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Lilith Pleasant
Lilith Pleasant Icon
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Teen Teen
Life state CAS Human icon Human
Lilith has repaired her relationship with her less rebellious twin. But will their different career tracks threaten to tear apart the relationship they mended?
Education and employment
School Private School Private School
Grade A+
Career Criminal career Criminal
Family/Families Pleasant family
Parents Daniel Pleasant, Mary-Sue Pleasant, Kaylynn PleasantAdoptive
Siblings Angela Pleasant Twin sister, Clovis Pleasant Half-brother, Sarah Pleasant Half-sister, Arian Pleasant Half-brother
Marital status Dating
Romances Dirk Dreamer Ex-romance, Dustin BrokePartners
Household Pleasant Family
Roommates Kaylynn Pleasant, Daniel Pleasant, Mary-Sue Pleasant, Angela Pleasant
Zodiac sign Sagittarius Sagittarius
Aspiration Popularity Popularity
Lifetime want Become Criminal Mastermind Become Criminal Mastermind
Turn-ons Blonde Hair Blonde Hair
Skill Creativity Creative
Turn-off Grey Hair Grey Hair
Hair color TS2 Red Hair Red
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes Green
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Pleasantview
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Lilith Pleasant is a well known resident in my player stories in The Sims 2 in Pleasantview. She is the daughter of the divorced Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant, the more rebellious younger twin sister of Angela Pleasant, the cousin of Lucy Burb, the adopted daughter of Kaylynn Pleasant, the niece of Jennifer Burb and the elder half-sister of Clovis, Sarah and Arian Pleasant. When first played, Lilith and Angela are 10 days from becoming Adults. When they grow into adults, they will both be voiced by Gerri Lawlor.

After the relationship between Lilith's parents grew more tense, and their divorce following the exposure of Daniel's affair with his soon to be wife Kaylynn - Lilith and Angela realised that the bitter relationship between the two of them needed to change. But it wasn't exactly easy - as they had or at least appeared to have nothing in common. Angela apologised to Lilith for whatever benefits she got that Lilith didn't, and in return Lilith apologised for her lack of kindness and respect. They began having conversations on a regular basis to try and improve their Relationship which initially didn't work out. I eventually found that the problem with their relationship was that they almost had opposite interests.

Lilith was mainly interested in Food, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Health, Crime and Toys while Angela was mainly interested in Environment,Fashion, Entertainment and Animals. I found that if I got one of them to talk about the things that interested the other, then it would improve their relationship. I wasn't always able to choose what they talked about but after a rocky climb, they became friends. I also found that I could make them have more lengthy and constructive conversations by making them talk about Culture - something they were both interested in. Other interactions such as jokes were also a slight benefit.

The twins got a real chance to show how much their relationship had changed when they helped track down the wanted burglar Gordon King (he was trying to rob their house). Many months later when both their daily and lifetime relationship bars had been maxed out, I deliberately made Angela have an encounter with Death, only to be saved by Lilith.

Lilith has made several new friends in my player stories including Dustin Broke, Alexander Goth, Kaylynn Pleasant and Nina Caliente. She tried to be kind to Angela's new friend, my CAS Sim Suzy Parker but the latter wouldn't give Lilith a chance. Suzy was arrogant and rather rude. While their relationship remains negative, their second meeting fared better than their first one. I didn't think much of Lilith's relationship with her boyfriend Dirk - which had little more than flirting, hugging and kissing to keep it going. Angela's relationship with Dustin didn't seem to perfect either. So I decided to have them trade boyfriends.

Lilith and Angela are now A+ students enrolled in Private School. They are now employed in the Criminal and Law Enforcement Careers respectively. Their opposing career tracks may threaten to tear apart the relationship Lilith and Angela have mended, but luckily there is no evidence to prove that it will come to that.


Sagittarius - Big
Sloppy 02 Neat
Shy 03 Outgoing
Lazy 09 Active
Serious 07 Playful
Grouchy 04 Nice

Image Interest Level
Environment interestEnvironment00
Food interestFood09
Weather interestWeather04
Culture interestCulture09
Money interestMoney04
Politics interestPolitics00
Paranormal interestParanormal10
Health interestHealth08
Fashion interestFashion02
Travel interestTravel06
Crime interestCrime10
Sports interestSports06
Entertainment interestEntertainment04
Animals interestAnimals00
Work interestWork00
School interestSchool00
Toys interestToys10
Sci-Fi interestSci-Fi08



  • Due to Lilith's high interest in crime, I decided to get her a job in the Criminal career. It took her two days to prove herself worthy for employment after her grade lowered to an F.
  • The head-shot of Lilith that I uploaded (seen above) is less polygonal and more detailed than the original.
  • Due to the twins' previous wants to eat Mac and Cheese, I have decided that it is officially their favourite food.
  • I have restored Lilith's genetic personality, which is more playful and somewhat more active and kind than her personality in-game.
  • She now has an Eclectic and Enigmatic Energiser in her bedroom.
  • Like several other teenage Sims in my player stories, Lilith now owns a race car.
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