the second child of Alicia Lincoln and Marcus Croft, and the younger sister of Elias Lincoln-Croft, and the older sister of Lara, Jeremy and Jade Lincoln-Croft.



Lily was born in spring, three days after New Year's Eve. She was a very loud baby who woke her parents and big brother up every night, and became a very difficult toddler. While she was also quite good at looking after herself, often just taking food from the table when she was hungry, she would also be quite active and run around, throw tantrums and play with her food. 

When Lily aged up into a child, her parents gifted her a dog to her birthday whom she named Star.

She grew out of her wild toddler days when she became a child and was a much quiter, often preferring to play on her own. She made very few friends and would eventually become quite clingy during her later child days as she did not play with other children. She also did quite well in school, almost always finishing her homework in time which earned her a B in Grade School. 

Teen YearsEdit

As a teen, Lily initially still didn't have any school friends until one day, a man with his two foster sons moved in across the street. As they had a dog too, Lily went and introduced herself and started to bond with the two boys over their dogs. 

She also became quite empathetic and invested in the wellbeing of others, regularly volunteering her help to soup kitchens and nursery homes. Lily also continued to spend much time with her dog, who she trained and taught commands, took on works and would regularly play with. While Lily's grade had dropped upon transitioning to High School, she still was a very responsible student and tried to keep up with her homework. 

She also started to grow closer to her neigbhor Tyler after she moved with her family into the Grand Modern Villa, and had her first kiss with him. Eventually, she would ask him to be her boyfriend and he agreed, making her very happy.

One day, while she was working on a school project, her beloved dog Star passed away as he was sleeping next to her, which left her devastated, ending her teen years on a bit of a sad note.


When she became a young adult, Lily decided to stay with her family for a while and help look after her little sister Lara, who was still a toddler. She also, after some deliberation, decided to become a doctor as she wanted to help people and with her A Grade, was able to get a jump start in her career. 

One day, on love day, Lily invited her boyfriend Tyler around on a date at the Villa as it was raining and they couldn't go anywhere else. Tyler however showed no interest whatsoever in spending the time with his girlfriend and completely ignored her throughout the entire date. Realising that her feelings for Tyler were probably stronger than any feelings he had for her, Lily made the hard decision to end her relationship with him.

Lily did very well in her job and continued to have a good relationship with her, now teenaged, younger sister, although her work kept her away from home for most of the day. She still found time to deepen her friendship with her old schoolfriend, Finley Black - a relationship that would soon evolve to become romantic.

After a hot date in the Star Gazer Lounge, Finley asked Lily to hang out with him in the San Myshuno Meadows, where eventually they would become an official couple. As Lily could imagine a future with Finley, she would eventually ask him to move in with her into the Grand Modern Villa. After their first ever woohoo, Lily had a pregnancy scare as she had in the heat of the moment forgotten to take birth control, but it turned out she was not pregnant.

Eventually, Finley would take Lily out to a seafood restaurant. At the end of the evening, Finley surprised Lily by proposing to her, and she happily agreed.

Lily also took a greater interest in her sister when she noticed that Lara would party all night and break curfew. She tried to set a good example for her sister but Lara was not willing to listen her, although their relationship remained strong.

Lily and Finley got married on New Year's Eve and in their wedding night, Lily told Finley that she was ready to become a mother. She quickly became pregnant and she and Finley decided it was time to move into a place of their own.

Lily gave birth to twins - Audrey and Aiden in the Summer Home, where she had moved with with her husband. 

While in the Summer Home, Lily finally became a surgeon, but her work hours kept her away from home until late at night, which meant she could not take as active role an in the parenting of the twins as she would have liked. Her twins as a result became closer to their father, although Lily tried her best to spend time with them and teach them when she was at home. The twins also proved to be a handful, and especially Audrey would often be defiant and difficult. 

One night, Lily was unexpectacly abducted by aliens, an experience that left her confused and dazed, but was without further consequence. 

When Lily learned that her younger sister, Lara, had run away from home, she tried to reach out to her, but Lara was unwilling to listen and ignored her phone calls and text messages. 

Lily continued to be a very successful doctor, eventually raising to the top of her career.

Feeling financially secure and very happy in her relationship, Lily decided that she wanted to try and have another child with Finley, and soon became pregnant. Eventually, Lily gave birth to a baby girl during Winterfest whom the couple named Noelle.

Not long after Noelle was born, Lily suffered a loss in the family that struck her hard when her father, Marcus, passed away from old age. Lily had to celebrate her adult birthday without her father and grieved that she never had had the opportunity to introduce him to his latest grandchild.

Her homelife however would soon become much more complicated when her twins became teenagers and daughter Audrey proved herself to be a very rebellious teen.


  • Lily had the Independent trait when she was a toddler.
  • She was developing her Movement trait quite fast as a toddler as she would always run and wander around on her home, but her thinking skill would not come along until later in her toddlerhood - which is a bit ironic since it turned out to be her best skill when she aged up into a child, and ended up being given the Genius trait and Whiz Kid childhood aspiration. 
  • Like her older brother, Lily earned the Happy Toddler trait when she was a toddler.
  • Lily did not complete her childhood aspiration.
  • Lily seems to take after her mother in appearance, having inherited Alicia's hair and eye color.
  • Lily has maxed out four out of five of her character values, and earned the Responsible, Compassionate, Good Manners and Emotional Control traits.
  • Lily started her career already as a Medical Assistant instead of an Intern. 
  • Alicia got pregnant with Lily on New Year's Eve - Lily got pregnant with Audrey and Aiden at New Year's Eve.
  • Lily is the first member of the family to move into a world other than Willow Creek - in her case, it was Windenburg.
  • Like Alicia, Lily kept her own name when she got married.
  • Lily is the second family member to be abducted by aliens - the first was her father, Marcus. 


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