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Life Style (part 1)
Life Style Cover
Name: Life Style (part 1)
Series: Life Style
Written by: SCHNETZKA (talk)
Release date: February 28, 2012

Previous chapter: None
Next chapter: Life Style (Part 2)

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In the beginning the family was great. Then sudden things occurred.


Chapter 1: Life HappensEdit

One day it’s great, the next it’s beautiful. That is what began the young adult years of Jenni Jones-Brown. She was at home watching her TV in her room, when she discovered not feeling good. She went to the doctors and the couple words the doctor said, changed Jenni’s life. “Your pregnant, Miss Jones-Brown.” Jenni was shocked and she could not believe it. Who was the father? She wondered. It turned out to be Goodwin Goode. He was Jenni’s best friend and lover. Jenni ran home to tell her divorced parents right away. They took it rather well, which made Jenni happy. Jenni started planning for her future right away. She quit her job and she started to consider becoming a celebrity. She went to meet them right away. She eventually became a four-star celebrity. While planning for the baby, she began to consider dating Goodwin. They began dating not long after and they eloped. The baby arrived and Jenni named her new daughter Courtney. By now Jenni’s father moved out as he was sick of Jenni’s mom. Everything was going great. Renee, Jenni’s mother, quit her job and she began searching for famous people, so she could be a celebrity. She eventually became a three-star celebrity.

Chapter 2: A Down Hill AdventureEdit

The next year for the family was great. Then something terrible happened. Jenni and Goodwin filed for divorce and Goodwin moved out. Jenni was heart-broken and she considered staying single for a while, but that didn’t last long. She began dating part of the paparazzi. She began dating Terry Keyes. They loved each other very much. They married in a private ceremony and on their honeymoon they conceived her second, but his first child. Jenni was rebuilding her life and she knew nothing could go wrong. “Honey, I think we should get our own place”, Terry said, but Jenni declined. She wasn’t ready to live away from her mother. Her mother became old, so Jenni had to care for her. Not long after that, Jenni gave birth to her second child. She named the new baby Chelsea. The family knew by now that they wanted another child. The idea of having another child didn’t turn out to well. Jenni and Terry divorced. They were incompatible and that was that. Was it the best thing to do though?

Chapter 3: Will I Ever Love Again?Edit

After the divorce Jenni adopted a baby girl named Elise. Jenni never got over her second divorce, so she said she was done with men. NOT! She met another man she loved. His named was Jeffery Castor. By now Jenni was an adult, while Jeffery was barley 25. The age difference didn’t affect them though. They were dating a while before they finally married. They went out to eat a lot after the wedding. Jenni didn’t want to give birth anymore so she adopted Danielle. That was it for kids, as Jenni didn’t think it would suit her. She and Jeffery were doing great together. Then tragic struck again.


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