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Lieutenant: a naval officer of a high rank, in particular a commissioned officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard ranking above lieutenant junior grade and below lieutenant commander

Knowns as a LieutenantEdit

Lieutenant Antonia "Toni" Zelda Cragen FORMER SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (1983-2020) - DECEASED Antonia Cragen is Captain Cragen's ex wife. Her daughter name Kayla Cragen

Lieutenant Kathleen Dione Connor Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) [1992-????) Katherine Connor recently married to Sam Connor and gave birth a girl baby name Gabriella Connor. She and others ex-husbands had 2 others Lenny Allen and Hannah Flynn

Lieutenant Rebecca Kaylee Howard 21rd Precinct (2012-????) Rebecca Howard is Frank Rayburn's ex-girlfriend and had 2 daughters Kathleen Rayburn and Caitlin Rayburn.

Lieutenant Nicola Gabrielle Riffle 33rd Precinct (2019-????) Nicola had 4 adopted children, Karen Riffle, Jared Riffle, Gabrielle Riffle, Larry Riffle

Lieutenant Dorothy Frances Flynn Special Victims Unit (2019-????) Dorothy have only son, Dylan Flynn from Gabriel Vanderpool

Lieutenant Stephanie Jasmine Harbin Special Frauds Unit (2011-????) Stephanie Harbin is expecting having a third child by Nick Rinato

Lieutenant Katherine Suzanne Caulfield Robbery Unit (2006-????) Katherine Caulfield have 3 child, Melissa, Amanda, and Luke Caulfield by Jason Caulfield

Lieutenant Melissa Mia Lynn Kozen 11th Precinct (2012-????) Melissa had 2 child, Gabriella Kozen and Crystalabelle Kozen and expecting other baby by Jacob Kozen

Vice Lieutenant Annelise Katelynn Flynn Homicide Squad (2001-????) Annelise had 2 son, Hasim Flynn and Sean Flynn Abbott one from Criminal (Rapes) George Bennett and one from Leon Abbott

Lieutenant Kevin Richards Maskin Internal Affairs Bureau - FORMER Crime Scene Unit CSU - Current (1998 - Now) Kevin Kozen is Annie Maskin's ex wife and had 1 daughter, Susan Maskin

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