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Lila Space
Name Lila Space
Space Family
Parents Unknown
Romances Mickey Space MarriedDeceased
Child(ren) Amin Space SonDeceased
The Sims 2 Logo
Lila Space
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state Alien Alien
Zodiac sign Gemini Gemini
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Black Eyes Black
Skin color Skin-green Green
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased

Lila Space is the wife of Mickey and the mother of Amin. Due to her spaceship crashing she had to adapt to life on earth even though she came from another planet.

Early Life Edit

Before her spaceship crashed, Lila was known as Birth Queen, a high up official in the Alien Society. She took a shine to Colony Drone 4224 and they fell in love. Due to the fact that marriage was forbidden they flew off in a spaceship but their ship crashed onto a planet they had never seen before...Earth.

Adulthood Edit

As an adult, Lila had to cope with a new life with her husband on earth. She and her husband started doing this by changing their names and buying a house together. One day, Lila began to feel ill and was very tired. Mickey became worried and took her to the doctor only to find that she was pregnant! Mickey was a little worried but Lila was happy at the idea at having a child. One day she went into labour and had a baby boy named Amin. She was very haappy now because although they didn't have much, they had each other now. Sadly, life didn't go all smoothly, Amin began misbehaving as he was bullied due to his different looks. Lila was very sad about this and hoped it would stop but it never did. Suddenly one day, Amin stopped misbehaving. Lila was confused and a little worried at this sudden change in behavior. Lila soon found out that it was due to a girl, another alien, Atta. Life seemed to be going great until one day, Lila caught the flu and died. She was sorely missed by her whole family.

Space family

Pollination tech - Alina - Mickey - Lila

Amin - Atta - Clark - Winona

Kylie - Lupin - Flynn - Roger - Nancy - Allen - Theodore - Emily

Barney - Quinn - Niall - Jeanie - Amin. Jr - Alistair - Imogen - Ariel - Toby - Nora - Avery

Lana - Suki - Belle - John - Thomas - Charlie - Lily - McKayla - Magdelena



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