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Leia Vargheim
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Leia Vargheim
Now that Leia's been brought back from the dead, it's time to catch up on all that she's missed out on!
Name Leia Vargheim
Age TS3-Child Child
Life state CAS Werewolf icon Werewolf
Vargheim family
Parents Anton Vargheim II, Lisa Vargheim
Sibling(s) Anton Vargheim III Male, Anna Vargheim Female, Ilia Vargheim Female
Hair color Eye-custom Ginger
Eye color Eye-blue Blue
Other Information
Game TS3SN Icon The Sims 3: Supernatural
Playability Playable
Cause of death Drowning
World Fanon:Howlgard
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Leia Katherine-Louise Vargheim is the eldest daughter of Anton II and Lisa Vargheim. The older sister of current patriarch Anton Vargheim III, she should technically, being the eldest, be the leader of the Vargheim clan, and thus would have been the first to hold the pack leadership posts of Alpha and Luna simultaneously from young adulthood until her nephew Anton Vargheim IV took over (or if she chose to have children, her firstborn). However, she drowned as a child; Anton therefore became the heir.

Several years after Leia's death, her ghost was found by her siblings; she ultimately rejoined the Vargheim household. When Anton III became President of Howlgard, he ordered the Howlgard State Science Research Bureau (HSSRB) to research resurrection. A successful test was conducted on Leia's physical remains, and she was brought back to life. Leia now exists as a living member of the Vargheim family.

Should Anton III, his children, and all their children, die before Leia, she would become the first ever matriarch of the Vargheim family.

The Vargheim Family vde
Vladimir - Nina

Anton I - Diana - Olga

Anton II - Lisa - Alana - Loki - Hanna

Mia - Gertraud - Leia
Anton III - Elizabeth - Anna - Ilia

Anton IV - Deanna - Ursula - Leonard - Tina

Ryan - Bryan - Atheia - Chloe

Nolan - Siena - Hudson - Anneliese - Charlie - Aria - Jean - Tatiana - Mariana

Anton V - Carina - Juniper - Melanie - Alexandrine

Corbin - Celia - Elliott - George

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