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Life Style (part 3)
Life Style (part 3)
Name: Life Style (part 3)
Series: Life Style
Written by: SCHNETZKA (talk)
Release date: March 15, 2012

Previous chapter: Life Style (Part 2)
Next chapter: Life Style (Part 4)

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Welcome back, lets see what happens...What do you think will happen?


Courtney Castor

Jaden Smith

Edward Smith

Patrick Smith

Lenny Smith-Jones

Buck Tavares

Zachary Tavares

Gemini Castor

Chapter 1: FamilyEdit

Courtney and Jaden were doing well together. With the baby on the way, Courtney rested and rested. She was always tired. By now Courtney knew she would carry on the tradition of having many kids. Courtney and Jaden made a big new house. Courtney was happy to know her kids would grow up in a friendly environment. Courtney went into labor. “Jaden, I don’t feel well…” said Courtney. “I’ll take you to the hospital”, said Jaden. Jaden immediately took Courtney to the hospital. Courtney delivered a healthy baby boy. The baby was named Edward. He was so adorable. Courtney and Jaden were so happy, especially since Jaden became a professional sport player. He made it to the top of the career very quickly. He was glad for that…it paid the bills.

Chapter 2: Another SurpriseEdit

Edward was very young when another surprised occurred. Courtney found out that she was carrying her second child. She was really happy and she desperately wanted a girl this time. She again became very tired, but by this time she was used to it. By this time, Courtney’s grandfather, Lenny died and that put a shock to the family. With the constant backaches and nausea, Courtney thought that the baby would arrive soon. Well the baby did. Courtney gave birth to another boy. She and Jaden named the baby Patrick. Patrick was also adorable and everyone loved him. By now, Courtney’s mother began dating a townie, so she had no time for Courtney. While life was great, the family moved into a bigger home. The family wasn’t having troubles yet, so everything was fine. Would it last though?

Chapter 3: ‘Oh GreatEdit

Courtney and Jaden began having multiple big fights in a row. That made Edward and Patrick confused, as they were still young. The fighting led to divorce. The rest of the family was heart-broken, but not Courtney. Courtney went searching for a better husband. She ran into a man, who was in another relationship. The man Courtney met was Buck Tavares. His relationship with his girlfriend ended after meeting Courtney. They began dating right away, and they were happy. They loved each other so much that Courtney became once again pregnant. Was this going to be a girl? Courtney and Buck became engaged. Not long after they married in a big ceremony. All the families’ friends were at the wedding and that made things feel right. Courtney went into labor not long after. She gave birth to another boy. She and Buck named the baby Zachary. The baby was the household’s favorite thing. That is until the family adopted a puppy named Gemini.


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