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Left Behind
Name: Left Behind
Genre: Drama/Horror
Created by: Bakerychaz
Number of chapters: TBA

Original run: 21 August 2012 - TBA
Status: Under construction

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Left Behind is a fan fiction created by Bakerychaz. It is the diary of Jun Xu and her life with a zombie outbreak in SimNation. It is a fan fiction where a user can create a diary entry for a survivor. Please read the rules before adding a chapter. Jun will meet survivors along the way, and they can be played by other users. It is based around Dawn of the Sims and its zombie outbreak is the same as Left Behind, only in different neighbourhoods.


  • You must ask permission to add a new diary entry by commenting or leaving me a message here.
  • One person per survivor only.
  • There is no maximum number of survivors, but 12 would be good.

Known SurvivorsEdit

Jun Xu (played by Bakerychaz)
Vladimir Schlick (played by Pidgeoraptor7)
Buster Round (played by ColinThePanda)
Lisa King (played by AsherÉire)
Caroline Custard (played by Chickadee (wikia contributor) )

Week 1, Day 1, 12:34, August 9th, Jun XuEdit

I'm Jun Xu and I've decided to keep this diary. It was the only thing I could find where I live.

Yesterday, Bridgeport was destroyed by these "walker" people, and on the day it started, luckily a spaceship came and picked up the entirety of Bridgeport - well, almost the entirety. They accidentally left me behind. I'm lonely, freaked out and I'm living in the public toilet of Bridgeport's beach. These walkers are covered in blood and try to bite you. I wish I could find another survivor. Just one.

Anyway, before this all happened, I was in the Medical career track at level 2, and I was living with two guys named Barry Tenderlove and Ace Wilde. They went aboard the spaceship. They were nice. I miss them.

I had THE biggest celeb crush on Matthew Hamming.

Just after I was left behind, I went to the diner and got food which can last me about a week. I need to leave Bridgeport. Unfortunately, I can't. I'd need a boat because Bridgeport is an island.

Before I witnessed The Brightmore crumble to pieces. It was absoloutely heart-breaking. That was where I met Barry and Ace for the first time.

I'm getting extremely nervous and lonely. I wish I had company.



I FOUND ANOTHER SURVIVOR!!!!!!!! This guy named Vlad Schlick. He's amazing. He's not a walker, or of any other species, as far as I know.

I think I'm falling in love with him.


Week 1, Day 2, 19:46, August 10th, Jun XuEdit

About four hours ago, Vlad and I were trying to change bases to Buster Round's old place. But we found him there! He was covered in blood and his wrist was chopped in half. I gave him first aid, we're going to stay in his house.

I can't live without fashion! When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a fashionista but I didn't aspire to that.

Vlad & I are quite good together. He reminds me of Matthew Hamming.

We're surviving on sea water and water we find in fountains - utterly disgusting.

I had a dream last night where there were no walkers and Bridgeport was all back to normal. It was happy and fun. I was in the Aquarius, and I was dating Matthew Hamming, and we were surrounded by paparazzi. I was so made when Vlad woke me up.


Week 1, Day 2, 23:23, August 10th, Jun XuEdit

Buster, Vlad and I went into a bar and saw a barrel of bubble bar bubbles, and I almost died. I LOVE BUBBLE BARS!!!!!! I wanted to use it all up, but Buster stopped me and said that we should keep it just in case, as the bubbles could be made clean if we filter it properly. He was right, which annoyed me.

I'm not a fan of Buster. He's too over-confident, and he acts as if he's always right. Buster seems to not like Vlad, he is giving him bad looks. His wrist is healing.

I much prefer where we live now to the toilet (literally) I was living in before.

About an hour ago, I heard a knock on the door and a note on the floor. It said "Help me. Help me. I lost my voice so I can't talk to you. I'm nearly dead. -Caroline". I've never heard of a Caroline, and I can't help her which makes me sad. Maybe we'll meet her later...


Week 1, Day 3, 07:17, August 11th, BusterEdit

Ugh, I'm up a lot earlier than usual. I'm used to living with others and the fact that this, thing, is going on makes it even harder to sleep without worrying about bills.

I found some girl screaming, she started banging on my door! I believe her name is Lisa, just a kid. I don't want more people to be here, it'll make things harder. I'm scared and I'm hungry. Also, I think her screaming has attracted the attention of some of those things. We better move base quickly. My house isn't a very pleasant place anyway.

Lisa woke everyone up. She's really shocked. Vladimir was really annoyed at the idea of a new survivor. Jun never saw a problem with it. I suppose it's ok. I don't want to kill any of those things knowing that they used to be people with families and friends and that I knew them. The more people who are not infected, the less of those things we have to kill.

Lisa explained how her mother tried to eat her alive and that she just managed to escape. I'm really scared. I don't want to go outside, which is strange. I love going outside, it's better than the dump I live in. I'm just afraid that my clumsiness with just get us all killed. I just want to be alive.


Week 1, Day 3, 20:47, August 11th, Jun XuEdit

We've got another survivor, Lisa King. She's a young teenager, and her mother tried to eat her alive. I can't even imagine how horrifying her life must be.

About an hour ago, we saw a UFO in the sky, and drop someone off at the beach. I'm scared.

I feel like I'm not "Jun Xu the fashionable girl from Bridgeport" anymore, I'm more "Jun Xu the desperate depressed girl from Bridgeport, a city now destroyed".

I miss my old life. I'm a millimetre away from a complete nervous breakdown.


Week 1, Day 4, 02:26, August 12th, LisaEdit

So this is it. The unexpected, the living nightmare. Everyone seems... paranoid, like every little sound will give them a heart attack or something.

It's hard. I don't know why I want to survive in this.

Why would anyone want to survive? It's not like there's going to be cure.


Week 1, Day 4, 15:06, August 12th, BusterEdit

We decided to move base and we found the woman that was trying to contact us. She seems completely unaffected by what's going on. I don't think she even cares.

I don't like it here. It's so eerie, and gothic. Vladimir said that it's a popular hang out spot for "his type", whatever that means. I don't really trust him, he was the one who dragged us here. It's a lounge and I believe it's called Plasma 501. I don't think it's a good idea to be on a skyscraper. At least we can get a good view of the whole of Bridgeport, it really is beautiful. For a moment, you could forget about what's going on.

Oh great, I just realised. There are no beds here! Sure we've got food and all but our sleep is important too! Actually, I don't think there is much in the way of drinks either. There's this strange red drink that Vladimir is constantly drinking, it doesn't look too appetizing. Well, at least this place is a million times better than my house, that's for sure.

The new girl seems to have taken a liking to Valdimir. It's kind of good to see him talking to someone for once but I seriously don't trust him. I guess I'll just have to see how things turn out.


Week 1, Day 4, 18:12, August 12th, CarolineEdit

Yall, some crazy business has been happening. Walkers have taken over Bridgeport! I hope Momma, and Poppa, and Posy, and baby Bitsy are alright! I'm from a small town, Bucksnort,Simmessee. People said my Poppa was crazy, saying that he knew there was going to be a Walker Apocalypse! I never did believe him. I just went along.

Let me tell you that them there zombies don't scare me! My Poppa taught me how to shoot a gun when I was old enough to hold one! I learned a lot from my family, Momma tought me how to spot a vampire from a mile away! That's why I've taken a liking to Vladimir, no one else in this group has noticed it! Anywho, my big sister Posy, taught me how to spot fake Gucci and other designer things from a mile away!

I'm looking to spend some time with Vladimir! Wish me luck!


Week 1, Day 4, 22:18, August 12th, VladimirEdit

Sorry for not introducing myself earlier. The name's Vladimir Schlick. I'm not really a big fan of people, but now that there's a disease floating around Bridgeport, turning everyone into undead brain-eating creatures, the more the merrier.

It's not like I have any good reason to be afraid of the "Walkers", as everyone here calls them. I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm a vampire. It was a short fling with Elvira Slayer; it didn't really work out. And, as long as I'm a vampire, the walkers have no chance of infecting me.

But on the downside, I'm surrounded by four other humans, with a constantly depleting supply of plasma packs. That doesn't help at ALL.

The newest girl, Caroline, came up to me a few hours ago and bluntly stated that she knew I was a vampire. But what I was surprised about was that she wasn't afraid of me. She seemed appreciative of my, how can I describe this, supernatural status? I suppose so. I'm glad that Jun decided to take her in. At least I know that we have one sane person around here.

I'm not sure why I'm hiding my fangs from everyone. In the long run, it could turn out being the only means of survival.


Week 1, Day 5, 9:02, August 13th, CarolineEdit

Oh lordy jesus (sorry for using you holy name in vain), I think I'm in love! I really have taken a liking to Vladimir. There's no one like him back in Bucksnort! All the "men" there are just over-sized farmboys. Vladimir is a MAN! Man he is just one hunk of undead hotness. Calm down Caroline, breathe, in, out, in, out, in, out. Sorry about that.

On another note that Buster is one big ol' grump! He just keeps ignoring Vladimir, like he's not even human. Well, I take that back, he's not but still.

We're all in this together, whether we like it or not.


Week 1, Day 8, 3:04, August 15th, Jun XuEdit

Ahhhhhh, Matthew Hamming. I've been thinking a lot about him lately. I wonder if he's still alive. I certainly hope so.

Vlad hasn't been paying ANY attention to me lately; why?! I get a funny feeling from him, like he's not who he says he is. Those packs of tomato juice he carries around with him freak me out! It says "plasma" on the front of the pack but I have no idea what that means. Can someone tell me? Should I ask Vlad?

The walker population is growing very, very quickly. I saw that a patient from when I was in the Medical profession is now a walker and actually tried to kill me. I saved his freakin' life! (Well, I didn't SAVE his life per se, I just handed things to my boss, but still! That counts, right? Without me, my boss wouldn't be able to, y'know, pick up the instruments and save his life!)

My career was going so well. I was about to be promoted! Grrrr. My boss was awesome and my colleagues were really good too. I could see the Medical profession going really well for me. Maybe when we settle down in a new city I could get a job there saving people!

There's something funny about Caroline, she keeps whispering in her sleep "Must...kill...Jun...", which freaks me out. I guess it's just nothing!

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