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Lilith Raven
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Lilith moved to the small town of Riverview to start her life again. Will she finally find peace now or is there more trouble ahead?
Name Lilith Raven
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Elder.png Elder
Life state CAS Human icon.png Death
Education and Employment
Music career icon.png Lyricist
Raven family
Parents None
Sibling(s) None
Romances Hal Breckenridge Husband

Billy Caspian Lover

Child(ren) Cynthia Raven, Diane Breckenridge, Michael Breckenridge
Trait Genius small.png Genius
Trait Artistic small.png Artistic
Trait Loner small.png Loner
Trait Daredevil small.png Daredevil
Trait Good Sense of Humor small.png Good Sense of Humor
Zodiac sign LibraLN.png Libra
Lifetime wish
LTW Master of the Arts.png Master of the Arts
Fav Indie.png Indie
Fav Hamburger.png Hamburger
Fav Black.png Black
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3.jpg Black
Eye color Eye-grey.png Grey
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
3 stars
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Riverview
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Lilith Raven is a musical Sim from who resides in Riverview created by MariaDark.

PS: This sim is NOT created by me, only her story is. If you wish to download her, go to this page.

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Lilith was born as the first daughter of her loving parents. Lilith's mother was just 19 at the time of her birth and had no proper education. She practiced witchcraft and painting as a hobby, but she didn't have a paying job. Lilith's father, 20, was a true hippie, but at least he was able to hold a steady job as a Shopping Music DJ. But despite the fact that they lived in a small run-down apartment and could barely afford to pay the bills, Lilith had a happy childhood. Her parents played with her constantly and taught her everything a toddler has to know. She was a joyful and bright little girl.

When Lilith was three years of age, she got a baby sister, Esmeralda. She was elated and took her role as a big sister very seriously. Esmeralda was never alone, and even when their father was at work and mother cooking in the kitchen, Lilith was keeping an eye on her sister.

As she grew, Lilith became a much needed help to her parents. She played with Esmeralda just like their parents had played with her, took her for walks, read her a bedtime story and much more. And now that she had more time on her hands, Lilith's mother was able to start working more seriously as an artist.

Just a month after her seventh birthday, Lilith learned that she would soon be a big sister once again. Her parents hadn't expected another child, but nevertheless, they took it as a blessing. And so, Romani was born. Now Lilith's mother had her hands full of work again, even though Lilith and Esmeralda were eager to help. But the first tough months passed quickly and before she knew it, Lilith had two little girls to babysit. Their mother however was doing well as an artist and the family was earning a lot of extra cash this way.

When Lilith was 12, her parents finally had enough money to move into a better apartment. Now she and her sisters didn't have to wear the same dress for the whole week anymore, but could afford fashionable clothes. Everything was going in the right direction, and Lilith couldn't have been happier with her life. However, unbeknownst to her, her life was about to take a completely different turn.

Teen Years[edit | edit source]

When Lilith reached her teen years, she developed the Loner trait. She had never had many friends, due to the fact that she came from a very poor family. But now it didn't bother her, since she was happy in the company of her sisters and 2 good friends, Melinda Smart, daughter of the famous musicians Alexy Fresco and Matilda Smart, and Lily Strummer, whose parents, Suzy Strummer and Matty Crewe, were friends with Lilith's.

Lilith was a good student, always on the honor roll. Studying was easy for her, even though she did not like it that much. Now that their family could afford it, Lilith also started taking guitar lessons, something she had wanted to do since childhood. Her sisters weren't as bright as her, but they were just as artistic, and thus started taking dancing lessons. And as expected, they were amazing dancers! It wasn't long before Esmeralda and Romani found new friends and Lilith had to spend more and more time alone.

When Lilith was 16, a disaster struck that changed her life forever. When she was going home from a long schoolday, she got a phone call. What she heard turned her world upside down - her parents and youngest sister had died in a car crash.

Lilith refused to believe any of it. It took her days to realise that she was an orphan. For a while she was like a lifeless puppet: she didn't eat or sleep until she passed out. People tried to comfort her, everyone was so kind and helpful, but Lilith didn't even notice any of it. She hated the whole world and wanted to get away from it all. What devastated her even more was the fact that Esmeralda had run away a few days after the accident, and the police was unable to locate her. Now she was left all alone in the world, and she had no idea what to do next.

After two weeks had passed, Lilith changed. She had cried so much that now she had nothing left inside of her but emptiness. The girl who once had a good sense of humor never laughed anymore. People still offered to help her but she jumped at them, insulting everyone who felt sorry for her. At one point she realised that she had to accept some help, or she would end up on the streets. Her best friend Lily and her parents took her in and treated her like she was part of their family. But even though Lilith came to terms with her fate and appreciated everything Suzy and Matty did for her, she never felt the same again.

If there was something that Lilith had learned from this experience, it was this - we're all going to die sooner or later, so why can't we live like every day was our last. She forgot everything about safety and lived on the edge: one day she was doing crazy tricks on a skateboard, the next she was driving at a breakneck speed on her father's old bike. This went on for about two years, until Lilith had a serious accident. That made her realise that if she keeps this up she might not only die, but be so gravely injured that she could stay disabled for the rest of her life, and that would be even worse.

That's why after her eighteenth birthday she decided to leave Bridgeport and start her life again. Maybe she would find happiness once again at a new home.

Adulthood[edit | edit source]

When Lilith reached Riverview, she only had enough money to buy a plot of land and nothing else. Having to live on a campsite out of town, she had to put up with wild animals and weather changes for weeks. But it was not impossibly hard - she slept in a comfy sleeping bag next to a campfire, in the mornings she took a shower at the community gymnasium and as breakfast she ate apples and grapes picked from the community garden. What Lilith really liked was the fact that people in this small town shared everything with each other, everyone was free to use the gym or harvest produce from the garden.

Fortunately, Lilith was able to find a job at the theatre. Even though the pay was lousy and the hours were long, she could now start a savings account to build a house as soon as possible. For months she slaved at her workplace, running errands for her boss, trying to work overtime as often as possible. And in the end, it worked out for her - just after a year she was promoted to a roadie. She now had a new boss, Nadine Ivanov, who soon became her good friend. She also got along well with the rest of her co-workers, including Nadine's husband, Yuri Ivanov, who became her mentor.

After two years Lilith finally had saved enough money to start building her new house. At first it was just a shack with a bed and other essentials, but it was better than sleeping under the stars. She decided to earn some extra cash by painting in the art gallery. Since she had learned a lot about art from her mother it was easy for her to copy famous masterpieces and sell them. It was much more difficult to paint her own pieces, but that's something she really wanted to do.

On one of her free days she was spending time at the gallery again, when a stranger came up to her and said that she was using the wrong technique. At first Lilith was earer to argue with the stranger, but after a while she began to realise that he knew much more about painting than she did, and he was only trying to give her some advice.

Lilith was very happy to have finally found someone who appreciated art as much as she did. The stranger offered to help Lilith and be her mentor so they started meeting more frequently. She learned that the man's name was Billy Caspian and that he was an aspiring artist himself. Unlike Lilith, he had actually been to LeFromage Art School and knew more about different techniques and styles. But just like Lilith he also had a day job and needed to make a living. That meant that Lilith still had to practice on her own, but she had no problems with that.

Months passed and Lilith was pleased with her life. She only wished that she could afford a better living and a little voice inside her also wanted to have a family again. But Lilith made excuses for herself by saying that she had too much work to do or not enough money to support a family when in reality she was too scared to lose her loved ones again.

One day when she was painting at the gallery again, she was approached by a man who said that he had never seen something so beautiful. Lilith blushed and said that she wasn't even a professional artist, but the stranger interrupted her and said that he wasn't talking about the painting. Lilith was a bit shocked, but secretly flattered - no one had ever told her something like that.

They talked for minutes and the stranger asked Lilith out for a coffee. Lilith agreed, since she was tight on money and wasn't going to decline a free meal. And surprisingly, she had a good time! She had recognized the man as Hal Breckenridge, the local womanizer, so she knew better than to take him seriously. But to her surprise Hal wasn't trying to sweep her of her feet or anything of that sorts. They actually had a deep conversation and Lilith understood that there was much more to Hal than most people realised.

Lilith and Hal started seeing each other more often. She liked his company because he was the only one who could make her smile when she was feeling down and complimented her, even though Lilith had made it clear that she was not interested in a relationship. Years passed and nothing changed, until Lilith started hearing rumors. Her coworkers wanted to know if she was dating Hal and if they were in a serious relationship. When Lilith declined everything, her friends told her that she shouldn't play with his feelings like this if she wasnät serious.

Lilith had no idea what was going on, but apparently Hal was doing everything in his power to win her heart. He sent her different flowers every day of the week and made her expensive gifts that she couldn't accept. But Hal was not going to give up, and finally Lilith decided to give him a chance. She wanted to take things slow and that was not a problem with Hal, who was happy for every second he could spend with Lilith.

After their third date he asked Lilith to be his girlfriend. Lilith didn't know if she was ready for it, but she decided to take a leap of faith. They dated for three years and everyone was always saying that they were the cutest couple in town. Of course, all of Hal's ex-girlfriends were jelaous and tried to sabotage their relationship, but by now, Lilith knew Hal too well and trusted him more than anyone else in the world, so she knew that all those accusations were false.

Soon Lilith got unexpected news - she was pregnant! Neither she nor Hal had expected that, but they were happy nonetheless. A beautiful baby girl was born, who Lilith named Cynthia. Hal wanted to move in with Lilith now, but she didn't agree, simply because she was too embarrassed of her home. But Hal assured her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about, and that together they could make everything work. So he moved in and they started living as a happy family.

When they had been together for five years, Hal decided to pop the question, and Lilith was extatic. She had never expected to be so happy again after the tragedy of losing her family. And just a few days after their wedding they got a surprise - Lilith was pregnant again! They named their newborn Diane, and since now Lilith was married, she also had her father's last name.

Lilith and Hal couldn't have been happier together. Of course, it was a bit difficult for Lilith to handle everything on her own since Hal was working late as a cop, but she managed well. She was only sad that she hadn't been to work for years now. She still practiced guitar at home and sold a few paintings too. She had frequent get togethers with her friends from work and, of course, with Billy.

But soon Lilith started getting nervous. Everything was going well, but it seemed too well. Hal was making a lot of money as an undercover specialist, but that also required him to work late and sometimes he was gone for days. He always explained that it was because of his secret missions, but Lilith had a feeling that something else was going on. She started hearing rumors that when Hal was away from town, he was actually having an affair.

Lilith was heartbroken. They had two beautiful children and she had really expected more from him. She was too afraid to confront Hal, thinking that he might leave if she did, so they started drifting apart. Hal had no idea why Lilith was always grumpy and arguing with him, but it was starting to get on his nerves, so the more they argued, the less time he spent at home.

One night Lilith decided to follow Hal after work. She called a babysitter and left home. After waiting for more than an hour at the police station, she saw Hal leaving the building with a woman she didn't know. They were laughing and obviously having a good time.

Lilith couldn't hold back her tears. She called a taxi but instead of going home, she wanted to spend the night at a friend's place. At first she drove to the Ivanovs' house, but they weren't home, so she went to Billy's instead. Billy's career had been a huge success in the last years - he was the most famous artist of Riverwiew and well known all over SimNation. That's why now he could afford living in a mansion. When Lilith got there and told him everything that had happened, Billy was feeling most sympathetic. He made them a couple of drinks and in just a few hours Lilith was feeling much better. Unfortunately, she was unable to stop drinking and thus lost all sense of self-control.

The next morning she found herself in Billy's room, knowing that they had spent the night together. Feeling guilty and ashamed, Lilith got dressed and left quickly. In the following days she didn't hear from Billy again, so she decided to forget that anything had ever happened. Now she also had the courage to tell Hal everything she had suspected, and Hal assured her that nothing was going on. Lilith also learned that the woman she had seen him with was only his boss, who was married and not that attractive at all. Hal even took Lilith out for a dinner in her favourite restaurant and they spent a magical evening. But still, Lilith was feeling a little guilty about what had happened the other night.

She was even more terrified to find out that she was expecting another child a month later. She had no idea who was really the father, event though she tried to assure herself that it had to be Hal. This time the baby was a boy, and Hal was extremely happy. They named him Michael.

But harder times were ahead. Someone had started a rumor that Michael wasn't Hal's son after all, and it spread like fire. Hal didn't believe any of it, and he told Lilith to ignore it too, but it was very difficult for her. Soon there were rumors that she had been seen with another man the other day and that she was always away from home, which wasn't true at all. Only her best friends stayed on her side, and Lilith was grateful for that. In a matter of months the rumors faded and Lilith could finally go on with her life.

When Michael was 3, Lilith was ready to go back to work. She was happy for being able to do music again. She even got promoted to a lyricist after a few years. So when her birthday finally came, she was ready to become an elder, knowing that she had had a full life.

Old Age[edit | edit source]

As an elder, Lilith concentrated on painting and playing guitar. She liked to perform at private parties once in a while, but she still kept her job as a lyricist. She lived a quiet life and passed away peacefully on one morning. Even though she didn't fulfill her lifetime wish, she left behind 3 youngsters capable of doing anything the could dream of.

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