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Life Style (part 4)
Life Style (part 4).png
Name: Life Style (part 4)
Series: Life Style
Written by: SCHNETZKA (talk)
Release date: May 26, 2012

Previous chapter: Life Style (Part 3)
Next chapter: Life Style (Part 5)

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Life is going great. Nothing could be better or could it be.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Courtney Castor

Goodwin Goode

Jenni Jones-Brown

Buck Tavares

James Brown

Sarah Tavares

Gemini Castor

Chapter 1: Possibly Excellent[edit | edit source]

Life was going great for the family. They were enjoying every bit of it. Gemini eventually grew tired of being a lonely dog. That didn’t matter at that moment though. She took up swimming as a hobby. By this time the family had so many hard times to deal with a normal life. Courtney’s dad Goodwin has passed away, only after meeting someone new to date. Everyone was depressed. They dealt with it though, as they knew he would never return. Jenni was having the life as she was now retired. Courtney wanted another child and so did Buck so they tried. If she was to become pregnant, they wanted a girl. So they waited for the results and what happened…?

Chapter 2: Misery and Happiness[edit | edit source]

Courtney found out that she was pregnant. Was this going to be a girl? Everyone hoped so. By this time Edward was in high school and he was in the process of learning how to drive. Was he close to driving on his own? YES! Courtney and Buck began having problems. The problems led them to separate. With Courtney still pregnant, life was horrible. Courtney filed for divorced and then it was finalized. Was it over for Courtney? Courtney found it difficult to take care of the boys alone. Somehow she managed it though. Jenni began visited some times to help take of the kids. Courtney continued through the pregnancy. The she met someone new. His name was James.

Chapter 3: Special News[edit | edit source]

Courtney and James began dating as soon as they met. James already had to kids from a previous relationship. Courtney later gave birth to her first daughter, Sarah. She loved Sarah so much. That made everyone happy. Courtney didn’t know if she was ready to marry again, so James and Courtney waited. James moved in with Courtney, leaving his kids behind, who were both young adults by now. They didn’t mind though. Jenni died and that made everyone cry. Courtney was the most devastated. Courtney’s sister started visiting her often, in which comforted her. Courtney and James became engaged, but they waited to get married. When will they finally decide to exchange rings?

The End!!

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