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Life Style (part 5)
Life Style (Part 5)
Name: Life Style (part 5)
Series: Life Style
Written by: SCHNETZKA (talk)
Release date: June 6, 2012

Previous chapter: Life Style (Part 4)

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The lives of this family changes a lot. How long before they can't take it anymore?


Courtney Castor

James Brown

Edward Castor

Alyssa Grey

Elizabeth Brown

Chapter 1: Love AgainEdit

Courtney’s life is doing great. Being engaged and ready to actually live was really “fun”. Everyone was so happy. Most of them started deciding on their future’s too. By now Edward was almost a young adult. He was searching for girls.

Courtney and James (still unmarried), were searching for the right date to marry on. Courtney didn’t want to take too long, but she was clueless as to what date to pick. The wedding still didn’t take place.

Marriage, Marriage, Marriage, when will it come. Not anytime soon. They waited and waited until the perfect moment. Their lives at the moment were quite boring. Nothing knew was happening. Until something occurred.

Chapter 2: Soon as PossibleEdit

Courtney and James eloped. No one knew, except themselves. The family were wondering when the wedding was going to happen. The two happily now married couple announced the news. Another announcement was made as well.

Edward has a girlfriend! Her name is Alyssa. She recently moved into the house right beside them. She was a beautiful blonde. Her mother must have died when she was young. Her father lives with her, along with three brothers (fun house right?).

Edward and Alyssa loved each other very much. Courtney and James loved each other very much as well. The house was full of love birds. Or was it?

Chapter 3: The EndingEdit

Courtney and James had a little fight. Not a big one, but big enough to know something is wrong. James believed that Courtney was keeping a secret. What was it? What was the secret?

Courtney (after so much pressure) announced the secret. She was once again pregnant. Shocking isn’t it. NOT! Everyone was so happy for her. Doesn’t she have enough kids already?

Courtney went through the pregnancy and everyone supported her. She finally gave birth to a baby girl named Elizabeth. The baby made the family a happy family. They were happy up until the end. Congratulations! To the family and everyone else!

The End!

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